10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (2024)

Every anime that goes big and gains mass popularity, especially in the west, is bound to have fans wondering about the characters’ love lives. It’s something no show can escape. It is bound to happen, and it usually starts at the start.

My Hero Academia, the modern equivalent of Naruto, is one of the if not the most popular Shonen on air right now. Let’s see which of the non-canon couples, or ‘ships’ as people say, are the most fitting for each other in this teen superhero show.

The top 10 MHA ships list is ranked after consulting with various online poles and the popularity on social media.

1. Deku x Bakugou

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (1)

These two go way back. While Deku and Bakguou’s current relationship isn’t exactly perfect, their dynamic is what made the fans ship them together.

Deku and Bakugou are the exact opposite of each other, but maybe that is why they are considered such a good ship. They could bring out the best in each other and force each other to face their worst fears and biggest downfalls to conquer them and bring out the very best of their abilities.

Deku x Bakugo is clearly the most popular MHA ship that fans want to see become canon.

2. Bakugou x Kirishima

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (2)

This one is self-explanatory. These two characters share great chemistry. Bakugou is the explosive (no pun intended) and stubborn guy; however, Kirishima is the only one of his peers he listens to.

Kirishima isn’t afraid of his nature and becomes great friends with him. All of these reasons and all the moments they share together, have convinced the fans that this is one of the finest ships of the show.

3. Jiro x Kaminari

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (3)

They are probably the two people who have the most chemistry in the entire show. They get along with each other pretty well.

Jiro and Kaminari are almost always seen together with jokes, arguments, and meaningless talks. Even their quirks complement each other. Sound goes great with electricity, so Jiro and Kaminari are in 3rd spot on the top 10 non-canon My Hero Academia list.

4. Todoroki x Deku

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (4)

If any character has inspired and impacted Todoroki’s hero journey the most, then it is Midoriya.

Todoroki also greatly respects Deku and his passion for being a hero and helping people. They always have worked together pretty well, which is why many fans ship these characters together.

5. Deku x Uraraka

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (5)

The Deku x Uraraka ship is closest to being actual canon. Often during the show, we see moments where it becomes apparent those two are for each other. They have great chemistry together; they respect each other immensely and spend most of their time together.

Midoriya blushes around Uraraka more than any other girl, and Uraraka even confesses that she has a crush on Midoriya to one of her friends. All this seems enough to prove why this would be one of the best ships of the show.

6. Todoroki x Yaoyorozu

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (6)

This ship is what I would call the “cool kids. “ Todoroki and Yaoyorozu are the most charming students in their class. Calm, composed, and also very good-looking.

Both of them share many similarities; they come from elite hero families and are very skilled, and have been seen work brilliantly together as a team. This ship is a fan favorite, and rightly so.

7. Mirio x Tamaki

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (7)

These characters are part of the big three and also happen to be childhood friends. They have supported and been together for a long time.

Tamaki is shy, while Mirio is extroverted and easygoing, and this combination makes for a great duo. They have been helping each other for the longest time, and it is natural that the fans would ship them together.

8. Kirishima x Ashido

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (8)

This ship almost seems to be inevitable. Kirishima and Ashido have always made a great pairing. They went to the same school together, and their interactions have that familiarity and understanding that not many do.

Ashido is seen many times, helping Kirishima and supporting him and Kirishima greatly admires everything about Mina Ashido; he might have a long-standing crush on her as well.

9. Momo x Jiro

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (9)

These two share a great friendship. Momo and Jiro are seen mostly together, talking, helping or doing nearly anything else. Momo is mature while Jiro is quiet but interesting, and fans can see them being together.

Their chemistry is unmatchable, and there’s no denying that their strong friendship can glide into a romantic relationship very smoothly.

My Hero Academia has not included any same-gender relationship, but if the author decided to include a same-sex relationship, Momo and Jiro will be strong candidates and that is why this ship is ranked in Top 10 MHA ships.

10. Deku x Tsuyu

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (10)

Perhaps, at first sight, this ship might seem not that strong, and the only thing to unite them might be that they both have green hair, but that’s not the case.

They both are responsible and passionate students, have a decent friendship, and have been seen working together extensively, especially during the first attack in season one.

This ship might not be as strong as Deku x Uraraka, but their duo is a unique and intriguing one.

The possibilities are limitless in a show filled with such a diverse and interesting collection of characters. Fans have a lot of freedom to make many ships and discuss their dynamics. That’s what keeps the fandom alive and going.

10 Most Popular Non-Canon Ships In My Hero Academia (2024)
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