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The Todoroki Family consists of Enji Todoroki, his wife Rei, and their four children, Toya, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shoto.


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The Todoroki Family is not a typically happy and normal family, but rather a highly troubled and dysfunctional one that was formed through personal interest rather than true love.

The biggest conflict of the family originates from Enji's treatment towards the others, in particular Toya and Shoto. Ever since a young age, Enji has dedicated himself to the immoral and taboo process of creating children and subsequently putting them through rigorous training so that they may unlock their Quirk and master it with the intent of raising someone that could eventually surpass All Might. As a result, Enji's children, especially Shoto, have grown resentful of him.

Shoto is ashamed of his fate as Endeavor's eventual successor and started rejecting all aspects of himself that tied him to his father, namely the fire half of his Quirk. It took a confrontation between Shoto himself and Izuku Midoriya for the former to accept his power as his own, not his father's.

Aside from his poor treatment of Shoto, Enji treats his other children less so, but still no better. He doesn't give them the harsh training that Shoto goes through or directly mistreat them frequently like how he also mistreated his wife, but he doesn't fulfill their emotional needs as an ideal father, neglecting them for his own goals, and referring to Shoto's siblings as "things" and regarding them as failures. This neglect is what drove his eldest son, Toya, to insanity, frantically training and yearning for his approval and acknowledgement which would come at the cost of his well-being and eventually almost his life.

Eventually, Enji becomes severely ashamed of all the things he's done to his family and the lengths his pride had gotten him after getting what he wants. It nearly led to the death of his eldest child and his descent into villainy, it shattered the mental well-being of his wife, and it put ridiculous amounts of pressure on Shoto since his early childhood, threatening his welfare, growth, and causing him to become bitter and aloof to others. Natsuo hates Enji and has not forgiven him for the mistreatment he gave them all those years. Fuyumi has the best relationship with her father out of all the children and wishes for a normal, well-adjusted family. Shoto himself now has a mixed opinion on Enji, thinking highly of his hero work, but poorly of him as a parental figure.

In the end, Enji does not expect to ever be forgiven by his children and wife, but does yearn to make up for all of the wrongdoings he has ever caused to them.


Enji Todoroki used his power and influence to arrange a Quirk Marriage withthe Himura family to marry their daughter, Rei. The purpose of this marriage was an attempt by Enji to conceive and raise a child with a powerful Quirk, one that possessed his fire and her ice, in order to train the child to surpassAll Might as Japan's No. 1 Hero, Enji's lifelong goal. Rei had the option to refuse Enji's offer but chose to accept so that he would help her struggling family with his wealth. Despite their arranged marriage, the relationship between the two wasn't a complete wash as Enji still paid attention and would listen to Rei, like regarding what flowers she likes. In return, Rei tried to make the best out of their marriage, hoping things would work out if she kept a smile on her face.

The family was relatively normal and even happy at first. While their first child, Toya, did not possess the dual fire and ice Quirk he desired, he did have a fire Quirk that was even greater than Enji's, so when their second child, Fuyumi, only inherited her mother's ice Quirk, he was happily content to train Toya to become his successor. However, everything changed upon the discovery that while Toya inherited his father's fire, he also inherited his mother's resistance to ice, meaning he was sensitive to fire and started to receive permanent burns from his own flames.

In his attempt to protect Toya, Enji ceased their training, which infuriated the boy who still wanted to live up to his father's dream and refused to give up. Frustrated by this and still desiring to surpass All Might, Enji proceeded to have more children with Rei, hoping that one would have the perfect Quirk and that this would cause Toya to quit. The third child, Natsuo, only inherited Rei's ice Quirk just like Fuyumi, however the fourth child, Shoto, finally possessed the fire and ice Quirk that Enji longed for.

However, Enji's efforts to make Toya stop only backfired; the boy continued training his Quirk despite the burns he would sustain, becoming obsessed with gaining his father's attention and proving his worth. This led to an outburst from Toya where he charged at an infant Shoto with his flames active. He was stopped before he could hurt anyone, but following this incident, Enji banned the other children from going near Shoto and left them in Rei's care, demanding her not to let Toya out of her sight.

From there on, Enji would focus on training Shoto and neglected his other children, deeming them as failures. Shoto watched his siblings from afar and wanted to play with them, but Enji forbade it and continued pouring his efforts on to him. When Shoto turned five, Enji began putting him through brutal and detestable training. Rei would try to intervene, telling her husband not to be so hard on him, but Enji demanded that she stay out of his way, hitting her for interfering.[1]

Rei was also a victim of Enji's abuse, to the point where she started becoming mentally unstable. Meanwhile, Toya continued his training secretly at Sekoto Peak, raising the power of his flames to the point where they turned blue. Upon learning of this, Enji furiously lashed out at Rei for not stopping him. All of this stress bubbled up within Rei until she snapped one day when she saw Shoto's left side which reminded her of Enji and threw boiling water over him.[1][2] After this incident, Enji had her admitted to a mental hospital.[1]

Some time after that, Toya waited for Enji to come to Sekoto Peak and watch how he had improved, but because he didn't, he lost control of his Quirk. His flames ignited so intensely that they engulfed his body and lit the surrounding forest on fire. He apparently died during the incident, with no traces of his body being found except for a small piece of his jawbone.

Toya's supposed death harshly affected the family, especially Rei, who upon learning of the incident, suffered a severe relapse that lengthened her stay in hospital, and Natsuo, who still holds Enji accountable for Toya's death and resents him for it. A Butsudan Buddhist altar was installed in Toya's room, with his family frequently sending their prayers to him. Even Enji is seen praying at it, regretting the loss of his eldest son.[2][3]

Despite this, Enji did not relinquish his ambitions, believing that he couldn't give up or take a step back after causing Toya's death. He soon became obsessed on training Shoto to be his perfect successor.[4] While he continued to neglect Fuyumi and Natsuo for the remainder of their childhoods, at some point, Enji finally allowed them to interact with Shoto. Fuyumi stepped up as a caring figure in Rei's place and made sure her younger brothers were looked after. She also became an elementary school teacher to compensate for the fact that she couldn't do anything for Shoto while they were kids.[5] Meanwhile, Natsuo left for college to study medical welfare.[6]

Over the course of the years, Shoto continued training while still hating his father before applying into U.A. High School through recommendations. Until the events of the U.A. Sports Festival, Shoto refused to use his father's fire abilities, save only for melting his ice, and went as far as to cover the left side of his first hero costume in ice to symbolize his rebellion against his father. After using his flames again and coming to terms with his past and what Izuku told him, Shoto later decided to visit his mother for the first time in years and now regularly visits her, showing they have reconciled.[7]

Following the Kamino Incident and All Might's subsequent retirement, Enji becomes incredibly frustrated and troubled, enraged at becoming the No. 1 Hero by default and feeling as though his life's efforts to reach the position were now wasted.[8] After a talk with All Might, who encourages the Flame Hero to become the kind of symbol he wishes to be, Enji reflects on his past behavior. He later promises Shoto that he would become a better man, both as a Hero and as his father, and tries to extend this effort to the rest of his family as well.[9]

Natsuo and Fuyumi have visited their mother and are shown to be on good terms with her. Natsuo mentions that he hardly remembers his father from his past neglect. Rei reveals to her two children that Enji secretly visits her but they haven't met face to face, as she is still afraid and the doctors have warned this isn't best for her. Still, she believes in his efforts to atone.[10]

Natsuo blames Enji for his abusive and neglectful actions and is adamant on not forgiving him despite Fuyumi's efforts to reconcile the family. While Enji tried his best to atone for his past behavior, he soon comes to the conclusion that his family are better off without him and that he must remove himself for them to be happy. He then planned to buy a new home for his wife and children while he intended to stay by himself.

The family is severely damaged following the events of the Paranormal Liberation War, when it's revealed that the eldest son, Toya, had been alive all along and was in fact Dabi, a mass murderer and member of the League of Villains.[11] Furthermore, Enji's past and the trauma the Todoroki family had endured was exposed to the public in a worldwide broadcast. All the members of the family are deeply shocked and saddened, with Enji being hit the hardest with sadness and guilt, sincerely apologizing to all of his family with tears flowing down his face.[12] However, after recounting their past mistakes, especially when it came to Toya, the rest of the family have decided to take responsibility for what happened to him and are now willing to help Enji in stopping Dabi.[4]

During the Final War, Shoto is chosen to personally face off against Dabi, despite Enji insisting on being the one to deal with his son, but reluctantly agrees due to having to fight All For One. During the battles, both Shoto and Enji learn that All For One was responsible for saving Toya's life, intending to use him for his schemes, but Toya evaded him, his obsession with his father being too grand for even All For One to handle. It is revealed that Toya did return home, wanting to see his father again but also wanting to apologize to his family for how badly he treated them. After seeing that nothing had changed however, that his family has moved on from him and that Enji was still obsessed with training Shoto, Toya mentally broke, believing that all he ever was to his father was a failure that he cast aside. This caused Toya to completely abandon his old self, embracing his "death" and being reborn as Dabi, a villain who intended to exact revenge on his father by destroying his hero career and eventually killing him.[13]

Shoto uses his Phosphor technique to successfully defeat Dabi in battle, whose body has been increasingly burning up due to overuse of his Quirk.[14] However, Dabi unexpectedly manages to copy the Phosphor move, reinvigorating himself and is warped to his father's location to face him.[15][16] The greatly injured Enji attempts to fight Dabi, discovering that his body has not only been combusting to the point that in a few minutes he will explode in a fiery mass, taking out everyone in the vicinity, but that he was also able to manifest Rei's Frost within his own Quirk.[17]

Enji is about to fly into the air with Dabi to sacrifice himself to save everyone, but Rei, Natsuo, and Fuyumi suddenly appear, having been in evacuation centres within the blast radius. They use their Quirks in an attempt to cool down Toya and prevent the explosion, all the while apologizing and voicing their feelings towards him. Shoto is able to arrive just in time and use his Phosphor, in conjunction with his family, to completely freeze over Dabi's fire, saving everyone. Dabi, now reduced to barely alive skeletal remains, can only vent his frustrations toward his family, while Enji breaks down over him and tells his eldest son to let him hear it. Enji then apologizes to all of his family; to Toya for not showing up at Sekoto Peak, to Rei for pushing her past her breaking point, to Fuyumi for leaving her to pick up the pieces of their family, to Natsuo for neglecting him, and to Shoto for all the pain he's ever caused them all.[18]

Known Members[]


Todoroki Family (1)

The Quirk Marriage arrangement between Enji and Rei's family.

Todoroki Family (2)

Enji and Rei during their early years.

Todoroki Family (3)

Enji training a young Toya.

Todoroki Family (4)

The Todoroki children.

Todoroki Family (5)

Enji harshly training Shoto.

Todoroki Family (6)

Enji abusing Rei.


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