What is White Label Software? The Basics of White Label SaaS Products (2024)

Email marketing has evolved over the years and is now widely offered as a SaaS application that incorporates drip functionality and other forms of automation. There are dozens of stand-alone white label email marketing SaaS applications as well as white label software bundles that include email marketing functionality. SalesPype offers a powerful white label email marketing platform bundled up with CRM, click and drag sales pipeline management, and many more at a very competitive price.

Sales Reporting

Another common white label business software solution is sales reporting. Sales reporting is crucial to successful marketing campaigns and effective sales strategies. Sales reporting that integrates with your email marketing and CRM software can save you significant amounts of time when building reports. SalesPype offers white label software with this kind of integration.

Project Management Software

Project management software (PMS) is one of the most popular SaaS white label solutions. It allows small and large teams to work together remotely as long as team members have access to the internet. Any new updates or assignments within a project will reflect on the project management software instantly, so no one misses a thing. Businesses often make use of white label project management software to skip the software development stage and get a tried and tested product.

Here are a few more popular white label SaaS solutions:

Website Builder

  • SEO Tools
  • Social Media Management/Monitoring
  • eCommerce Software
  • Payroll
  • Accounting Software
  • Payment Gateway
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Document and File Management
  • IT Security Software

    Why do software developers white label their products to agencies and resellers?

    The main reason developers white label their software is to get more clients for products they have already created. Aside from selling software to their direct customers, white labeling allows them to sell to agencies and white label software resellers as well. By white labeling their software, developers tap into the customer base and marketing efforts of these agencies and resellers.

    Benefits of Offering White Label Software Products to Your Customers

    What do businesses gain from including white label SaaS products in their portfolio?

    There are quite a few ways businesses can benefit from offering SaaS white label products to their customers. Here, we’ll go over a few of these benefits.

    Expand Product Offering

    For agencies to stay competitive, they need to offer a wide range of products to their customers. Not doing so can turn their customer to the competition, who might be offering more solutions. White labeling allows agencies to expand their product offering quickly and without a huge investment in development.

    Increase Revenue

    With more products to offer come more revenue streams. When your white label SaaS business offers tailored, high-quality software products, customers are going to pay for them, resulting in an increase in revenue.

    Reduce Cost

    Developing software is no easy task. It is not cheap either. Building reliable software will require a big investment that may take some time to hit positive ROI. When businesses opt to white label software instead of developing them internally, they eliminate development costs and reduce overhead.

    Faster launch

    By eliminating development, and white labeling software instead, businesses are able to launch their new products almost instantly. Most white label software has already been fully productized and will take little time and effort to set up for launch.

    Expert Advantage

    Most white label software has been tried and tested by software experts. Businesses even have the luxury of selecting developers with the best credentials to ensure that they’re getting reliable products.

    Strengthen Customer Loyalty

    No matter which way you look at it, customers are the bedrock of any business and it is extremely important for businesses to keep their customers happy. White labeling software products allow businesses to provide tailored solutions to their customers, strengthening their customers’ loyalty.

    Low Risk

    With subscription and commission-based white label software, businesses are able to cancel their subscription if a product becomes unprofitable. This then allows them to pick and choose new white label software that will be more profitable to their business.

    White Label Software Purchase Agreements

    Common white label purchase agreements between developers and resellers.

    There are three common types of agreements developers make with their resellers when it comes to white labeling software products:

    One-Time Purchase

    With a one-time purchase agreement, the developer collects a one-time fee from the white label SaaS reseller and hands the software over to the reseller to be used at their disposal. Any updates the developer makes to the software after the purchase is made will usually not be shared with the reseller unless they make an additional purchase or the initial one-time purchase had provisions for updates. This is also true for technical support. Unless the reseller pays for technical support or the initial purchase had provisions for it, the reseller will need to come up with its own technical support.


    A subscription agreement is the most popular agreement between developers and resellers. Resellers pay either monthly or annually to use and resell software products. Developers benefit from a subscription agreement because there is a continuous inflow of funds. Resellers also benefit when technical support and updates are provided in the subscription. They are also able to cancel their subscription when the software becomes unprofitable, eliminating investment risk.


    On some occasions, developers and resellers opt for a commission agreement. How this is usually set up is that the reseller markets the software as their own and whenever a purchase is made, the developer collects the fee and pays a commission to the reseller. With this setup, the reseller avails of low investment, if any, to resell software products while earning a commission whenever a sale is made from their marketing efforts. The developer will also get to tap into the marketing expertise of the reseller and only pay a commission whenever there is a sale.

    How to Pick the Right White Label Software Products

    Four important questions to ask when choosing white label software products to add to your business’s portfolio

    #1 What software products do my customers need?

    Conducting an audit to find out what type of software your customers are demanding and what they are sourcing elsewhere is the first step to choosing a white label software product to include in your portfolio.

    #2 What is the white label software developer’s track record?

    It is important to check the track record of the white label SaaS vendor to ensure that you’re getting reliable, high-quality software that will satisfy your customers. Also, be sure to check if there might be any conflict of interest on the part of your supplier.

    #3 How customizable is the white label software?

    When you purchase white label software, you will want to brand it as your own before offering it to your customers. Make sure the software you’re getting has enough customization features to fit your needs.

    #4 Will the white label software integrate well with my existing apps and software?

    The last thing you want is a new software that will conflict with your existing apps and software and cause a lot of headaches. Make sure the white label software you’re getting integrates well with your existing apps and software.

    Best White Label Software

    SalesPype – The Best All-in-One SaaS White Label for Marketing Agencies

    SalesPype is a powerful yet simple to use marketing toolkit that helps you generate more leads and effectively manage your sales pipeline.

    Aside from an intuitive click and drag sales pipeline, SalesPype also features the following:

    • Drip marketing automation

    • CRM

    • Sales Reporting

    • Project Management

    • Email Marketing Tools

    • Calendar Tools

    • Form Builder

    • And more

    To better connect with your leads, SalesPype incorporates the following communication channels in one centralized inbox:

    • Email

    • Video Email

    • SMS/MMS

    • Ringless Voicemail

    • Call Bridge

    For those just getting started, SalesPype even comes with ready-to-use campaign templates. You can set up a fully automated campaign with just a few clicks.

    To know more about SalesPype and to learn how to become a white label partner, you can visit SalesPype.com or call (800) 571-7393 to schedule a demo.


    Answering the most frequently asked questions about white label software

    📌 Is there free white label software?

    Although you may find free white label software, it is not likely that you will get to customize it and brand it as your own product. Many developers and suppliers, however, do offer free trials for their white label software products.

    📌 White label software pricing?

    While label software pricing varies depending on the developer or supplier. You can find expensive white label software as well as low cost white label software. SalesPype starts at a discounted monthly fee of only $249. This includes everything you need to get started plus unlimited users and sub-accounts.

    📌 Where can I buy white label software?

    There are white label marketing apps for sale all over the internet. Doing a quick Google search will be a great place to start.

    📌 What’s the best white label software?

    The best white label software will be the one that best fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for white label lead distribution software, white label management software, white label reseller marketing software, white label financial software, white label SaaS software for business, or even software you can use to provide white label service to people, make sure you do thorough research on each product to see which one will best fit your business.

    📌 How to sell white label software products?

    The white label software marketplace is rapidly expanding, which makes it the perfect time to start a white label software business. If you’re starting from scratch, the first step would be to research a niche market. The next step is to identify white label software you can sell. Marketing white label SaaS apps is a lot easier if you invest in those first two steps. The next few steps will be studying your competition, finding a reliable white label partner, and building your brand.

    📌 What are big white label software examples?

    Some of the largest white label companies today are Kaltura, Shoppable, Dwolla, Vendasta, Mozio, Kasisto, AlphaPoint, and Payrix Payments.

    📌 How to white label software?

    Before the internet, white labeling was already a thing. Suppliers would manufacture products and give them blank white labels that resellers could add their own branding to. Today, the white label software business model is essentially the same. The developer makes the software customizable so that the SaaS white label reseller can quickly and easily add their own branding. After the white label SaaS rebrand, the seller will then market the software as their own.

    What is White Label Software? The Basics of White Label SaaS Products (2024)
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