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Enji Todoroki[]

The Flame Hero: Endeavor is Dabi's father. Dabi holds a huge grudge against Enji for rejecting him in the past and feeling like he was being used as a tool. In fact, Enji's overwhelming negligence on him seems to be the main reason for his fall to villainy.

Dabi/Relationships (1)

Toya was conceived in a Quirk Marriage by Enji, to breed a hero heir that could surpass All Might. When Toya was born with a stronger fire Quirk than his father's, Enji wavered between disappointed and satisfied. It wasn't exactly what he was looking for, but he saw its potential, so he trained Toya from an early age to become a hero.

In the beginning, unlike Shoto's relationship with his father, Toya's relationship between his father was actually relatively healthy; Toya's training didn't have the level of harshness as Shoto's and Enji spoke to his eldest son more casually with the latter eager to learn new moves. Likewise, Toya was very excited to learn all of his father's moves, including his strongest ones. He put his dreams onto Toya, promising he could become Number One and surpass All Might.[1] To enforce this, Toya was given fire-themed items like shirts. His father's legacy as the Number 2 weighted heavily on Toya, feeling more pressured to be a hero than his school peers. He'd even call his father by his hero name on occasion. Enji wanted to press on with Toya's training, dismissing his unexplained hair change. All that changed when Toya's Quirk began to burn him, and Enji finally saw a doctor over the issue. The doctor explained to Enji that designing his children through Quirk marriages was ill-advised. It turned out the exact combination Toya received from his parents' ice and fire Quirks was self-jeopardizing. Toya's body had Rei's resistance to freezing temperatures instead of high temperatures that his fire Quirk required.[2]

Dabi/Relationships (2)

Frustrated at his ruined plans, Enji acknowledged his son couldn't surpass All Might without seriously harming himself. Therefore, Enji explained to Toya of his condition and halted their training. Thinking he was incapable of showing his son anything other than heroism, Enji didn't know how to bond with his son anymore and spent less time with him as a result. While Enji told Toya to give up, he didn't lead by example, hypocritically continuing his own goal of surpassing All Might. Toya had gone out of his way to interact with his father, waiting for his days off and actively approaching him. Toya began having an existential crisis, being unable to fulfill his birth's purpose anymore. Missing his father's devoted attention, Toya tried getting it back the only way he'd been exposed to; nagging Enji to return to training. This would be the first of many arguments on the subject, both getting impatient with each other.[3] While Enji wasn't violent towards Toya like Shoto and Rei, he'd get physical at points: tightly gripping his shoulders and forcibly grabbing his shirt.

Dabi/Relationships (3)

With Enji denying him, Toya trained on his own and keeps burning himself in the process. He claimed he couldn't let go of the dream Enji had ignited inside of him. Whenever Enji saw those burns, he'd sternly tell Toya to find a different hobby without him, suggesting to focus on things like his siblings or making new friends. Enji grew frustrated at Toya not understanding or listening, assuming he'd inherited his stubbornness. He moved onto more drastic measures. Enji was willing to crush Toya's dream for the sake of his physical well-being. Despite the doctor's warning about Quirk marriages, Enji intended to try again for a perfect Quirk. He assumed his plan would have the secondary effect of making Toya feel replaced and giving up in his despair. Rei pointed out that their son would have some understanding of what he was doing and that it was too cruel.

Unfortunately, this plan backfired as Natsuo's birth made Toya more obsessed and desperate. Then, when Shoto was born with the perfect combination of Quirks, the boy reached a breaking point. In fit of jealousy, Toya screamed for Enji to look at him and almost scorched his replacement, an infant Shoto. Enji prevented any injuries and gained a new paranoia of Toya. Later that night, Rei explained the incident was simply down to a son not being noticed by his father, challenging Enji to stop using his hero status as an excuse to run away from being a father. Despite this warning, Enji enforced the current setup harder: by isolating Shoto from his siblings and putting all his efforts into him. He neglected his "failures" and entrusted others to raise them, warning for eyes to be never taken off Toya specifically. Despite his father's total rejection, Toya still copied some of his beliefs, such as the Todoroki family being in a different world to regular people.

Throughout the years, Toya often cried about why he was even born and rant to Natsuo. By then, Toya gained a new awareness of his father's cruelty, witnessing the physical abuse towards Shoto and Rei firsthand. Reflecting on Enji's previous actions, Toya concluded it was wrong for Enji to neglect his kids and it contributed to him lashing out at Shoto. He wondered with disgust, how a modern hero could hurt his family.[3]

Even in middle school, Toya would still sneak away to strengthen his Quirk. After a growth spurt caused his flames to turn blue, Toya excitedly approached his father and asked him to see his improvement. Getting upset at Enji's doubt, the teenager promised he could compete with Shoto and prove that he wasn't a mistake. Though Enji wouldn't indulge Toya's training, refusing to show up at Sekoto Peak. As a result, a sadden Toya had a mental breakdown and lost control of his flames. The boy didn't know how to stop it, since Enji had halted their training prematurely and he never learnt the necessarily safety measures. He accidentally caused a forest fire and Enji rushed to save him when he saw the smoke. Though the rescue attempt only found a section of Toya's jaw, so it was assumed he'd been incinerated. However, Toya managed to survive because of his desire to impress his father but he had severe degrees of burns all over his body and was left for dead until All For One found him.

Dabi/Relationships (4)

Upon waking up in a hospital bed, Toya rationalized his father was too busy at work to visit him and was hopeful he could still impress him. When All For One said they'd failed to restore Toya's body fully, it triggered his memories of feeling like a failed creation. He refused the top villain's offer to be taught by him and declared he'd only learn from Enji. Riled up, Toya forcibly escaped his captives and went straight to his family home. When he spied Enji continuing to abusively train Shoto, he was distraught that his death had done nothing to change his father and he felt forgotten. As a result of his past abuse and the trauma of having his body largely scarred, Toya's obsession turned him toward becoming a villain and vowed vengeance against his father for abandoning him. His stance on Endeavor shifted, going from wanting his approval to resenting him. He hid away and secretly watched Endeavor's actions from afar, planning to enact his vengeance one day.[4]

Dabi/Relationships (5)

By the time Toya was an adult, he'd taken up the villain name, Dabi. He began following Stain's ideology who believed that people who are motivated by self interest can't be true and genuine heroes, thinking his father was the embodiment of this. Many years later, Dabi would later endanger Endeavor's life, by sending High-End at him. During the battle, Endeavor was ironically given a scar similar to Shoto's. After defeating the High-End, Dabi greeted Endeavor, amused by the latter's unfamiliarity with him while he seemed to know a lot about him. Dabi earned his father's disgust after he callously disregarded the murder of Snatch. Dabi tried to attack the weakened Endeavor but decided to retreat once Mirko appeared on the scene, though he told his father that they would meet again while angrily calling him by his real name.[5] He would later send Starservant and Ending to make Endeavor suffer even more than before.

When the Paranormal Liberation War occurs, Dabi gleefully reveals his true identity as Toya Todoroki to Endeavor upon reaching their location on Gigantomachia. He also reveals everything about Endeavor's past to the public eye out of pure hatred for his father. This deeply shocks Endeavor to the point of feeling devastated to see his oldest child as a villain. Dabi also admits wanting to make Endeavor suffer for the rest of his life, believing he doesn't deserve any redemption for his past sins. Dabi is so narrowed-minded on his goal, he doesn't mind killing his innocent loved ones, such as his brother if it only means hurting his father.[6] Though Dabi seems to be aware of his own wrongdoings, he claims they'll dance in hell together. For these reasons, Dabi ultimately desires to kill and put an end to his father. He continues to mock and deride his father whenever possible, blaming the injuries or deaths of others Dabi causes, such as when he blasts Nejire Hado with his Quirk, to put Endeavor through more suffering.[7] Later after successfully overpowering his youngest brother, but seeing that their father had lost consciousness, Toya had chosen to hold off on killing Shoto. Also, rather than kill Endeavor while he was unconscious, he chose to spare him. He targeted Shoto, as he wanted to savor their father's devastation when he sees the murder of his "masterpiece" at the hands of his failed creation. When that failed, Dabi opts to retreat in order to further prolong their father's misery.[8][9]

Dabi/Relationships (6)

Later, after regaining consciousness after the battle against him and Gigantomachia, Enji was shown to greatly lament his past abuse and abandonment of Toya and deeply regretted his past actions towards him, with him acknowledging that his eldest son has succeeded in ruining his career as a hero. Later Enji would break down and admit that despite him being a mass murderer, he still could not fight his eldest son. Dabi also refers to his father by his full name, showing his detachment towards him. He only calls him father when mocking him or when the subject is brought up.

When seeing his father making a speech, Dabi was disappointed that he did not fully break his father's resolve after the latter revealed his abuse to his family to the world and stayed strong.[10]

During the Final War, Dabi was eager to face his father again and make him suffer by killing his allies but was disappointed after Shoto intervened.[11] During his fight with Shoto, he revealed that his ultimate goal was to burn away all Endeavor holds precious to him as his own way of leaving a mark on the world and proving his existence. Dabi further reveals how much more detached he'd become from his father by referring to him as a thing.[4]

Dabi/Relationships (7)

During his fight against his father, Dabi tells Endeavor that he initially planned to offer him Shoto's head but he was too strong. He then declares to latter that he will still try to take as much as he can from whatever he tries to protect, right before lunging towards him.[12] As his fight with Endeavor continues, Dabi began to lose control over his own body, as his mind begins to get slowly consumed by his own desire for vengeance. Upon learning of his impending explosion, Endeavor tries desperately to convince his son to put out his flames, telling him that he doesn't want him to die. Upon coming to the realization that he had manifested ice within his own Quirk, he then tells Dabi that he will not let him die alone nor will he let him involve anyone else, as he prepares to take himself out along with him in one final explosion. But just as they were about to propel themselves into the air, Rei suddenly appears and uses her ice on them.[13]

Upon finally being defeated thanks to Shoto and the rest of the family's efforts to cool him down, Dabi musters all of his remaining strength to express his hatred towards his father and his family, and wishes for all them to die alongside him, only for Endeavor to apologize to him and the rest of his family.[14]

Rei Todoroki[]

Dabi/Relationships (8)

Unlike his father, Toya seemed to be very close to his mother Rei as a child according to Natsuo and Fuyumi. It is also mentioned by Natsuo that Toya's "death" greatly devastated Rei as her mental state had already been harshly affected by her husband's past abuses. Many years later, Rei would still think of Toya despite not knowing he is still alive as the villain Dabi.[15]

As shown in the memories of their family, Rei loved and cared about her eldest son a lot, having been shown to greatly worry about him upon learning of his body's odd constitution of having her resistance to frost and his father's fire Quirk, and even more so as his body began to accumulate burns on an almost daily basis due to his insistence of training despite this. Later, upon realizing of Toya's stubbornness, Rei was shown to be greatly distressed upon her husband proposing his plan to make him "give up", having come to realize that her son was already aware of what her husband desired from having more children and was worried about the mental anguish he would go through.

While Rei greatly loved her son, Toya did not share a great bond with her. He was well aware of the reason behind his mother and father getting married, and that Rei was basically sold off by her family. Because of this, Toya thought very little of his mother and did not rely on her for anything, believing that she was good for nothing. When Rei attempted to get Toya to reconsider what he really wanted to do in life and to look beyond his father, Toya coldly rebuked her, reminding her of the reason she married Enji and why he was even born at all, also placing blame on Rei for his problems.[3] However, after waking up from his coma, he noted that he needed to apologize to Rei for the awful things he'd said to her, showing he felt remorse for how he had treated her.[4]

By the time the Paranormal Liberation War occurs, Rei is shown to be completely horrified when Dabi reveals his true identity as her long-lost son that she thought she had lost many years ago.[6] Dabi's message led to her confronting her estranged husband over dealing with him.

Unlike with his father, Dabi continues to call Rei his mother, suggesting some lingering fondness.[2]

Dabi/Relationships (9)

During the Final War, when Endeavor prepared to sacrifice himself to stop Dabi by propelling into the air, Rei didn't hesitate to intervene in the battle. Seeing her for the first time in a decade, Dabi weakly acknowledged his mother's presence, as she moved to save both him and his father from their impending deaths.[13]

Rei suffered several burns from the in process but begged Dabi to stop his disastrous actions. After Shoto intervenes, Rei solemnly looks upon her defeated son, while Dabi musters all of his remaining strength to express his hatred towards his father and his family, and wishes for all them to die alongside him, only for Endeavor to apologize to him and the rest of his family.[14]

Shoto Todoroki[]

Dabi/Relationships (10)

Shoto is Dabi's youngest sibling and arch nemesis. While they are brothers, the two did not share a close bond in their childhood. After Shoto was born with the perfect ice and fire Quirk that their father desired, Toya fell into despair, taking it as a sign that his father's attention and original purpose for him had been taken away. Driven by anger, envy and frustration, when Enji pleaded with Toya to find another purpose in life, Toya demanded that his father look at him, and furiously charged at Shoto with his flames active, only to be stopped by his father.[2] Despite this, Toya would later come to regret his attempt to attack Shoto, understanding that he did nothing wrong and that he was nothing but a baby at the time. Following the aforementioned incident, Enji isolated Shoto from his older siblings to focus on training him, much to Toya's bitterness. Shoto would watch Toya, Fuyumi, and Natsuo play together and wanted to join them, but was forbidden by their father. Given that Shoto was born with the ideal Quirk, Toya initially considered Shoto as a rival of sorts in surpassing All Might and obtaining their father's affection. This pressured Toya to continue training, despite his Quirk burning him, wanting to prove to Enji that he could reach Shoto's level and make him happy that he was born.[3]

Currently, Dabi and Shoto share an ambiguous relationship, although Shoto still appears to slightly remember him through his memories. It's also unclear if Shoto blames Enji for Toya's accident, with the rest of his siblings being conflicted over it.[16]

The two brothers would confront each other when the Vanguard Action Squad invaded Beast's Forest to kidnap Katsuki Bakugo. Upon looking closely at Shoto's helpless expression during their brief confrontation, Dabi taunts him for failing to rescue Katsuki while calling him by his real name. This suggests a feeling of mockery and pity towards his brother.[17] Shoto was also greatly shocked upon recognizing Dabi when the latter revealed himself in public during his attempted attack on Endeavor and Hawks. Though, he still only knew Dabi by his villain persona, and not as his oldest brother.[5]

By the time the Paranormal Liberation War occurs, Dabi gleefully reveals his true identity as Toya to Endeavor and Shoto upon reaching their location on Gigantomachia without any hesitance. He also admits to originally wanting to kill Shoto once he had become successful in his hero career, thinking of him as Endeavor's little puppet. This reveal causes Shoto to feel shocked and horrified upon seeing his oldest sibling as a nefarious villain.[6] Dabi doesn't seem to even consider him a human as he refers to him as a puppet or a masterpiece. This shows he now only sees Shoto as an extension of Endeavor and a target of his grudge. When the two of them fight, Dabi has no problem in going all out against Shoto, coldly stating that he no longer feels anything for anyone and musing that he would get to kill Shoto right in front of Endeavor.[7] However, it is also shown that Dabi only thought of it to make his father despair, as when Endeavor was unconscious, he stopped fighting him because Endeavor wasn't watching.

Dabi/Relationships (11)

Although he seemed to only care about making Endeavor feel despair, it is hinted that Dabi hates Shoto even more from the moment he was born because Shoto inherited his mother's ice powers which regulates his flames while he only inherited his mother's low tolerance to fire. It may be possible that Dabi shows strong envy towards his youngest brother which is the reason why he wanted to kill him in the first place.[3]

During the Final War, Dabi was forced to fight Shoto after the latter prevented him from attacking their father.[11] After being teleported to Kamino where he is being confronted by the heroes and his brother, he had no regrets to scorch the entire area in order to reduce the number of heroes that were present at the time. He is still lamenting how Endeavor couldn't face him and instead sent his youngest brother to deal with him.

Dabi/Relationships (12)

Although Shoto declares that he's not there because someone ordered him, but because he wants to be the one to stop him, he still shows empathy for his eldest brother and asks Dabi if he was alive this whole time why didn't he come back home. Despite how much Dabi wanted to kill his youngest brother, he sympathizes with him as his older brother, and explains how he became Dabi, why he's still alive, and how his flames even surpassed his father's "masterpiece".[4]

As he continues his fight with Shoto, he destroys All Might's statue after noting how Shoto admired All Might in order to spite Shoto. Dabi believes that Shoto was born with everything since he had the powers of both of their parents and a setting where he could use those powers to their greatest, yet still relied on others. This proves the deep-seeded jealousy Dabi has over his brother managing to inherit both fire and ice, and believes because he didn't use his powers to the fullest, he's only a half-baked puppet.

Even though Dabi was shown to be obsessed with ruining Endeavor's life and his claiming his vengeance, he seems care enough to focus on Shoto just as much as he was watching Endeavor because, knowing that Endeavor considers Shoto to be his "masterpiece", he was waiting to come and kill Shoto to destroy Endeavor, both body and spirit. He claims that he was having second thoughts on Shoto too, showing some attention towards his youngest brother.[18] After reinvigorating himself following Shoto's defeat of him, Dabi quickly jettisons away realizing that his body won't last if he keeps up his battle against Shoto, prioritizing his father's death over that of his little brother's. Despite his best efforts, Shoto prevented Dabi from causing catastrophic damage and saved their whole family in the process.[14]

Fuyumi Todoroki[]

Dabi/Relationships (13)

When she was born, Toya was happy with the new addition to the family. When they were kids, Toya confided in her about his desire to be acknowledged in the eyes of their father. In turn, Fuyumi showed great concern over seeing her older brother's burn marks and asked him not to push himself, though Toya angrily ignored her pleas and simply said a girl wouldn't understand, determined to surpass All Might.[2]

Despite being a "failed creation" like him and Natsuo, Toya did not share a particularly positive relationship with Fuyumi. Though he did interact with her rather well and would play together with her and Natsuo, Toya would choose to confide in Natsuo his personal thoughts and doubts instead. When Natsuo told Toya to talk to Fuyumi about his doubts instead of him once in a while, Toya rejected the idea, believing that both his mother and Fuyumi were good for nothing due to their constant attempts to dissuade him from training his Quirk and his dream of becoming a hero that surpasses All Might.[3]

After awakening from his coma, he wanted to apologize to his sister and other relatives for his actions but that changed after his brief return home.[4]

Nowadays, Fuyumi mourns his "death" and she prays at his altar. Unlike Natsuo, she doesn't seem to blame their father for his death.

However, when Dabi revealed himself in public in an attempt to attack Endeavor and Hawks, Fuyumi appeared greatly shocked by this despite not knowing his true identity around that time.[5] Like the rest of her family, Fuyumi would be deeply shocked and saddened by Dabi's broadcast and the revelation that her brother had become a mass murderer and a villain.

In the final war, he reunited with his sister after a decade, after she helped their parents stop his rampage. Fuyumi ignored the injuries she suffered to beg Toya to stop his disastrous actions. After Shoto intervenes, she solemnly looks upon her defeated sibling, while Dabi musters all of his remaining strength to express his hatred towards his father and his family, and wishes for all them to die alongside him, only for Endeavor to apologize to him and the rest of his family.[14]

Natsuo Todoroki[]

Dabi/Relationships (14)

As seen from the family's past, Toya didn't initially have a good impression of his younger brother upon his birth, due to him having realized what their father was trying to do by having more children. Despite this, Toya and Natsuo grew extremely close to each other, to the point of being inseparable, as they always played together as kids. Toya would also tell Natsuo everything about his inner thoughts and turmoil and lean on him for emotional comfort. It's implied that he felt a sense of camaraderie with Natsuo as he considered that they were both their father's "failed creations".[6] To Toya, Natsuo was the only one who could understand him and the only one he could talk to, and when Natsuo suggested that he talked to Fuyumi about his problems instead of him once in a while, Toya was deeply hurt by the implication that Natsuo was brushing him off, to the point of nearly crying.[3] His supposed death, which happened shortly after his mother went away, greatly affected Natsuo, which caused him to greatly resent his father, whom he considers to be primarily responsible for what happened to Toya.[15]

Nowadays, Natsuo still remembers Toya and still can't forgive his father for it.[19] When Dabi revealed himself in public in an attempt to attack Endeavor and Hawks, Natsuo appeared greatly shocked by this despite not knowing his true identity around that time.[5] Around the time of the Paranormal Liberation War, Dabi mentions Natsuo when he delivers his speech to Endeavor, implying he still fondly remembers him despite them not seeing each other in a long time.[6] When Dabi revealed his identity as Toya, Natsuo was shown to be horrified when he saw what his older brother had become on his phone.[1] Alas, when Shoto criticizes him for sending a villain that nearly killed the same brother he loved and depended on, Dabi replies that it was a shame he didn't die because Endeavor would have suffered more, only caring about inflicting as much suffering onto Endeavor as possible even if it means sacrificing his family.[7]

He is reunited with Natsuo after a decade, with the latter helping the parents to stop his disastrous actions. Natsuo tried to get through to him by calling him a "stupid big brother" for his grudge against their father. After Shoto intervenes, Natsuo solemnly looks upon his defeated sibling, while Dabi musters all of his remaining strength to express his hatred towards his father and his family, and wishes for all them to die alongside him, only for Endeavor to apologize to him and the rest of his family.[14]

League of Villains/Paranormal Liberation Front[]

Tomura Shigaraki[]

Dabi/Relationships (15)

Dabi and Tomura were very disconnected during their first meeting. Dabi immediately insulted Tomura and refused to tell him his true name. Dabi also doubted the League of Villains' allegiance to Stain's ideology.[20] This eventually caused Tomura to try and attack Dabi, who was ready to defend himself but Kurogiri stopped it.[21]

Even so, they became comrades after Tomura found his conviction following their first meeting. Dabi follows Tomura's orders and he trusts in Tomura taking charge of the League of Villains. Following All For One's defeat, Dabi becomes a valuable ally and partner to Tomura.

He also appears to respect him, as he was amazed by the latter's power in the war against the Meta Liberation Army and was pleased he gained an army from their victory. However, Dabi reveals to Hawks that he never cared about Tomura nor the League of Villains and that he only wants to use them to further his own goal.[22]

All For One[]

Dabi/Relationships (16)

After his freak accident, a severely burned Toya was found at a lake near Sekoto Peak, barely alive by All For One. Seeing he was still breathing and having witnessed the boy's potential in his Blueflame, he took him up to have his body treated by Kyudai, leading to his family believing he was dead. The demon lord had Toya put through a long process of recovery that Toya was left in a comatose state for three years. In order to restore his burnt body, his missing pieces had to be replaced with regenerative tissue, however All For One became aware that he'll be unable to utilize the power he once had, with his organs damaged, body debilitated, and senses all dulled, unable to feel pain.[4]

He intended to welcome him back at his full strength, but with so much damage to his body, All For One believes that Toya was another failure, which causes a visceral reaction in Toya. Despite how much of a failure Toya is, All For One was willing to restore his fire to its former glory, asking if he will allow him to raise him. However, Toya viciously denies him, saying he has no intention of being trained by anyone else. Toya doesn't want All For One to be his master, and thus, All For One was unable to exploit his obsession with his father. Since that boy never bought what they were selling, All For One decided to let him go because his body shouldn't have lasted a month, however, Toya saw the results of his "death" and was reborn as Dabi, essentially coming back to join the League of Villains half a decade later. All For One was surprised by his survival and had him recruited to discover how it was possible.

During the Hideout Raid Arc, they meet face to face with All For One but had no interaction, though All For One aided in the League's escape from the heroes.

After All For One escaped Tartarus and resumed leadership, Dabi showed no respect to the latter, in spite of the fact that he clashed against All Might and saved him on two occasions. He openly questioned the latter's operations by asking if they were not looking at failure should his spies be compromised but All For One told him they were not. [23][24]

Like most of the League, he refers to Dabi by his true name and is amused by Toya's hatred for his father and acknowledges his deadly skill. Before the Final War, he also offered to give Dabi more power in the form of another Quirk, but the younger villain refused without question.[25]

Vanguard Action Squad[]

Himiko Toga[]

Dabi/Relationships (17)

Dabi appears to view Himiko as a valuable ally. Even so, he doesn't appear to have a high opinion of her personality and often refers to her as crazy. In their first meeting, Dabi doubted the League of Villains' motives just because of Himiko's desire to join them.[21] They do, however, become comrades. Since they were both admirers of Stain, they shared a common goal in wanting to bring down the hero society.

Dabi doesn't tolerate Himiko making fun of him when things do not go as he would like, as when she accuses him of not having social skills and burning those he doesn't consider fit to be part of the league,[26] or being upset because his fire had no effect on Gigantomachia.[27] Generally, Dabi responds to these provocations with blunt sarcasm. Though recently, Toga has shown some concern for Dabi, asking him about his sizzling arm and if he was alright.[28]

During the U.A. Traitor Arc, while he continues to insult her, he is more or less understanding after seeing her visit her family home. To erase her sadness from the visit, he burns down Himiko's family home though Himiko scolds him she appreciates the sentiment. He also gave her a sample of Twice's blood and told her to uphold his memory, encouraging Himiko that they should continue fighting for their cause. They are close enough for her to address him by his real name.[29]


Dabi/Relationships (18)

Dabi had shown no problems working with Twice and was seemingly not annoyed by his antics and contradictory personality. In return, Twice had confidence in Dabi's strength and rebuffed his doubt about his own strength. It is implied that Dabi and Twice viewed each other as brothers in combat.[30]

However, there were occasional arguments between the two, given that Dabi stated he did not care what happens to his fellow League members, which conflicted with Twice's strong sense of camaraderie. When Giran was kidnapped by the Meta Liberation Army, Dabi doesn't hesitate to consider it nonsense to go and rescue him, which generated a violent response from Twice.[31]

When Twice was cornered by Hawks during the Paranormal Liberation War, Dabi thinks to himself that Twice shouldn't blame himself; it's the scummy heroes that are to blame as always.[32] Another note is that Dabi even gave Twice some encouragement to keep fighting, showing no signs of blame towards his comrade, and actually gave Twice a high-five. Upon witnessing Twice's death at the hands of Hawks, Dabi appeared devastated to the point where he became fully committed to the task of killing Hawks to avenge his ally, but only because he cared more about Twice's worth to his own ambitions than his friendship with him.[22] Dabi later had no qualm in using Twice's dead body in an attempt to demoralize Tsukuyomi, as well as use the villain's death at the hands of Hawks to incriminate the No. 2 Hero as a part of his broadcast to break people's faith in heroes.

Prior to the Final War, Dabi reveals to Himiko that he acquired some of Twice's blood before his death. Despite only valuing Twice for his usefulness, he was willing to honor the villain's memory by encouraging Himiko to continue his Sad Man's Parade.[29]


Dabi and Spinner share similar interests in taking down the hero society as both are huge followers of Stain's ideology. However, Dabi seems to disregard Spinner's presence like with most of his fellow League members. He even complains about Spinner's driving skills to the point the latter would shout back with annoyance.[33]

Dabi often snarks at Spinner's expense and insults him whenever the opportunity comes by. When Spinner later reveals his motivations for joining the League of Villains to Tomura, Dabi mocked him by calling him a hollow cosplayer, implying that the latter enjoys insulting Spinner for laughs.[26]

Spinner was quite surprised to learn Dabi was actually the oldest son of Endeavor, remarking on how he did not talk about it.[1]

Mr. Compress[]

Like the rest of his comrades, Dabi doesn't really care about Compress that much. Despite this, Dabi and Compress seem to have good camaraderie as they've teamed up on a few occasions. One of the notable team-ups involved them both using their Quirks to take down Snatch when confronting Overhaul.[33] However, Dabi enjoys mocking Compress when the opportunity comes by, notably when he calls the latter out for doing nothing during the clash against the Meta Liberation Army.[34]

Mr. Compress was quite surprised to learn Dabi was the oldest son of Endeavor, remarking on how he had a unique lineage like him.[1]


Dabi meets Geten during the war between League of Villians and Meta Liberation Army, the two quickly engaged in a heated battle due to Geten's task to handle Dabi and Dabi's reaction to Geten's Quirk.[35] Dabi and Geten later served together as "Vanguard Action Guerilla Warfare Regiment: Violet" showing that they are on better terms than before, or have at least subsided their previous antagonism.[36] He showed slight annoyance at Geten unintentionally getting in his way during his fight with Tsukuyomi, when the cryokinetic manifested a huge chunk of ice which allowed the U.A. student to escape with Hawks.

Dabi and Geten are revealed to be distantly related through the former's mother, as Geten was a member of the Himura family. Though whether either villain is aware of this is unknown.[13]

Pro Heroes[]

All Might[]

Initially, Toya was born with the aim of surpassing All Might as a part of his father's dream of having a child capable of surpassing the Number One hero. Despite his condition and the weaknesses of his body compared to his Quirk, Toya continued to train to surpass All Might in order to be recognized by his father, despite Enji protesting in fear for his son's wellbeing.

Years after becoming Dabi, Toya has since been disinterested in All Might in favor of avenging the abuse and neglect that his father caused him during his childhood. During the fight against his little brother Shoto in Kamino, Dabi shows lingering resentment to the hero by melting the statue of All Might to provoke Shoto who admires him. Dabi is now using All Might as a way to provoke his little brother and doesn't seem to have any interest in surpassing him anymore.


Dabi/Relationships (19)

Dabi has shown to be distrustful towards Hawks. It is unknown if he would have killed Hawks in his weakened state, despite that the two had set up High-End's attack together. Dabi even questions Hawks' integrity to the League of Villains as Hawks explained he had to keep up appearances for the Hero society.[5]

Soon enough, Dabi lets him join the Paranormal Liberation Front because he saw Hawks being able to commit a murder. Their relationship is mocking, dishonest, and resembles a constant power struggle. Dabi was the only villain who saw through the hero's lies and suspected Hawks of being a double-agent. To that end, he secretly sent thugs to track down Hawks' mother and learn about his background to have an advantage against him.[37]

By the time the attack on the Gunga Mountain Villa begins, Dabi makes his way to Hawks' location, knowing it was Hawks who triggered the war.[32]

Dabi joins the fight against Hawks, countering the hero's extreme speed with strong blasts of fire. Hawks manages to escape, but before he can kill Twice, Dabi screams Hawks' real name, which had been kept a secret since Hawks was a child.

After Twice is killed by Hawks, Dabi becomes furious at the hero and ruthlessly attacks him with his flames. Dabi forces him to stay on the floor while burning off Hawks' wings completely. During this confrontation, Hawks asks the villain who he really is and Dabi answers. After hearing his true identity as Endeavor's son, Hawks stops struggling with a shocked facial expression. Dabi tells him that Hawks should've known that his old adversary was a bigger threat to him than any other villain. Dabi also claims that he doesn't care whether Hawks lives or dies.[22]

Other Villains[]


Dabi is deeply inspired by Stain's ideology. He joined the League as a way to make Stain's ideals a reality.[38] His devotion to Stain is shown during his battle with Hawks, as Dabi explains to Hawks that he should've gone after Stain instead of Tomura or the League of Villains, and he declares himself the ultimate manifestation of Stain's will. However, while Stain views a few individuals such as All Might and Izuku Midoriya as true heroes, Dabi believes that there is no such thing as a real hero in the world, demonstrating a slight difference in their viewpoints.[22]

U.A. High School[]

Fumikage Tokoyami[]

Fumikage, along with Katsuki Bakugo, was kidnapped by Mr. Compress's Quirk during the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion. After Mr. Compress was caught off-guard by Yuga Aoyama's Navel Laser, the marble Fumikage was trapped in was grabbed by Mezo Shoji, while Katsuki's marble was unfortunately grabbed by Dabi.

Dabi and Fumikage crossed paths again during the Paranormal Liberation War when the Jet Black Hero arrived to save Hawks. Dabi found it pathetic that the Heroes had to bring students into the war and, in a rare showing of morality, seemed to be disgusted by this.

Nevertheless, Dabi acts in a condescending and manipulative manner towards the young hero, telling him that his mentor Hawks had betrayed and killed Twice, and that the heroes' hands are dirtier than the villains'. He tells the young hero that he's stopped thinking for himself and asks him who really deserves saving. However, Fumikage refuses to be swayed by Dabi's words, choosing to stand by Hawks' side no matter what he had done.[39]

Izuku Midoriya[]

Dabi met Izuku briefly, during the raid on Classes 1-A and 1-B's field training. Izuku dodged Dabi's fire attack and witnessed him abduct Katsuki.

They meet formally during the Paranormal Liberation War in Jaku City after he arrives on the back of Gigantomachia, where he is stunned to learn that Dabi is actually Shoto's eldest brother and Endeavor's first son, Toya Todoroki, whom he had learned about from Shoto when he invited him and Katsuki to his house for dinner. He listens to Dabi claim that he plans on killing Endeavor and tries to stop him before Best Jeanist arrives. When Shoto starts fighting Dabi and starts getting overwhelmed, Deku uses Blackwhip to help him, causing Dabi to retort for him to stay out of family business. Deku replies saying that Shoto is his friend and Endeavor is his mentor. Seeing that he was intent on intervening, he asked him as a hero does he not pity Dabi because of what he endured. Izuku did feel empathy and stated while he knows Endeavor's actions were awful, he is watching in earnest how he is trying to change. He yells at Dabi that he isn't Endeavor, which has no effect on Dabi but wills Endeavor to finally take action again.


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