What is the cost of a White Label plan? (2024)

A full White Label plan is part of our Enterprise offer and includes the following options:

A one-time set-up fee starts from $2000. It may be higher depending on custom solutions and the features a customer may require.

The monthly maintenance fee starts at $500/month – this includes dedicated load balancers, account manager, maintenance, and more. The fee may be higher based on the setup and support required by the customer.

  • Will you be reselling your own plans?

  • What features you are willing to include in those plans?

  • How to limit/set up each of these features?

  • The planned volume (pricing, tiers, etc).

  • Please note that the minimum fee is between $500 and $1,000 (depending on how the service is to be configured).

    What is the cost of a White Label plan? (2024)
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