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Himiko Toga/Relationships (1)

Himiko's relationship with her parents was very poor. They were disgusted by their daughter's blood interest since she was a child, and demanded her to stop such behavior and simply be "normal". They did everything they could to suppress her "abnormal" tendencies, putting immense pressure on her to repress them. Through their efforts and subjecting her to Quirk counseling for reformation, they successfully forced their daughter to hide this side of herself for years.

However, their efforts ended up being in vain and only served to ruin their relationship with their daughter. Himiko would struggle coming to terms with why she couldn't be her true self. At one point, she sucked the blood of one of her friends. When confronting their daughter about this, Himiko claimed that she was just kissing the injury better and didn't understand why she had to repress who she wanted to be, questioning why nobody else sucked blood like her. This caused both her parents to break down, with her father stating that she came out wrong, calling her rotten to the core while believing that they gave birth to something inhuman, words that drove a crying Himiko to her breaking point.[1] Some time later, Himiko finally snapped and attacked a fellow student, Saito, releasing the feelings of her Quirk that her parents tried so hard to repress.

This incident had presumably put her parents and other family members in bad standing with the public at large. Due to the media identifying her and later interviewed them regarding their daughter's now murderous behavior, her parents attempted to deflect the negative public opinion on them by publicly apologizing for what happened and publicly cut ties with their daughter. They then announced that they have always considered her a lost cause and ended up branding her as a "creepy demon child"[2] and tried to deflect any blame on their parenting by claiming that she was simply born bad.

Due to their daughter's actions, Himiko's parents and family was shown to have faced severe harassment from the public at large. As seen where their family home was shown to have been heavily vandalized with numerous slurs directed at Himiko and her family smeared across their house walls and their home itself was implied to have been broken into and ransacked. Due to this, Himiko's parents were likely to have developed even further contempt for their daughter, as they had thrown out all of her belongings and cleared out her old bedroom. She was later pleased by Dabi burning down her family home because of the bad memories.[3]

League of Villains[]

Tomura Shigaraki[]

Himiko Toga/Relationships (2)

Upon their first meeting, Tomura calls Himiko a brat and freak due to her excited attitude as well as for her abnormal fanaticism over Stain. Giran comments that Himiko can be useful. However, unimpressed and in a bad mood, Tomura tries to attack her and Dabi but the three are stopped by Kurogiri. After Tomura's departure from the meeting, Himiko confesses that she thought she was going to die.[4]

Despite the chaotic first meeting, Tomura accepts Himiko and Dabi into the League of Villains. When he tells Kurogiri that it doesn't matter if the Vanguard Action Squad succeeds or fails and Kurogiri responds with describing the group as "disposable pawns" Tomura interrupts, revealing that he sees Himiko and the other as reliable comrades with useful strengths.[5]

When Overhaul requests Himiko and Twice to take part in his plan, Tomura responds that they are his "cornerstones".[6] Upon hearing she has to work for Overhaul, Himiko reveals that the League makes her feel good and that she wants to live however she feels like in the world. She playfully pulls a knife on Tomura while asking why does she have to do things she doesn't want to. Tomura pulls off his hand revealing a calm and decided face. He tells her and Twice that they will help Overhaul for him, themselves, and the rest of the League and that he believes in them. This talk results in Himiko and Twice creating the havoc that Overhaul tried to avoid.[7]

When the League meets with the Doctor, Tomura says that his conviction is to destroy everything, but Himiko asks if that means the things she loves will be destroyed as well. Tomura tells her that the League is an exception and they should get what they want in life, making Himiko cheerful.[8]

After killing Curious, Himiko says that it's better to leave the MLA soldiers for Gigantomachia, but she had to kill her, since she hated her. She remarks that everything they hate needs to be destroyed, showing that she follows Tomura's ideals.[2]


Himiko Toga/Relationships (3)

Both Himiko and Dabi are influenced by Stain's ideology however, for different reasons. Himiko believes the world is difficult to live and she wants to make it easier. Her idea of making life easier is being able to do as she pleases (killing).[4][7] Dabi, however, wants to make Stain's dream of exposing the faults of hero society a reality.[4][9]

Though the two are shown to be able to get along, it should be noted that they often exchange verbal jabs. Himiko tends to make fun of Dabi every time his plans or actions do not go as he would like. Himiko comments that Dabi must be bad at judging people when Twice notes Dabi only incinerates possible recruits.[10] She teases that Dabi won't return to fight Gigantomachia because his flames had no effect.[8] Meanwhile, Dabi tends to call her an assortment of names such as "wacko" and "nutjob".[11][12][4] However, Himiko has recently shown some concern for Dabi, asking him about his sizzling arm and asking if he was alright.[13]

Although he continues to insult her, he has more or less come to get a better understanding of her after seeing her visit her family home. To erase her sadness from the visit, he burns down Himiko's family home and though Himiko scolds him she appreciates the sentiment. She also smiled when he told her to uphold Twice's memory. They are close enough for her to address him by his real name.[3]

Upon learning of Dabi's defeat during the Final War, Himiko felt very distraught and wondered if he was able to smile up till the very end.[14] The thought of Dabi's death eventually caused her mental state to worsen, thus causing her to get even more distracted from her fight with Ochaco.[15]


Himiko Toga/Relationships (4)

Himiko and Twice got along well.[12] During their internship in the Yakuza organization, Himiko showed a great understanding of Twice's feelings about them working together with the Yakuza. Himiko repaired Twice's mask after his confrontation with Sir Nighteye and reminded him that if they don't cooperate they will never get the chance to get revenge for Magne.[7]

The two decide to 'do things their way' which resulted in them sabotaging the Yakuza's plans by angering Mimic into losing his concentration leading to his capture as well as leading Ryukyu's squad to aid in the battle against Overhaul.[16]

Twice developed feelings for her because of the sympathy she showed him during the their time as Yakuza, calling her his soulmate after she repaired his mask. Twice later questioned if he can have a kiss as they look for an exit out from the underground paths, but Himiko didn't respond to his affections.[16] However, she did allow him to dress her in the fake jewelry stolen from the Creature Rejection Clan.[10]

When Himiko's life was threatened by the Skeptic puppets, the desire for Twice to save her life was so strong that he started overcoming his trauma and created an army of Doubles of himself.[17] and later he created a Double of her to give her a blood transfusion.[18] When the battle began to worsen, he took her away from the danger.[19] One week after the Revival Celebration, after the League and the Army decided to ally forming the Paranormal Liberation Front, Twice mourned over Himiko Toga's Double death, which annoyed the real Himiko, who was alive.[20]

Himiko Toga/Relationships (5)

Later on during the Paranormal Liberation War, she showed her care for Twice when she finds out about his death, holding him in her arms while his Double melted away as she thanked him for saving her life. Following this Himiko became emotionally devastated and hurt over Twice's demise, to the point where she willingly went on a blind rampage to avenge his death by throwing herself at the enemy heroes, fully intending to go down fighting.[21]

When she was fighting Uravity in an abandoned house, Himiko admitted that Jin was someone special to her.[22]

She smiled when Dabi gave her the last sample of his blood to uphold Twice's memory.[3] Later on, during the Final War, Himiko managed to devour Twice's blood and used his Quirk to create many doubles of him. As she went through Kurogiri's Warp Gate, she fully intended to avenge her dear friend and soon went on a homicidal rampage, telling her doubles to kill every hero in sight. Over time, Himiko's Twice army turned into an overwhelming swarm of clones. However, as she went on to create doubles of Dabi, All For One, and Tomura Shigaraki, they were unable to use their respective Quirks, making Himiko distraught as to why she couldn't truly become Jin.[23] Despite this, being fuelled by her desire for revenge over Twice's death and how society had mistreated her intensifies her rage, causing Himiko to create an ocean of doubles, preparing to wipe out Ochaco and the rest of the heroes, refusing to be killed like Twice was.

In the past during the League's time in hiding, it is revealed that Twice asked Himiko if she ever wanted a villain name of her own. Though she turns the idea down and rejects his and Spinner's ideas of "Vampiress Carmilla", "Suck-Suck", and "Lickitung". Himiko refuses a villain name as part of her desire to live as herself.[24]

After Ochaco manages to get through to her, Himiko feels the last of Twice's blood run out as her transformation wears away, causing her to grieve, knowing that Twice would now truly be gone.[25]

Prior to disappearing, a clone of Himiko donning Twice's image confronted Hawks and attacked him with her knife, slicing his face and chest with an angry and tearful expression, managing to enact some revenge on her friend's killer before disappearing.[26]

Mr. Compress[]

Overall, Atsuhiro acts like a father-figure or overseer towards Himiko. He often takes time to explain things to her such as when she asked about what Yakuza was and the difference between them and the League.[27] He tends to call himself "Old man" when talking to Himiko and doesn't hesitate to pay her compliments. When Mr. Compress addresses Himiko, he usually calls her "Dear".

Himiko Toga/Relationships (6)

The moment the Paranormal Liberation War begun, Himiko and Mr. Compress were walking around in a corridor in the villa and were both caught off-guard by a hero, who apprehended them. However, Twice appeared and saved them, but melted away, prompting Himiko to go on a suicidal killing spree, while Compress tried to stop her from doing such a dangerous act.

When the Paranormal Liberation Front's lieutenants were riding on Gigantomachia's back and Himiko was pensive, while standing on the edge, Compress told her to be careful and guessed correctly that she was thinking about the U.A. students she loves. When Himiko was about to jump off Gigantomachia, Mr. told her to stop because it's dangerous, showing that he genuinely cares for her life.[28]


Both Spinner and Himiko came to the League being affected by Stain, however Spinner follows his ideals, while Himiko loves Stain and wants to 'become' him.

During their over a month-long battle with Gigantomachia, Spinner reflects on how the League no longer aligns with Stain's ideology. He questions Himiko on why she is still with the League. She responds that she still loves Stain, Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka too and that she wants to 'become' them. Spinner notes how carefree she is and how nice it must be to have a reason to live.

Himiko Toga/Relationships (7)

During the Paranormal Liberation War, Spinner stops Himiko from blindly going into the battlefield, telling Himiko that he believes himself and the others to be nothing and that they are strays that just happened to find one another, but she isn't the only one upset about Twice's death. He reminds her that their group was what Twice considered a family, and Tomura would probably like to see them all together. He says that their brand as the Paranormal Liberation Front is to let folks do as they want, but she should come back to them quickly. Himiko smiles at him in gratitude.[28]

Their bond as a group is later shown when All For One in Tomura's body commands the Nomu to retreat, taking only Spinner (with Dabi and Skeptic in his scarf), only for Spinner to question that decision, saying that Mr. Compress and Gigantomachia shouldn't be left behind and that Himiko hasn't returned yet, knowing that it's something Tomura wouldn't want to happen, only to be turned down by All For One.[29]

U.A. High School[]

Izuku Midoriya[]

Himiko Toga/Relationships (8)

Himiko develops feelings for Izuku after seeing him badly injured while being carried by Mezo Shoji during Vanguard Action Squad's attack. Izuku's appearance matched her type of "tattered guys reeking of blood".[30] The League disperses after the training camp attack.[31]

Later, Himiko enters the Provisional Hero License Exam impersonating Camie Utsushimi. She confronts Izuku during round one asking why he wants to be a hero. She questions if it is for honor, pride, or for someone else. When more students show up, Himiko disappears and returns as Ochaco Uraraka. She calls out to Izuku but falls causing him to save her. Hiding among the rubble, Izuku confronts Himiko. He tells her that he knows she's not the real Ochaco because Ochaco wouldn't act without a plan nor forget to use her Quirk. He admits that he saved her because he didn't want her to get hurt despite knowing she wasn't Ochaco. Himiko responds with "I see… so that was your reason. You've got to let me get to know you better."[32]

During her internship with Shie Hassaikai, Himiko becomes elated that Izuku remembered her. She admits that she's glad to see him and couldn't be any happier.[6] Later, while leaving with Twice, she confesses that she still wants to see Izuku (looking all beaten up).[33] After Overhaul's arrest, she calls Mr. Compress obsessing over Izuku, commenting that she couldn't take her eyes off him before relaying information to Mr. Compress.[34]

When questioned why she's still with the League by Spinner, Himiko answers that she loves Stain, Izuku, and Ochaco, wanting to become everyone she loves.[35]

When she and some of the villains in All For One's army were being warpped through Neito Monoma's Warp Gate, she takes Izuku along with and brings him to their designated location approximately 200 kilometers off the pacific coast on Okuto Island. She overhears Izuku trying to flee, and begs him not to go, confessing that she is madly in love with him and asking him to be her boyfriend.[36] When she tells him how she views boyfriends and girlfriends is that they become exactly the same, Izuku responds saying he could never imagine sharing the same heart and mind as All Might, who he once wanted to be just like, and he especially can't imagine himself ever hurting another person. His words cause Himiko to fall into despair as she came to accept that he and Ochaco were just like her parents; ignoring people like her as real people, and abandons her crush on him with full intent to kill.[37]

Ochaco Uraraka[]

Himiko Toga/Relationships (9)

Upon meeting Ochaco and Tsuyu Asui she proclaims that both are cute and lovely. Himiko says that Ochaco has the same scent as her (love) after being subdued by Ochaco. Himiko continues with how she knows Ochaco wants to be just like the one she's in love with and how it's only natural.[30] When more students arrive Himiko quickly gets out of Ochaco's submission hold and goes to join up with Dabi and Twice. Twice questions why she's in such 'high spirits', to which Himiko confesses that she made a friend (Ochaco) and met a boy (Izuku).

During the Provisional Hero License Exam, after her second confrontation with Izuku, Himiko, disguised as Camie, tells Ochaco that Izuku really does trust her.[38] Himiko eventually admits she loves Ochaco and desires to be her.[35]

However, during the Paranormal Liberation War, Himiko sought answers about the Heroes from Ochaco, after witnessing Twice's murder by the hands of Hawks. Ochaco replied that she has to live with the consequences of her actions and that she agrees with how Heroes are supposed to save civilians, but that answer only made Himiko cry and she prepared to kill Ochaco, only for Tsuyu to stop her. Himiko escaped, but was devastated by Ochaco's words.[22]

Himiko Toga/Relationships (10)

When they meet again during the second war on Okuto Island, Himiko confesses she no longer cares about her, claiming she is just like her parents. She also expresses sorrow that the two of them aren't as similar as they could have been considering they both fell in love with Izuku.[37]

Himiko confronts Ochaco once again in Gunga, wherein the latter, who managed to find her through the swarm of Doubles, tries to reason with her again. She tells her that her opinion of her has eventually ever since the day they first met each other. She brushes of Ochaco's words, telling her that it's too late to talk, only for her to continue on. She then tells Himiko that due to her feelings of hatred overpowering her feelings of "love," she couldn't use Twice Quirk to the fullest, which further aggravates her even more.[15]

Despite her protests, Ochaco continues to try and reach Himiko as the fight against her and her clones rages on. Himiko ends up stabbing Ochaco in the abdomen, telling her that they're built differently, and she and her friends get to live happy, blessed lives while she doesn't get to feel even a lick of that, saying that her society's rules pity her but don't care.[1] Even after receiving a highly fatal injury, Ochaco pushes forward. She eventually admits her true feelings to Himiko and offers to give Himiko her own blood for as long as she lives, which brings the latter into tears.[24]

Himiko Toga/Relationships (11)

She then tells her about how her family is poor and that she wanted to be a Hero to make them and many other people proud, even admitting to her that she does indeed have feelings for Izuku. Just as she asked her to tell her what's on her mind, Himiko then prepares to stab her, but she eventually stops. She then tells Ochaco that she easily falls in love with animals, Villains, Heroes, boys, or girls due to them having blood. She then tells her about the incident involving Saito, a boy who looks exactly like Izuku, and how she couldn't ask him for any of his blood due to the fear that he'd call her a freak if she did so. Ochaco admits that she did show some signs of a traumatic experience, and apologizes for not having noticed them way sooner. As the Twice Doubles begin to slowly disappear, Himiko then asks Ochaco if she's cute to which she replies, "the cutest in the whole world".[25]

After the Doubles have finally disappeared, Himiko notices the gravely injured Ochaco lying on the ground, and on the verge of dying. But Himiko doesn't want her to die. She states, "but the thought of a world without you? No. I don't like that." She willingly performs a blood transfusion using the same method that Twice used to save her. Ochaco tries to convince her to stop, knowing full well that she could die if she continues on, only for the latter call her weird. As she begins to pass out, Himiko apologizes to Ochaco for stabbing her and thanks her for reaching out to her even if it was the hardest thing to do.[26]

Tsuyu Asui[]

Himiko Toga/Relationships (12)

As with Ochaco, Himiko shows interest in Tsuyu as soon as she meets her, and tries to become her friend in her twisted way, that is, attacking her with the knife to make her bleed. Tsuyu greatly dislikes Himiko for attacking and injuring her and Ochaco, and considers Himiko nothing more than a crazy girl. Despite Himiko's attempts to "befriend" her, Tsuyu reacts with displeasure, especially when Himiko called her by her first name, since that's something only her friends are allowed to do.[30]

Other Villains[]


Although she did not know him personally, Himiko harbors an unhealthy obsession towards Stain. This is the reason why she decided to join the League of Villains. Himiko declares to Tomura that she wishes to both become Stain as well as to kill him.[4] During her fight with Ochaco, Himiko notices that she is in love with someone, so she begins talking about people who are in love strive to be like the ones they love and what kind of people she likes. Himiko declares that she loves "tattered guys reeking of blood" while thinking of Stain.[30]

When Spinner asks her why she's still with the League, Himiko replies that she loves Stain, Izuku and Ochaco and that she wants to become the things she loves.[35]


Himiko Toga/Relationships (13)

Himiko hates Overhaul due to the fact that he killed Magne and destroyed Mr. Compress' arm in his first meeting with the League of Villains. When Tomura tells her and Twice that they will work for Overhaul she playfully pulls a knife on him and asks why should she do things that she doesn't want to.[7]

At the Shie Hassaikai Compound, she admits to not liking any of the Yakuzas and refuses to tell them anything regarding her Quirk. However, Shin Nemoto is able to get her and Twice to reveal their Quirks.

During the raid on the Shie Hassaikai Compound Overhaul orders her and Twice to hold off the enemy to cover his escape. They reluctantly obey. Himiko tries to take delight in her new duties while mocking the Yakuzas when she attacks Rock Lock while saying she's a "protected treasure from a golden era, Toga the Yakuza."[6] However, Himiko and Twice decide to do things their way resulting in sabotaging Overhaul's plans. She confesses, while she and Twice make an exit, that she wants to see Overhaul suffer which leads Twice to come up with the plan to lead Ryukyu's squad to Izuku's and Overhaul's battle.

After his arrest, Himiko relays information on where Overhaul will be taken to Mr. Compress so the rest of League can intercept the transport vehicle carrying Overhaul. The interception in successful and result in Tomura and Mr. Compress taking both their revenge and the Quirk-destroying bullets.


Himiko Toga/Relationships (14)

They first met when Himiko and the League went to Deika City. When confronting Himiko, Chitose admitted she was intrigued by Himiko's backstory. She became downright obsessive with the idea of interviewing her, even in the middle of a deadly battle between the two; and became amazed watching her get more and more deranged as their fight goes on.

Himiko was annoyed by Chitose wanting to know how and why a nice girl like Himiko became a serial killer, having previously interviewed her parents and former high school friends. Himiko figured Chitose desired to turn her into a martyr that was shunned and repressed by the hero society, which led to her becoming a villain, in order to further the agenda of the Meta Liberation Army, and refused to answer any of her questions.[39]

She nearly killed Himiko by overwhelming her with numbers and hitting her with her Quirk repeatedly, but was caught off guard when Himiko transformed into Ochaco Uraraka and used her Quirk Zero Gravity to levitate Chitose into the air and drop her from a lethal height. Even so, all she could think about was how amazing the article about Himiko she was going to write would be, smiling in pure euphoria while falling to her death.[2]

While facing Ochaco during the Paranormal Liberation War, Himiko recounts how Curious acted towards her by saying her normal was sad and miserable. She then brings up how she used Zero Gravity to kill her and felt joyous about it, much to Ochaco's horror.[40]

Even long after her death, Curious' words continue to taunt Himiko still. During the Final War, her words play in her head over how she created a mask in order to blend into society as she continues to fight against Ochaco.[1]


Skeptic ordered Himiko to be killed as an act of revenge for murdering Curious, ordering his puppets to snap her neck while she was fatally injured.

While they haven't interacted, it can be assumed that Himiko still holds contempt towards Skeptic, even after the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army merge together and join forces. During an elevator ride, Himiko can be seen glaring at Skeptic while hiding behind Twice. They were also clearly unhappy for both of them to be put in charge of the Paranormal Liberation Front's Carmine Regiment, indicating that there's still bitterness between them.


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