5 Facts about Nam Laks from Bling Empire: New York (2024)

We discuss 5 facts that you should know about Nam Laks from Bling Empire: New York. Let’s learn about the popular reality influencer.

One of the ultra-rich characters that has stood out to audiences on the Netflix spin-off Bling Empire: New York, is Nam Laks, full name Nam Laksanakarn. She has a personal stylist, lives in a swanky New York hotel, flies in private jets, buys unimaginably expensive jewelry and clothing, and has her own chauffeur. Of course, a consequence of the luscious living means she sometimes can be a bit out of touch, like when she couldn’t work a gas kettle.

That embarrassing moment aside, the 28-year-old has appeared in several fashion magazines and has legions of followers looking to her for ideas for their fashion. At the time of writing, she has 34k followers on her Instagram, called @namlaks. But her wealth doesn’t come from any ingenious invention or business, it comes from the pocket of her daddy back in Thailand. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Nam is just a tiny bit spoiled, though she says on the show her dad doesn’t always spoil her, “there’s a whole list of how to get daddy to say yes.”

5. What is Nam Laks’ net worth?

Nam’s financial worth isn’t concretely known, but reliable sources say that it’s about $100k.

And this number makes her one of the less well-off people on Bling Empire: New York, with her entire worth being about eight thousand times less than Mimi Morris, whose net worth is $800 million.

But that doesn’t stop her from making unscheduled and last-minute shopping trips in between her university classes, with one such spree costing her, or more specifically her dad, about $10,000. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t particularly impressed by Nam spending an amount equalling a tenth of her entire net worth in one go, threatening that he would cut her off if she doesn’t stop spending money in such a ridiculous fashion.

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He also warned her that after she finished her studies she would have to find her own job in New York, or have to return to Thailand. This is a scary proposition to Nam, who has only worked at a fast food place in Bangkok, and she said that she hated that.

But other experience she might be able to put on her CV is being part of the contributors behind Lakshome, an online bakery that completely shook the market in Thailand.

4. What is Nam Laks’ family’s net worth?

Nam Laks’ entire worth is also just a drop in a very large lake when compared to her family’s overall worth. According to multiple sources, it is over $400 million, which is about four thousand times higher than Laks’ own.

This is mostly driven by her father’s extremely successful business, which has propelled them to the height of wealth.

3. What does Nam Laks’ father do for a living?

Nam Laks’ dad, Nakorn Laksanakarn, 62, is a very wealthy businessman and property developer in Thailand. He was the chief executive officer of Bangkok-based Natural Park PCL before he resigned from his position in 2016.

The company was also renamed to U City Public Company in 2015 after it signed an agreement to acquire BTS Assets Co and KamKung Properties Co, a real estate development company and an apartment rental company respectively.

It’s believed that he owns at least a 3 percent stake in the business, which would make it worth close to $50 million.

2. Where is Nam Laks now?

While filming Bling Empire: New Yorkin the fall of 2021,Nam was still at university. What she has done after she finished filming on the show is unclear, but photos posted on her Instagram suggest she is spending more time in Bangkok, where her parents live, which suggests she couldn’t find a job after she finished her studies.

Perhaps if season two of Bling Empire: New Yorkdoes come out it will follow up on what happened to Nam Laks, and catch audiences up to her financial situation.

1. What education did Nam Laks have?

Nam Laks is actually a very well-educated and intelligent person and is currently studying for her master’s at Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute in New York.

Her previous education includes reports that Laks attended the Harrow International School, Woldingham School, and the International School Bangkok. She also holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Manchester, reports The Cinemaholic.

On the show, she said it was her father who wanted a higher education degree from her, and that’s when she headed to NYC. “This is one of my dad’s biggest things, like, he just loves when his children graduate.”

But Refinery29 reports these wishes might be backed by financial incentives. If she didn’t earn this degree while living in New York, her dad would cut her off financially.

She also adds she wanted to go to New York to get out of her comfort zone, though Nam isn’t unfamiliar with traveling. A quick scout of her Instagram reveals she has been to Japan, France, and Ireland.

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5 Facts about Nam Laks from Bling Empire: New York (2024)
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