My Hero Academia Explains a Horrifying Secret Behind Dark Deku (2024)

My Hero Academia has put Deku through a lot of trauma in his time, and the manga has taken that [...]

By Megan Peters

My Hero Academia has put Deku through a lot of trauma in his time, and the manga has taken that trial further than we ever expected. The anime is only preparing to explore this difficult journey while the manga is deep into the thick of things. And now, the creator of My Hero Academia has unveiled a horrifying detail about Izuku's darker form.

The whole thing went live when My Hero Academia put out a new volume in Japan. The big release features bonus content from Kohei Horikoshi as he posted tons of notes in volume 31. One of them had to do with Dark Deku as this iteration of Izuku appeared once the hero began working solo. And if you thought this design was epic, well - you may not think so after hearing what Horikoshi has to say.

According to Horikoshi's character sketches of Deku from BNHA Volume 31's manga, the Deku you see in the most recent chapters is called "Dark Deku" and is covered with blood, dirt, mud, and ash.

— ☆オードリーAudrey☆ (@aitaikimochi) August 3, 2021

As shared by aitaikimochi on Twitter, Horikoshi did not hold back when making this form. This take on Izuku is officially called Dark Deku by Horikoshi, and the artist said its edgy design comes from the grossest source. Aside from Black Whip, Dark Deku's design is comprised of blood, mud, dirt, and ash. So yeah, that is disgusting.

All of this filth has been accumulated since Izuku went on the lamb, and this realization is hard to swallow. Deku left the school behind after awaking in the hospital in the aftermath of Shigaraki's massive attack. With villains now running loose in Japan, Izuku pushed himself to save as many people he could from the baddies, and he's never once stopped to think of himself. Apparently, Deku doesn't even give himself time to bathe or wash his uniform if he's still caked in gross debris. So if you said Izuku was being selfless here, well - that would be putting it lightly.

My Hero Academia fans are hopeful this Dark Deku form will not be around much longer. While it may look cool in the manga, this form is hurting Izuku, and his friends want him to stop this madness. The whole of Class 1-A has gathered to bring Izuku back to school one way or another. And if Bakugo has anything to say, Dark Deku will be a thing of the past as soon as possible.

What do you think about this My Hero Academia revelation? Did you ever expect Izuku to fall this far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.



My Hero Academia Explains a Horrifying Secret Behind Dark Deku (2024)
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