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Today, your business needs a competitive edge. You can achieve product differentiation with better customer service or lower prices, but an immediate attraction for both new and existing customers is to add an additional line of services to your business. This is a way to engage interest and generate buzz.

But product development costs time and money. What if there was a product you could add to your business that didn’t require R&D spending or additional overhead?

You can find a zero cost — but eminently — sellable product to add to your business line in the form of a white label SaaS platform.

What is a White Label Software Reseller?

Most companies are familiar with the idea of software as a service (SaaS). With the inception of the Internet more than a decade ago, software companies learned to develop their own software for sale online. The software became a service offering that you could access for a monthly (or annual) subscription fee.

It might be hard to remember, but just a decade ago, the majority of software came on a floppy disc that was installed on your on-premises computer. It was your responsibility to update the software and to pay the vendor for a license to use the tool. This often meant that the software was rarely updated, and even then, only if you or your IT specialists patched it or purchased the new version.

Compare that to today, where we use online SaaS tools without even thinking about it. Because these tools are online, updates are happening regularly and behind the scenes, so you don’t have to worry about staying on top of the latest security threats. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to leverage many of the same tools even the largest companies use in their day-to-day work.

A White Label SaaS platform takes the idea of Internet-based software and adds an additional layer to monetize the tool. “White label” means that you can brand the SaaS product as if it were your own. You can even resell it.

How Can White Label SaaS Software Help Your Business?

There are all kinds of white label SaaS software on the market today. It’s a lucrative option to add to a company line of services if your budget is tight. If you find the right white label SaaS platform that your customers need, it can strengthen the relationship you have with existing customers and open the door to a new market of potential customers looking for that type of product. White label software is beneficial for the company that developed the product, for you as their customer, and for the customers that you resell the product to. For example:

  • The software developer that owns the product gets more clients and revenue when you become a white label SaaS reseller.
  • You get to offer this product to your customers without spending money on building your own software.
  • You add products and services to your existing portfolio and business model.
  • You build credibility for your business.
  • You strengthen existing customer relationships.
  • You can target new revenue streams and expand your business.
  • You receive recurring revenue from a portion of every sale you make.
  • Your customers receive a service they need or want.

Becoming a white label software reseller means that you offer products under your company brand without investing money and time in building the software from scratch. Partnering with a white label SaaS software vendor gives you all of the benefits of a software product without any of the startup hassles. Your clients experience the SaaS product under your brand name as if you built it yourself.

What to Look for in a White Label Software Product

If you’re considering adding a white label software to your company’s service offering, there are a few things to look for in the vendor and the product itself that will be important. This includes:

  • First, does the SaaS product fit the kinds of services and mission of your company? Your existing customers are a captive audience and the first “low hanging fruit” to go after to make a sale. Will the white label SaaS platform be a service that fits their needs, wants, and priorities to the point that it will make sense for them to purchase it? If the white label SaaS software is out of alignment with your company, you will have difficulty selling it — and closing deals is the whole point of becoming a white label software reseller.
  • Second, are you comfortable with the vendor of the white label software? The best providers have an in-house customer service team that supports white labeling so that your clients can’t see behind the curtain. How will the vendor’s customer care team support the premise of the white labeling so that your customers won’t be confused by who owns the software? Who handles onboarding your customers? How will this all work?
  • Third, how solid is the software solution? Look for a white label SaaS software company that has a long-term track record of serving clients. Is the product user-friendly? What kinds of clients do they have and are their references positive? Since these solutions are web-based, what has the company done to protect the security of their SaaS offering, and in turn, your client’s data? The best white label software providers have a strong industry reputation and an even better track record of service. Do your homework to find out the kind of support and service they offer as well as determining the quality of the product.

Not all white label SaaS platforms are created equal. Just remember, your name will be on the product offering, since that’s the point of white-labeled software. If you get this one wrong, your customers won’t be upset with the vendor who built the software, but with you.

Why Video Conferencing is the Best White Label SaaS Reseller Product

The final consideration, when searching for the right white label SaaS platform, is to select a service that will sell itself. MegaMeeting offers a fully white labeled video conferencing solution that is a necessity in today’s business world. We offer top of the line service, outstanding reseller rewards, and a high-quality, secure product you will be proud to call your own. Talk to our team today and put us to work for your business.

MegaMeeting (2024)
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