Why 'Bling Empire: New York's Nam Laks Is Called The 'Blair Waldorf Of Thailand' (2024)

By now, you’re likely aware that Bling Empire: New York, the spinoff of Bling Empire, has completely taken over Netflix. And it makes sense—who wouldn’t want to live vicariously through the ultra-wealthy by binging an entire television show about their lives in one weekend?

Bling Empire: New York, which dropped Jan. 20, follows the adventures of rich Asian Americans living in New York City.

Among them is Nam Laks, a.k.a., the "Blair Waldorf of Thailand," as one of her co-stars calls her. This former Ivy Leaguer and current socialite fashionista is “used to getting whatever she wants,” according to Netflix Tudum. And she has an ~interesting~ storyline that escalates into an ultimatum from her family. (But more on that later.)

Keep reading to find out her job, age, family situation, and net worth.

Who is Nam's family, and what do they do?

On the show, the audience learns that she comes from a prominent Thai family but aren’t given any other info.

She was born into a rich business family, and is the youngest daughter of three children of Thai businessman Nakorn Laksanakarn, Lifestyle Asia wrote. Laksanakarn used to be the CEO of Natural Park Public Company Limited, the real estate developer in Bangkok, TheCinemaholic reported. She has two older brothers, Nick and Nino, per TheCinemaholic.

Her family’s net worth is around $100 million, TheCinemaholic reported.

How old is Nam?

Nam is 28 and her birthday is on or around Feb. 9, according to some IG sleuthing. Here she is ringing in her birthday in 2021, by eating a donut topped with gold flakes, because, of course.

Where did she go to school?

Growing up, Nam attended Woldingham School, Harrow International School, and International School Bangkok for her early education, according to Facebook.

Nam earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester before graduating in 2022 from Columbia University in New York City with a Master’s degree from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at the Teachers College, per Facebook. (She was still a student at the time of filming, according to Lifestyle Asia.)

Her dad required her to earn this degree while living in New York, or else he’d cut her off financially, Refinery29 reported.

Nam grew up…a lil spoiled.

Things that are considered normal for her: having a personal stylist for everyday life, living at the Latham Hotel, and dropping as much as $10,000 on a shopping spree at one time—without even looking at the bill, as viewers see on the show.

The big dilemma Nam faces in the show is whether to return home to Thailand after graduating or to stay in New York. While Nam wants to stay in the big city she’s called home for the past few years, her family says they’ll cut her off if she doesn’t move back (presumably if she doesn’t have a job offer in New York).

“This is one of my dad’s biggest things, like, he just loves when his children graduate,” she stated in the show, via The Cinemaholic.

She also called herself “daddy’s little girl,” but says he “doesn’t always spoil me. There’s a whole list of how to get daddy to say yes.”

What is her job, and how does she make money?

It’s unclear if Nam is employed RN, but she’s clearly interested in fashion, from the looks of her ~gorg~ wardrobe.

She also mentioned on the second episode of Bling Empire: New York that the “hardest” (and only) job she’s ever worked was at Burger King “flipping burgers,” via Reality TitBit. However, her Facebook says she has worked at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as Cinderella, but doesn’t list a year.

Where is Nam now?

It looks like Nam did indeed move back home—at least, according to my brief Instagram stalk of her account. From viewing her pics, it’s apparent that she’s been hanging around Asia over the last year, with the tags of her recent IG pics spanning all over Bangkok and Singapore. Her last post tagged in New York City was on June 30, 2021.

What is Nam's net worth?

Her net worth is reportedly $100,000, making it the lowest of everyone on the show, according to Lifestyle Asia. However, her family’s net worth is around $100 million, South China Morning Post reported.

TBH, it’s unclear whether Nam has her own way of making income, Lifestyle Asia wrote. She’s trying to explore her independence and search for her life’s passion, but her father is more interested in her securing a job, the outlet reported.

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Why 'Bling Empire: New York's Nam Laks Is Called The 'Blair Waldorf Of Thailand' (2024)
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