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Rei Todoroki[]

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Enji is Rei's husband. Endeavor bought her family over to marry her through a Quirk Marriage. It's revealed that he chose her because of how her Frost Quirk could counter the drawbacks of his Hellflame Quirk.[1] Despite his reasons for marrying her, he did show some feelings for her when they first met, as he described her as a strong person who could melt at the slightest touch. The fact that he also remembered her favorite flowers even though she only mentioned it once shows that he at least cared about her in the beginning.[2][3]

As shown in his memories, Enji initially had a much healthier relationship with his wife during the first few years of their marriage. He was genuinely happy when raising and training Toya's Quirk when it was evident that it possessed superior firepower to his own and was happy upon the birth of their second daughter Fuyumi despite her not having the Quirk he hoped for. Later, Enji revealed that he never forced Rei to have more children against her will and that she herself genuinely wanted more, due to believing they could encourage each other.

However, the relationship between them started to deteriorate when Toya's stubbornness prevented him from stopping his training and he would subsequently burn himself, hoping to regain his father's attention. With nothing he said deterring him, this led to Enji's decision to have more kids, wanting to acquire the perfect successor so Toya would be forced to give up. Rei was against this, believing it to be too cruel on Toya, but Enji insisted that it was the only way to make him give up.[2]

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After Natsuo and Shoto were born, Enji's obsession to overcome All Might led him to train Shoto while neglecting his other children, leaving them in Rei's care. Despite Rei telling him that all Toya wanted was to be acknowledged by him, he responded that all he could show Toya was the world of a hero. Rei accused him of running away from his responsibility as a father, something he would admit to be true to Natsuo years later.[4][5] When he started harshly training Shoto when he was still very young, Rei tried to stop him, but Enji refused to listen and told her to stay out of his way, smacking her when she tried to defend her son. When he caught Toya with burns on his stomach, Enji was enraged by this and hit Rei for not stopping him, ignoring her plea that their son wouldn't listen to her and telling her that Toya was her problem now.[4]

Enji's and Rei's relationship deteriorated to the point of constant abuse of her and their children, and Enji's behavior became so bad that Rei couldn't stand the sight of him and began seeing him in the faces of her children. Rei eventually had a mental breakdown and she ended up attacking Shoto out of fright, throwing a kettle of boiling water at him and scalding the left side of his face.[4][6] After this incident, Enji put her in a mental institution.

In the present, Enji has actually visited his wife at the hospital often, and though he hasn't seen her face to face, he would leave the flower that she told him she liked when they first met as a gift.[3] After Enji was forced to become the No. 1 Hero after All Might retired, he eventually realized the damage he has done to his family, after which he tries to fix the situation with his family, accepting the possibility that they can never forgive him.

A sign of Enji's remorse towards not only his wife, but his children as well, is a dream that he kept having; seeing Rei and their three children at the dinner table, eating, talking and laughing about little things as they enjoy time together as a family. Enji is never there with them however, being painfully aware that his family are happier without him.[7]

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Finally, he concludes that in order for Rei and their children to be happy, he must separate himself from them altogether. He plans to have Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shoto move in with their mom in a new house built in a more convenient location, while he remains by himself. He has more or less cut himself out of their lives, knowing that things are likely better for them that way.[3]

After seeing Toya's broadcast and the truth about their family exposed, Enji was surprised when Rei came to visit him at the hospital, after the Paranormal Liberation War along with Fuyumi and Natsuo. When he expresses his feelings, Rei interjects and asks him what he's referring to, stating that the rest of his family has carried the same pain for much longer than him. When asked what she was doing here, Rei explains that she came to discuss their family and Toya, carrying the flower he'd given to her before.[8]

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Having confronted the truth that Toya's descent into madness was the result of their failures as parents - Enji for having lit the fires of Toya's ambitions and desires for validation from his obsessive and driven father and Rei for having failed to protect and understand him truly, Enji tearfully wondered if the strong woman standing before him was the same woman he married.Rei told him that he would have to confront their renegade first-born son and stop him.

During the Final War, as he prepares to propel himself and Dabi to the air, Rei appears in front of them and uses her ice on them, intending to save them both from their upcoming doom, much to his surprise.[9] Upon noticing Rei, he immediately tries to persuade her to back off and not come any closer for her body could not withstand the amount of heat. Rei then replies that the same goes for the both of them.

Upon coming to the realization that all of her and the others' efforts in trying to cool Dabi down are not coming into fruition, he was very conflicted in propelling himself and Dabi further because doing so will cause the latter's body to reach its limit and explode. He then begs Dabi not to take Rei and the others, but to take him out instead.[10]

After Dabi is finally defeated with his explosion stopped by the Todoroki's collective ice Quirks, Enji apologizes to Rei for his past abuse and having pushed her past her limit along with all the pain he's caused their family.[11]

Toya Todoroki[]

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Bred from a Quirk Marriage, Toya was Enji's eldest son. He was originally meant to surpass All Might as his fire Quirk gave him flames more powerful than even Endeavor's. While his father secretly desired the ideal hybrid Quirk, he was content to put that idea to the side upon seeing Toya's potential. In his own words, Enji wanted to use his young son to satisfy his own ambition, envy and resentment towards All Might. Endeavor trained him from a young age and taught him his techniques, without the same ruthlessness as Shoto's training. In return, Toya was enthusiastic to follow in his father's footsteps and learn more from him, showing a more positive relationship.[12]

Enji's plans were cut short however when it turned out that Toya had inherited his mother's ice resistance, leading to his own flames easily burning him. While deeply disappointed, Enji stopped training Toya for his own safety. He felt he could only show Toya the world of a hero, so without that, their relationship became distant. Enji asked his son to find a new dream to pursue and someone else to play with, but Toya insisted that he could handle the burns and that his father's insatiable goal was already lit inside of him. Missing his father's devoted attention, Toya tried getting it back the only way he'd been exposed to. Stubbornly ignoring his parent's warnings, the boy trained on his own and wept so he could fulfil his birth's original purpose.[2]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (6)

This would be the start of many arguments between them, with Toya nagging his father to resume training him, only to be denied. No matter what Enji said to him, Toya would show up with new burns every day. Frustrated, Enji thought his son was too similar to him and took more drastic measures. He pushed for Natsuo and Shoto's births, hoping for a new successor to make Toya give up once he saw he was replaced. This backfired as Toya became more determined and desperate to prove himself. It finally boiled over to a hysteric Toya trying to attack his replacement, Shoto, when the latter was an infant. Enji managed to stop Toya from hurting anyone, getting his sleeve burned off in the process, but following this incident, Enji seemed to give up on trying to reason with his eldest son.

He isolated himself and Shoto from his older children, so he could focus on training his new successor. He put Toya's care into the hands of Rei and hired carers, saying eyes should never be taken off him. Rei accused Enji of using his hero status to run away from his parental responsibilities, which he would confirm to Natsuo decades later.[4][13] For the next few years, Enji's neglectful treatment of Toya worsened. He was unaware that he cried to Natsuo often and felt they were treated as failures. Once, Toya overheard Enji telling Shoto to ignore his siblings and that they belonged in a different world.

Toya became critical of his father, lamenting how him and his siblings were treated like failures and ignored, declaring no modern hero should treat his family like that. At the same time, he maintained some hope for his father, mimicking his attitudes and promising he could compete with Shoto. In middle school, he still trained and asked his father to see his Quirk progress. Seeing new burns hidden under his clothes, Enji aggressively scolded his tearful son. Later that night, Enji battered Rei for not stopping him, shouting that Toya was her responsibility now and he was done dealing with him.

Some time after, Enji refused to show up at Sekoto Peak and see Toya's improvement. At the time, Enji believed that it would only motivate his son's obsession, but truthfully, he just didn't know what to say to him. This would end up being the final straw however. Toya lost control of his flames during an emotional breakdown, incinerating his body and leaving almost nothing behind except for a small part of his jawbone, leaving his family to believe that he died in the blaze.

At first, Enji appeared to show no guilt about this accident, but in actuality, he bore much anger at himself for what happened. His flashback showed Enji looking at the burning Sekoto Peak while shouting in absolute horror.[4] He became more obsessed with training Shoto, feeling like his son's death would be pointless if he gave up. One time to Shoto, Enji ranted that Toya's case was regrettable and he would be perfect without their mother's weakness. Recently, he acknowledges his fault in Toya's fate and he says he'll never forgive himself for it.[13] Enji usually prays at Toya's Butsudan Buddhist altar in his home and wishes he was here.[14] While hiding in the shadows, Toya, having renamed himself Dabi, had secretly watched Endeavor's actions from afar, planning to exact his vengeance on him for the torment he went through.

Many years later, Dabi eventually confronted Endeavor after the hero defeated High-End. Dabi greeted him and was amused by the latter's unfamiliarity with him while he seemed to know a lot about him.[15] Dabi earned his father's disgust after he callously disregarded the murder of Snatch. Dabi tried to attack the weakened Endeavor but decided to retreat once Mirko appeared on the scene, though he told his father that they would meet again while angrily calling him by his real name.[16] He would later send Starservant and Ending to make Endeavor suffer even more than before.[17][18]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (7)

By the time the Paranormal Liberation War occurs, Dabi gleefully reveals his true identity as Toya to Endeavor upon reaching their location on Gigantomachia. Endeavor was speechless and thought it was lie until forced to accept the reality. Dabi also reveals everything about Endeavor's past to the public eye out of pure hatred for his father. This deeply shocks Endeavor to point of feeling devastated to see his oldest child as a villain. Dabi also admits wanting to make Endeavor suffer for the rest of his life, believing he doesn't deserve any redemption for his past sins. For these reasons, Dabi ultimately desires to kill and put an end to his father.[19] Upon learning the truth about his oldest son being alive, he initially refuses to believe it, claiming that Dabi is telling a despicable lie, but Endeavor is forced to accept the reality of what Toya had become. The shock of this revelation is so great that he is unable to move or do anything as Dabi prepares to attack Endeavor and the others, only able to think of how he'd initially believed his oldest son to still be alive and searched for him.[12] Dabi also wanted to make sure Endeavor suffered more by nearly burning Shoto and himself alive, so the hero would be distraught at losing his "masterpiece" at the hands of his "failed creation" but after he fell unconscious he stopped.[20][21]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (8)

After regaining consciousness in the hospital recovering, Enji was shown to greatly lament his previous abusive treatment towards Toya and began fully remembering the pain and agony he put him through and now feeling immense guilt for everything he did in the past. Enji himself admitted that despite his eldest son now being a mass murderer, he couldn't fight against him.[8] However, after talking with his wife and the reassurance he receives from Shoto and the rest of his family, Enji tearfully accepts the burden of responsibility and chooses to deal with Toya with the rest of his family, as well as Hawks and Best Jeanist.[22]

During the Final War, Endeavor and his oldest son meet again, with Dabi eager to face his father again and make him suffer by killing his allies in front of him but was disappointed after Shoto intervened.[23] During his fight with Shoto, Dabi revealed that his ultimate goal was to burn away all Endeavor holds precious to him as his own way of leaving a mark on the world and proving his existence. Dabi further reveals how much more detached he'd become from his father by referring to him as a thing.[24]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (9)

Endeavor was greatly infuriated to learn All For One was the one who took Toya from the forest, resulting in his presumed death and becoming Dabi.[25] He later resolved himself to watch his son after the battle is finished, showing residual love for his son despite what he's become. Later, during his fight against All For One, Endeavor actively worried for the safety and health of both Shoto and Toya and wished that the both of them were safe and laments and wished that the fight between his sons should have never happened.

During his final stance against Dabi, Endeavor began to show some concern for his son upon learning that his body is about to explode. He tried to convince him to put out his flames, but to no avail, as Dabi had completely lost his mind. Upon coming to the realization that Dabi had manifested ice within in his own Quirk, Endeavor reflects on his own life, as he realizes that he now needs to take responsibility once and for all. Not wanting his son to die alone, nor letting him involve anyone else, Endeavor prepares to propel both himself and Dabi towards the air, intending to take himself out along with him in one final explosion, only to be interrupted by Rei, who uses her ice to cool them both down.[9]

After Dabi is finally stopped by the rest of the Todoroki's collective ice Quirks, the barely alive villain expresses hatred for his father and the rest of their family. Enji accepts these words and his hatred however, telling his oldest son to let him hear it, while apologizing to Dabi for not showing up at Sekoto Peak.[11]

Fuyumi Todoroki[]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (10)

As seen in his memories, despite Fuyumi not having the Quirk he desired, he was nonetheless happy when she was born and revealed that during the time Fuyumi was born and Toya was still young, it was one of the happiest and most stable times of the Todoroki family.[12] Eventually, as with her brothers Toya and Natsuo, Endeavor ultimately neglected her during her childhood. Despite this, Fuyumi is the only child better able to look past their father's faults and forgive him for his previous behavior, especially since her father was trying to atone for his mistakes and be a better person. Fuyumi is more than aware of how problematic her family turned out because of Endeavor's abuse while expressing some fear of it, but she is the one who supports Enji the most in his effort to improve and fix his family issues.

Fuyumi goes out of her way to help her father mend his relationship with her brothers, so in this way, they can be a normal family. Although her initiatives have not yet been very successful, Enji thanks his daughter for all the support she has given him, thinking Fuyumi doesn't know how much she has saved him.[26]

When he leaves with the boys, he once more thanks Fuyumi who only responds to his gratitude with a smile.[27] Endeavor later revealed that he is building a new house for his children and their mother, while he remains at their house alone.[13]

When he sees her visiting him at the hospital, Fuyumi was concerned and asked her father why he was crying. He replied by apologizing for everything he did to her.[8] After reminiscing of Toya and the events that made him become a villain, Fuyumi stated that she knew their family was broken, but was scared and unable to step in and only continued to fix things on the surface. She offers to be there with the rest of the family to help her father stop Dabi.[4]

During the Final War, when Fuyumi and the rest of the family rushed to the battlefield, he was very conflicted in propelling himself and Dabi further because doing so will cause the latter's body to reach its limit and explode. He then begs Dabi not to take Fuyumi and the others, but to take him out instead.[10]

After Dabi is finally stopped by the Todoroki's collective ice Quirks, Enji apologizes to Fuyumi for having put all of their family's troubles on her shoulders.[11]

Natsuo Todoroki[]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (11)

As with his sister, for years Enji neglected his second son Natsuo due to not inheriting a powerful Quirk to surpass All Might. Enji deemed him a failure and did not put much thought into his upbringing. This is why Natsuo even mentions that he hardly remembers his father.[3]

After regretting his previous behavior towards his family, Enji is more than willing to do everything possible to amend his mistakes towards them, although he is perfectly aware that his son detests him, and he knows that his hatred towards him is more than justified. Enji tells Natsuo he will change his ways, but Natsuo cannot accept this sudden change and has no problem with letting out everything he thinks of Enji to him, which includes his full anger about the fact that Fuyumi and himself were neglected, the abuse he put his mother and Shoto through, and being the main cause for Toya's demise.

He still feels the need to try and reconnect with them as he has his daughter arrange a dinner for Shoto and his friends. During the dinner, he and Natsuo are still on tense terms, despite Fuyumi's attempts to mend it. Natsuo decides to leave earlier so as not to be in the same room as his father.[26] Shortly after leaving dinner, Natsuo is captured by Ending, a criminal who wants Endeavor to kill him. By putting his child in danger, Endeavor freezes because he's traumatized by the look on Natsuo's face. Fortunately, Shoto, Izuku, and Katsuki manage to defeat Ending and rescue Natsuo.

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (12)

Endeavor embraces Natsuo, grateful that his son's life is safe. As Natsuo breaks free of Endeavor's grasp, Endeavor confesses that he is regretful for what he did to the family due to his negligence and the damage caused accordingly. Natsuo tells his father he doesn't care and declares that, unlike his mother, Shoto, and Fuyumi, he is unable to forgive him. Endeavor responds that he sees Natsuo as kind enough and states that it's okay if Natsuo doesn't forgive him because he's not looking for it, he just wants to atone for his mistakes.

Crying, Natsuo questions why he has to be the only one to try and proactively change and what exactly will Endeavor do to atone. Later, Enji confesses he will have a new house for him, Fuyumi, and their mother, as he realizes that the only thing he can do to help his family is to take himself out of the equation.[28]

After his family comes to visit him in the hospital after the Paranormal Liberation War, Natsuo was cold and asked Enji why he was crying, before the latter sincerely apologizes to Natsuo and the rest of his family for everything that ruined their family. While Natsuo says Enji is the root cause for Toya's descent into villainy, Natsuo also takes some responsibility for not acting and speaking to his father when he was younger and offers to help his father stop Toya. Then, when Hawks and Best Jeanist arrive and lend their aid, as he watches his father cry again, Natsuo reminds Enji that he's only helping until Toya is stopped, showing he's still unwilling to forgive his father, but Enji is nevertheless grateful and continues crying while replying that he understands.[22]

During the Final War, when Natsuo and the rest of the family rushed to the battlefield, he was very conflicted in propelling himself and Dabi further because doing so will cause the latter's body to reach its limit and explode. He then begs Dabi not to take Natsuo and the others, but to take him out instead.[10]

After Dabi is finally stopped by the Todoroki's collective ice Quirks, Enji apologizes to Natsuo for having neglected him.[11]

Shoto Todoroki[]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (13)

Shoto is Enji's youngest son. When Shoto was born, Enji was overjoyed to finally have a child with the perfect ice and fire Quirk that he desired. However, their relationship would come to be very poor: Shoto grew up experiencing his father's abuse, not only towards him but also his mother. Following Toya's outburst, Enji decided to raise Shoto separately from his other children. When Shoto turned five, Enji began training him to become a hero, but unlike with Toya, the training was extremely harsh and brutal, often forcing Shoto to his knees and causing him to be sick. To add to this cruel treatment, Shoto would witness his father assault Rei whenever she tried to step in and defend him. Enji also controlled other aspects of Shoto's life while growing up, such as forbidding him from playing with his older siblings and keeping a close eye on his diet.[29][14]

As a result of all this, Shoto was denied a normal childhood in favor of Enji's selfish ambitions and gained severe physical and emotional pain from his father's abuse. Shoto would be brought to tears with no one but his mother to comfort him, saying that he didn't want to be a person like his father. Ironically, Enji's abuse made Shoto look up to All Might as a heroic inspiration. Even then, there were times when Shoto tried to stand up to Enji; when the latter hit Rei for not stopping Toya's training, Shoto tried to defend his mother and shouted at Enji to leave her alone, but Enji only told his youngest son to stay out of it before throwing him out of the room.

When Rei suffered a mental breakdown and attacked Shoto, Enji was merely frustrated that Rei had hurt Shoto and delayed his progress. Shoto, on the other hand, soon developed a strong resentment towards his father, blaming the man for causing him and his mother so much pain and suffering.

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (14)

As explained during the Sports Festival, Enji only saw Shoto as a tool to surpass All Might, referring to him as his "masterpiece". Shoto, harboring a bitter hatred towards his father on account of this, as well as the abuse towards his mother, refused to use his fire powers in battle until Izuku Midoriya reminded him of his mother's encouragement. Enji thought very little of Shoto's refusal to use his flames, only seeing it as a childish rebellion against him. Even so, Enji still intended to have Shoto become his successor, reminding Shoto that he'll never reach his peak potential with only half of his power.

After Shoto used his flames in battle, Enji was visibly excited and hailed his son from the spectator stand, believing that Shoto was finally ready to live up to his intended purpose. Later on, Enji congratulated him on his victory against Izuku and told Shoto that he needed better control over his flames. However, Shoto still made it clear to his father that they were not on good terms, saying that he forgot all about him during that moment. Nevertheless, Shoto still accepted his father's field training offer, showing that he realizes his father's success as a Hero despite the bitterness he holds towards him.

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (15)

Enji later expressed pride in his son after he succeeded in his Hero license exam - he called him his son, not his tool, as he had previously done. Enji tried to pat his son on the head, though Shoto gave him the cold shoulder. Undeterred by this rejection, Enji simply told his son he would try to be a better hero and man that Shoto could be proud of. Shoto simply shrugged him off but smiled to himself in response.[30]

Enji and Shoto met again after his battle with High-End; Shoto brought up Enji's scar and spoke rather tensely to him. Once Natsuo confronted Enji and left, Shoto spoke up and called him a great hero after his success. Enji was surprised and listened as Shoto voiced while he hasn't forgiven him yet, he sees the changes he is making while looking forward to seeing what man he would become.[31]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (16)

A sign of Enji trying to improve his relationship with Shoto is when he tries to contact him on his phone to teach him a new move while reflecting on how he treated him in the past and how he wants to support his son on the path he has chosen.[32] Enji is later pleased when Shoto chooses to intern at his agency for his work-study and accepts to take on Izuku and Katsuki as well at Shoto's request. While there however, Shoto makes it clear to Enji that he only intends to use him to improve himself and that choosing his agency was his own decision, telling him not to act like a caring father in front of his friends. Enji is taken aback and even seems hurt by this, as he believed that Shoto was finally beginning to open up to him. Nevertheless, he accepts what Shoto tells him and proceeds with training his interns.

Fuyumi organized a family dinner to which she invited Izuku and Katsuki as well. Unfortunately, dinner does not end too well due to family drama. Despite this, Izuku tells Shoto that he feels he's getting ready to forgive Endeavor, as he feels that if Shoto truly hated him, it would be fine to not forgive him, but Izuku voices his thoughts on that Shoto is a very kind person waiting for the right moment.[26]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (17)

In the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War, upon seeing his son entering his hospital room, Enji calls out to him with tears in his eyes, and profusely apologizes to Shoto and the rest of his family for everything he did. After Enji and Rei finish recollecting on the past and the events that led to Toya becoming the villain "Dabi", Shoto expresses that he initially thought he had to deal with Toya alone, but after talking with Rei, decides to help stop Toya as a family. Shoto extends a hand to his father, offering to help him back up once he's finished grieving, causing Enji to sob uncontrollably at the support Shoto is giving him, calling out his name in appreciation.[4]

After Dabi is finally stopped by the Todoroki's collective ice Quirks, Enji apologizes to Shoto along with the rest of his family, expressing remorse for all the pain he has caused them.[11]

Unnamed Father[]

Growing up, Enji's relationship with his father was unknown, although his death deeply distressed and impacted him. While Enji was a teenager, he witnessed his father trying to save a girl from a villain, only to be killed alongside her. As a U.A. Student, Enji was determined not to die like his father, blaming it on his weakness. It inspired his hero name "Endeavor", as a metaphor for the hard work he would do, to become powerful and self-reliant. His father's death contributed to Enji's obsession to prove himself, which unfortunately, would be the same obsession that led him down a destructive path for decades.[33]

Pro Heroes[]

All Might[]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (18)

Ten years before the start of the series, Toshinori once had a talk with Endeavor and since then, they have not spoken to each other. It appears that Endeavor has an intense rivalry with Toshinori (one-sided on Endeavor's side as Toshinori tries to be friendly with him). This rivalry with Toshinori is so great that Endeavor decided to have a child that would be able to surpass All Might. Endeavor despises Toshinori's "easy breezy little attitude", finding it to be annoying.

Despite his antagonism to All Might, Endeavor does have a begrudging sense of respect for his skills and strength. This was seen when they worked together in the sting to defeat All For One.

However, upon learning and seeing his true form, Endeavor was furious that his rival's true form was so meek and small. His disdain of All Might only intensified after the latter retired as a Pro Hero and Endeavor would be given the No. 1 spot, which he always wanted but furiously refuses it, due to the fact he did not earn it nor does he feel he deserves it.

Despite this, he is not incapable of showing All Might respect, as he thanked All Might for bringing his son back to him. He sincerely asked him later how he was such a capable Symbol of Peace.


Enji Todoroki/Relationships (19)

Other than his sidekicks, Hawks is Endeavor's closest ally. Hawks looked up to Endeavor as a child because he was the only one trying to surpass All Might. At the Hero Billboard Chart event, Hawks called out Endeavor as a way to fire him up. Afterward, Endeavor was very annoyed with the young Winged Hero and confronted him about his snarky attitude. Hawks explained his motives and asked for Endeavor's help investigating sightings of Nomus in Kyushu.

While in Hawks' hometown, Endeavor learned why Hawks wants to be a hero and his goals to make heroes' lives easier. They were interrupted when High-End attacked, but thanks to Hawks' aid Endeavor was able to prevail and prove he's truly the No. 1 Hero.

After successfully infiltrating the Paranormal Liberation Front, Hawks was unable to send any clear messages to any allies. In order to properly prepare the heroes, Hawks put all his faith in Endeavor. He counted on the fact that Endeavor would notice his personality change when he came to Endeavor's town to "spread the good word of the Meta Liberation Army". Due to their relationship Endeavor immediately noticed Hawks was acting very differently than usual.

Thanks to this, Endeavor was able to decipher a hidden message Hawks left in a copy of Meta Liberation War given to him. Endeavor very clearly trusts Hawks and did exactly as the Winged Hero instructed. The Flame Hero prepared the next generation and organized the heroes to stop the Paranormal Liberation Front before they take over the world.

Just as the operation began, Endeavor confirms for himself that he's done everything Hawks has asked of him. This shows that the two have a strong bond of trust and respect between them. It is thanks to their bond that the heroes ever stood a chance against the villain alliance.

When Hawks visits Endeavor in the hospital after the Paranormal Liberation War, he is surprised at his unexpected visit. Hawks explains the situation going on in society and the utter chaos that is ensuing, but when Hawks offers help to Endeavor, he is shocked and confused at why Hawks would choose to aid him. Regardless, Endeavor is extremely thankful for Hawks' support, and when he asks the number one hero if he can stand up and move forward, tears return to his eyes as he replies that he can, happy to know that he won't have to fight alone.[22]

During the Final War against the Villains, Hawks teamed up with Endeavor to tag-team the incredibly powerful All For One. While in battle Hawks proved invaluable as a support against the villain,not just physically but mentally, as he was instrumental in keeping Endeavor's mind on point in the battle. Later, once All For One rewinds his body back to his physical prime, he entrusts Endeavor with dealing with his villainous son Dabi, while he holds All For One, boasting to the Demon Lord that the Flame Hero had already bested him once before.


Enji Todoroki/Relationships (20)

There has hardly been any interaction between these two heroes, yet Endeavor feels he owes Mirko. After he and Hawks ended up wounded and tired after their fight against Hood, the villain Dabi appears ready to attack them taking advantage of their weakness. Fortunately, Mirko leaps in before he could attack and stops Dabi in his tracks, who was forced to flee from her.[16]

A few months later, during the Jaku Hospital Raid, Mirko was seriously wounded from her solo fight against four High-End Nomu. Endeavor took it upon himself to help her and cauterized her wounds. Endeavor reminded her of a debt he owes her after Kyushu, so she can't die on him. Mirko replied he doesn't owe her nothing.[34] Endeavor also took care of Mirko by bringing her to safety after Tomura destroys the hospital with his Decay.[35][36]

U.A High School[]

Izuku Midoriya[]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (21)

Endeavor first meets Izuku during the U.A. Sports Festival before his fight with Shoto. He commented on how his power was similar to All Might's and that it's Shoto's duty to surpass All Might, so Izuku shouldn't fight pitifully in front of him. Thinking back to what Shoto told him about his past, Izuku tells Endeavor that he isn't All Might and that Shoto isn't him either, annoying the Pro Hero.[37]

The two meet again when Endeavor accepts him and Katsuki as interns for the second Hero Work Studies under Shoto's suggestion. Izuku notes that the atmosphere he had back then was different from the one he had now. Endeavor, in turn, recalls what Izuku told him back at the festival on how Shoto wasn't him.[38]

Endeavor initially didn't want to train him and Katsuki, but after receiving Hawks' coded message, he decides to train them.[39] After he hears about the complications of Izuku's Quirk and it's new power, he comments on how the both of them are burdened with difficult Quirks, leaving him confused.[40]

Endeavor thanks Izuku and his other two Interns for saving the life of his son Natsuo.[13]

During the events of My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, like everyone else, Endeavor was shocked to see Izuku placed as a suspect for mass murder. The hero went to the Otheon police himself and demanded to see evidence that Izuku was connected to the crimes. Otheon's police chief (who, unbeknownst to everyone at the time, was actually an affiliate of Humarise working directly under Flect Turn) refused to disclose any details, especially due to Endeavor's work connection with Izuku, leaving the Flame Hero to storm out of the police station.[41]

While watching Izuku and Tomura fight, Endeavor felt pathetic for his inability to do anything even though he is the No. 1 Hero, and leaving Deku to fight alone. Later, when Dabi scolds Izuku for intervening in a 'family matter' while he was attacking Shoto, he tells Dabi that Endeavor's mentoring made him stronger. Izuku acknowledges that while he is aware of Endeavor's sins, he still watches him with confidence that Endeavor can change and tells Dabi that he isn't Endeavor. Izuku's words end up causing Endeavor to tear up over Izuku's belief in him, and what gives him the strength to snap back to his senses and use his remaining power to strike Gigantomachia before passing out.[42]

While searching for the remnants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Endeavor shows worry at Deku's increasingly cold behavior, and allows his classmates to track him down, once he goes rogue. Once the teenager finally returns to U.A and is accepted by the citizens there, Endeavor laments the fact the heroes pushed all the burden onto Deku, and made him struggle under the weight of it.

During the Final War, while in his mindscape, his younger self chides him, stating he'll never be a true hero like All Might or Deku, emphasizing that Endeavor acknowledges Deku to be a far better hero than himself.

Katsuki Bakugo[]

Enji Todoroki/Relationships (22)

Endeavor met Katsuki when he and Izuku were invited by Shoto to be trained by his father. This is something he did not like because he would have preferred Shoto to come alone and didn't hesitate to let them know. As a result, Katsuki has no problem bluntly telling Endeavor that he is a jerk, although he says he will put up with it if that means he can see how the top hero operates. Katsuki's attitude displeases Endeavor, and he asks Shoto if he really is his friend.[38]

Despite his initial refusal, Endeavor also decides to train Katsuki and Izuku in addition to his son. During training, he does not hesitate to recognize that Katsuki has potential, although he does not accept excuses from him for being too slow, so he gives him some advice to improve his skills.[43]

Despite their rocky interactions, Endeavor is grateful to Katsuki that, along with Izuku and Shoto, he rescued his son Natsuo from Ending.[13]

League of Villains[]

All For One[]

Endeavor first fought All For One while helping All Might in an effort to defeat him during the Raid in Kamino.[44]

They fought once again during the Final War, and it was at this point that All For One eventually revealed his involvement in his eldest son's disappearance and eventual transformation into Dabi, which shocks him right to his core. Enraged by this, Endeavor lashes out and tries to attack him once again, only to be caught off guard.[25] Upon recovering from the recent attack, Endeavor returns to the battle protecting the others from his attacks while furiously attacking him himself while delcaring to him that defeating him and finishing the battle once and for all is his duty.[33]


Hiroshi Tameda[]

Enji meets Hiroshi Tameda while walking with Hawks in Kyushu after the JP Hero Billboard Chart announcements where he notices him and his friends telling him to get an autograph. Enji approaches Hiroshi and offers his hand to shake, only to be taken aback when Hiroshi freaks out by his new behavior and listening to the fan say that Endeavor is cool when he doesn't try to indulge in fanservice, leaving the hero questioning his style of approach.[45]

After Endeavor's fight with Hood, Enji returned home to his children. After listening to Natsuo's rant about his out-of-the-blue change and him leaving the room, he sees on the news what Hiroshi said to the press to keep supporting Endeavor's fight. This causes Enji to realize how much Hiroshi's support meant to him, and what inspires him to secure a future for the next generation.[46]


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