Lightspeed Retail POS (S) iOS App: Stats & Benchmarks • SplitMetrics (2024)

3 years ago, Angry Workerrr

Too many Faults

The business I work at has been using this app for over a year and it is very unreliable: I have had the app crash on me multiple times, usually during the middle of a payment which is extremely annoying to have to explain to the customer. It will glitch and kick me out and it will not restart itself even when I restart the IPad or restart the app. Customer service is alright but I am often left on hold multiple times which is frustrating because it’s a problem that needs immediate fixing. I have also had a lot of trouble with it connecting to the credit card reader multiple times and sometimes it will do this in the middle of a sale. I do not recommend this app, find a different register app if you can.

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5 years ago, candystore owner

I wish it worked properly

If it worked without all the problems it would be good. We have over 4200 items. Pretty busy store. Current problem is app has to be restarted every other day. Always when there is a line at the register. Employees have to call me and if I’m by a computer then I can deactivate and reactivate, otherwise they have to call the 1-800 number and sit on hold. New updates from apple cause problems. We can’t update computer until they fix current problem. Been with tech a few times about app problem and the last one said they don’t know what it is and they hope it fixes itself soon. I’ve replaced all hardware and done everything I can. Had to put a post it note on our Clover saying unable to use Apple Pay at this time. I really wish Apple or someone with the tech capabilities would buy Shopkeep and fix all the problems. I’ve had to close the store early a few times due to ShopKeep problems. Lost revenue. I am having to spend over a grand more to add a second register so hopefully when one freaks out, we have another. I have too much money and time invested in shopkeep to give up now. But I am starting to look around for better systems. Very very frustrated. The response, I’m sure, will be the same generic response everyone else has been getting.

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4 years ago, Arthur Schvetty

Don’t waste your time and money!!

I have used ShopKeep for three years and will no longer. System keeps getting worse. How about actually fixing something before you add something new. How about customer service that can actually help. I have never once gotten an issue resolved. They eventually blame apple for the problem before hanging up on you. If you want a system that constantly doesn’t send orders to the kitchen, can’t find printers, can’t connect to credit card readers, makes something they refer to as “ghost checks”, orders disappear only to reappear days later or credit transactions that never finish going through because of some bug in the system then shopkeep is it. Gotta love angry customers yelling at you while you try to do something as simple as swipe a credit card, but as usual you have to reboot the iPad and then restart the card reader two maybe three times for it to finally connect. This a constant problem with apparently no end in sight. There are much better companies out there that actually care if their systems work and not cost monetary losses to your business. This system is literally the worst one I’ve ever used.

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4 years ago, DozenBakers

Processing glitches

Seems to have lots of difficulty with Clover Card Reader. The transaction shows it goes through then returns to a screen that says to remove card after it’s all ready shown transaction complete. Lost numerous sales. Frustrating when you have a line of people waiting to order and embarrassing when you have to keep asking if you can rerun their card again. Have had tech support help us through other issues with processing. Otherwise ShopKeep itself is great and helpful

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4 years ago, kombini

Not so happy anymore!

I rarely write reviews, but I felt I was compelled to write about this app. When I first started using this app it was good with little problems, nothing I can handle, but when I purchase my second account and tried to transfer my almost 6000 items, it turned into a nightmare, the system by all means is NOT SMART. It’s been two days now trying to transfer my items from one account to another, with the help of ShopKeep support, still no progress. Too many restrictions in UPC for instant, gotta be 8,12 or 13 digits and cannot start with certain digits such as #5. There are so many apps to make it easier your your international customers to contact you for free, such as WhatsApp or Viber, why don’t you have one? Why do I need to pay almost a dollar per minute to get help from you? Very frustrated and really considering to change unless some miracle happens.

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6 years ago, Warfleigh

Best All in one POS/Credit Processing!

I’ve been using Shopkeep for 3 years running my barber shop, we do thousands of transactions every week and love our POS. It’s easy to use and easy to train new staff on. The back office software is really informative and is very easy to navigate. All the information you’d ever need about sales and customers, also inventory management and Mail Chimp integration. We also use ShopKeep as our credit processing company and they have some of the most competitive rates on the market. They also offer capital at very responsible rates to customers who process credit cards with them, its been really helpful to us while we expand our shop!

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4 years ago, Kyledelaughter

customer service isn’t the best

I love the app and I believe it’s a good value for the money. Their customer service is good at fixing issues sometimes. The other times, however, they are awful and downright hateful. I have 5 iPads on the system and over 12,000 skus so you would think they would treat my suggestions and complaints a little more seriously. There are a couple of very basic software issues that need to be updated (such as clocking in and out) that they simply refuse to do. If you have a serious issue there is no one in charge you can speak to. All they will do is take your info and problem and “escalate it”. After 3 years with the company I have yet to figure out what that means. Overall I am happy with the app but they really frustrate me sometimes.

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3 years ago, EF147


God awful app. Yet we’re stuck with it at our store. We are so integrated with card readers and Bluetooth printers that do not consistently stay connected / crash every day (I wish that was an exaggeration). We try calling customer support and it’s the same “turn it off and back on” answer, that only temporarily fixes the issues. Without busy store, this causes our employees a lot of stress to continuously have to modify how we ring up customers, get food tickets, and manually enter cards even though we paid a lot of money for card readers that can’t stay connected. DO NOT buy shopkeep, terrible app with useless add ons and customer service. We’ve left reviews and emails before and have yet to be contacted.

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4 years ago, workersforworkers

2.5 Years, still no improvements

I bought this system so we could share tickets at different registers and bartenders could go back and forth within system. But the severless sync just doesn’t work. We end up with hundreds of ghost checks every week. When I call to try to fix it they say it’s my ipads fault or we haven’t updated. Jesus, they tell me to update constantly. We’ve given up calling in with problems because it’s like training the person we’re calling with how our internet work, our ipads work, their system works. It’s beyond frustrating. I think Square would be a better choice as most of the restaurants in town have it and it’s time we jump over as well.

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2 years ago, Gigis Liquors

Developer support is non existent

I have been using ShopKeep for 5 years in my retail liquor store. I have been asking to have a case-break function implemented into the back office for inventory (beer) management ever since. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to add this feature. For 5 years proper beer inventory management has not been possible. If you have a retail business that breaks cases into singles, 6/12 packs this app isn’t for you. There’s no way to actually speak to a dev. Now it’s slow phone support which wasn’t always the case. The app looks cool and the pocket app is a nice feature, but my days of using this app to run my business are coming to an end.

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2 years ago,

Terrible customer care and garbage hardware/software

I own a small cafe and when I purchased it from the previous owner they already sadly had ShopKeep. In the 6 months I’ve had them, I’ve gone through 4 iDynamo card readers with zero care or concern from ShopKeep or Lightspeed. Each session with them ends with them telling me I need better internet or doing yet another speed test which never resolves the fact that my cash drawer and printer stop working randomly, swiping cards works maybe 40% of the time. Dreadful product, and the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Go with Square or Toast

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5 years ago, konatie

It’s alright

When I first got Shopkeep I loved it. Then my card reader went out which was understandable as customer service advised it would only last around a year since it is the cheapest version. Purchased another card reader and that only lasted a month and a half. Worked halfway through the day and then ‘gateway error’ worked with customer service and they lead me in a circle to how to fix my internet. App crashes a lot. Like annoyingly a lot. Really want to love it still.

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1 year ago, WodaBotanicals

Way worse since Lightspeed purchase

When Shopkeep used to run this App it worked well and support was good. Since Lightspeed has purchased that company the App performance is way worse. Crashing, more limited compatibility with accessories ((printers, scanners etc). And service is now terrible. “Account Managers” are overtly predatory sales people pushing for expensive plan and equipment upgrades that were never necessary before. I miss shopkeep and would dump this app in a second if there was something else with decimal quantity sales and inventory management with custom reorder points and reorder reports that export to excel (.csv)

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3 years ago, Scratchtown Brewing

Buyer beware

We’ve had nothing but problems with this app since installation. The Link2500 continues to disconnect from Bluetooth on our iPad, and will only reconnect after rebooting and re-pairing the card reader to the iPad. This is incredibly tiresome, especially during our rushes. Their help desk continues to feed me the same line to repair this issue, but I’m now convinced they either can’t or don’t know how to fix it. We’ve used this less than 90 days and are contemplating moving to another solution. Get it together ShopKeep!

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4 years ago, sptcs

Text color

Since switching the text to the color blue from green it’s more difficult to read. Not as bright. Also it would be easier if after swiping a credit card if a customer wanted receipt to be emailed it would pick it up after the first few letters rather than type the whole thing. They know it’s in there but it’s an inconvenience for them and not as efficient for us to keep the line moving.

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6 years ago, jen the beertender

Delighted ShopKeep user for >1 year

We’ve used ShopKeep in our taproom since we opened in May 2016. It’s complex enough to deliver the level of reporting we want yet simple enough for our point of sale needs. Easy to use and training a new hire takes about ten minutes. We use ShopKeep processing as well and are more than satisfied. Would sign up again in a heartbeat. Cheers!

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2 years ago, jacob v (labdtx)

Been trying to activate register for a month

Never really had a problem with shopkeep until light speed bought it. Our store has two registers and one randomly stopped getting updates one day so I tried to reset it and reactivate. That was a month ago, I’ve called and talked to people 4 different times and they can’t figure it out either. Last time I called, after 2 hours on the phone their solution was “go contact apple if you can’t download a fresh copy of the app” Please fix this or I’m switching to Shopify.

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4 years ago, ecig city

Would be great but card reader constantly loses connection

The card readers consistently lose connection so we have to manually type in card numbers. It’s extremely frustrating and inconvenient. Still waiting on a call back from customer service on how to fix this. Been a week already. If this got fixed would have rated 5 stars.

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3 years ago, asteroid2020

Very disappointed

System has a lot of glitches that requires call help. Support always says they will call you back and they never do. Equipment fails frequently. We are on a deadline to go travel and Ive spent two days on the phone with support and nothing is working. I’m going to have to get another point of sale, to make this work. I regret getting ShopKeep. All the time and money spent on personnel talking to support and the system not working is depressing. I am so disappointed. I feel like I’ve been stolen from.

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3 years ago, tnes03

Credit card processing

ShopKeep is great for inventory, running regular cash sales, and tons of helpful reports! However when it comes to the credit card terminals no matter what reader you get there always seems to be a gateway error! Or you’re lucky if your reader lasts 6 months! You call support and they can never actually fix the problem! They should have there support staff 1st go out into the field and run some transactions! Then they could better understand the complaints!

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5 years ago, happytogoelsewhere

Never felt more like a loser

Knew what I needed.. was ready to buy... never felt a more snobbish attitude in my 50 years on this planet... as if my interest in this product was a nuisance in their $9.00 coffee breaks and account issue that prevented me from logging in was my issue, not theirs and after 48 hours of no response and being snubbed automagically on their site. It was a courtesy ofthem to go out of their way to reply and tell me they won’t help. You will be paying for the privilege to talk to these for the rest of your life... choose elsewhere..there is better....have found it

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5 years ago, Zyman

Not suited for restaurants, very glitchy

Tickets magically stop printing when you need them most; there’s no good way to program a half and half pizza; there’s no way to print multiple checks at one table without a plethora of button taps; there’s no way to reassign a table on the seating chart once the ticket has been opened; and there’s no itemized server report at the end of the shifts where servers can go through their checks for mistakes. There’s more, but you get the idea. Wouldn’t recommend for any restaurant needing more than just a rudimentary system.

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5 years ago, Goldpowder13

Payment Corruption

Keeps crashing and saying the payment was “corrupted” if you do a split payment that includes a credit card. Tried following the instructions to “uncorrupt” it. Never wound up doing anything and i had to restart the iPad. Turned out the customer had been charged but it didn’t show up in our back office but I’m sure itll show up on our bank statement.

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5 years ago, d to the bone

All is great... 😁Except... 🤨DYMO 🤮

After being on here a year and a half, we’ve enjoyed growing our business along side ShopKeep. Our only issues that continues to upset us is that we have to print our labels w/ a DYMO label printer. DYMO doesn’t seem to care about making their systems user friendly. And when you have to contact customer support... you can be on hold for an hour. 😮BOO DYMO 🥳YAY SHOPKEEP

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4 years ago, The Woo Director

It’s ok...

Need to be able to do EXCHANGES not just returns. Creates more confusion, redundancy and time as you have to do multiple transactions for simple exchanges. “Open the cash drawer” should NEVER be a titled feature, bad practice from a loss prevention standpoint. Stick with “No Sale”.

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4 years ago, HeatherYu

Love it

I’ve been using ShopKeep for a little over a year now. I love it. Great customer service and easy to use product. Sometimes I have issues but it’s not very often and i haven’t had a problem that couldn’t be resolved the same day (knock on wood).

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4 years ago, dannyhdz12

Crap crashes constantly

The system works at first, but starts to crash or freeze constantly!! The only reason why I haven’t changed service is due to the fact that they price gouge the hell out of you for trying to switch or upgrade their service even though it’s on their end that’s failing. It’s A constant issue!! I did everything they asked me to do but when none of it worked they try to charge extra for their equipment for not working. I DO NOT RECOMMEND

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5 years ago, SN201

Stay away

I have used them for over a year now. Paid upfront for the whole year next year rolls around you are automatically signed up for another year of their service without a single notice. They will silently charge you for the whole year again. Call customer service and what they tell you? Oh it’s like that you can’t do anything about it and it’s my responsibility to make sure I keep up with the reminders about my plan and any upcoming charges .......

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3 years ago, mtn1212

Company cannot fix a year long bug

Do not buy for bar or restaurant. I purchased 2 registers for a bar and was told it would work. Not true. Spent 2 hrs with tech support and told that it’s not designed for bars. Saved sales do not sync across registers properly creating confusion for the staff. Was told to change how we do things to make it work. Asked to speak to customer service and was told my issue “did not warrant escalation”.

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3 years ago, jelly1120

Don’t do it!

Similar to other reviews, nothing but glitches and malfunctions and constant troubleshooting. Customer Care expects you to stop sales in order to troubleshoot while trying to operate a busy business and has never once been able to solve the issue of my two registers never syncing, which means I have to void tons of double checks at the end of every day. What a nightmare. Currently transitioning over to Toast!!

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2 years ago, FIRESTAR1327

Horrible pod

If I could give negative rating, I would. They blame our issues with internet connection, however we have had our internet tested multiple times with zero issues. Only issues is with ShopKeep. Today is last time I deal with them. They double credit charged customers and not one of those charges even paid us. Member since 2014….not any longer

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3 years ago, KzLYRE

Poor Service

I have had several issues now and each time I have to get transferred to someone else or call some other type of number to not get the help I need they also use third party services with out knowing the numbers of them for you to call. If your looking for something that with come with lots of good service and help this isn’t it. 10/10 recommended something besides this.

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4 years ago, AmoreRd

No longer good

We used to have good success with this system. But for the last 4 months the register app has failed to log between 30-50% of daily sales. Fortunately they are still recorded in the back office but we have added an hours work of record keeping ensuring all sales went through and annotating daily reports. Customer service has been borderline unresponsive and hostile.

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4 years ago, rize pizza

Not good for large item / product business

This system is not made to handle large item lists of products or food items - the system can’t handle and it’s so slow and you have to customize it all not worth the monthly subscription if your a restaurant or pizza place

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5 years ago, Laughpad

Not very powerful

When bulk exporting (which you have to do to edit more than one item at a time) all barcodes starting with a “0” deletes the “0.” This means that when you reupload the bulk inventory to the system almost all the barcodes are corrupted and won’t scan items. Horrible software and support

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5 years ago, bartenders inc

Not all it was presented to be!

Definitely not for the bar or restaurant industry. On top of that very poor service. Only had it in place for two weeks and there are so many holes in the system for this industry I really think they should not market or promise so much when it is clear the developers have not been in the full restaurant / bar business.

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4 years ago, SPCA Mitchell

Wish we had gone with another vendor

If you enjoy being yelled at by customers for duplicate charges, issues with cards not processing (no one uses cards for payment anyway, right?), requests for customer support via chat and email that take hours to get a reply, and sitting on hold perpetually via phone for support then you may love ShopKeep.

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5 years ago, }{]¥]£[£[

Gets worse with each release

2.5 years in and it was great when we started. Now nothing but problems with check management. Hint: uninstall and reinstall a second register with 20 plus ghost checks during a shift is a poor support solution. I would leave Shopkeep in a heartbeat if I could. Look elsewhere, this thing is crap.

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2 years ago, Matty @ Maddy's

so unreliable

Constantly crashes between customers. Have to close and restart it every time we wake the ipad up. Card reader and receipt printer disconnects from the app seemingly on a whim. I’ve complained to the company before and they’ve blamed it on my Wi-Fi but that definitely isn’t the problem.

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4 years ago, Dunes IT

Used to work great not anymore

Used to work great but not anymore on this latest app version, it crashes the app when swiping the credit card, tried on multiple IPads. Also no longer to print to remote kitchen

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6 years ago, D'Best Cup

Double edge sword

The app is great for what I need it to do, however, it only supports two types of printers. This is not stated in the information on the App Store. Very disappointed about that. The lack of information regarding this is very misleading.

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3 years ago, Shoebum

6 years of glitches and problems

We have suffered through 6 years of misery with ShopKeep, I feel foolish even admitting that at this point. We are so invested that we can’t quit now. If this review serves as anything, let it be a warning to anyone else considering to stay away.

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6 years ago, nikki@ironhorse

Love it!

I love Shopkeep! It’s easy to use and great for my bar. Support has been excellent and it’s just straight forward and to the point!

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2 months ago, Customer%@

Does not work beware before you sign

New company takeover. New Higher fees, misleading contract, low quality hardware they force you to use, disconnects after 1 or 2 transactions on both terminals, Horrible customer service. Biggest regret of my life. Held hostage with a three year contract. Ruined my business.

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2 years ago, qigddgj7hu

iPad Bluetooth is working fine, but the app won’t connect to the card reader.

Fix your connection issues with the Link/2500 and this app. Your about to lose a customer.

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6 years ago, MaltosMayer

Love shopkeep

Easy to use. Practical in every way. Great customer Service! I just hoped it had a lower price or payment plan options

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1 month ago, None needed...36

Always crashing

This app is always crashing and causes our printers to not be found when printing tickets. This causes a lot of issues when we are busy as we miss orders when the printer doesn’t print.

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2 years ago, BHDA1994

Started from the bottom & it’s still there

All the app does is move super slow & it just loves to crash all the time. Customer service has either been extinct or doesn’t want to help you.

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4 years ago, Kazoku 101

Lots of problems

I have been using this app for over 5 years. Recently we’ve been having problems. I have called customer service and keep getting the same response( delete app and reinstall). Doesn’t work.

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6 years ago, warmsaltybreeze

Warning! Please don’t do it! Terrible program!!

Save yourself a lot of grief. Total bait & switch from what the sales rep lured me into. Tech support is great, but most of them will admit how ridiculously awful and frustrating the program is. Save yourself a lot of anguish and use square. I wish I had!

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Lightspeed Pay is only available for businesses that use Lightspeed Retail POS (S). It is not available for new customers. Lightspeed Retail POS (S) is a powerful and intuitive iPad point of sale system for retail. Designed with a modern and sleek interface that’s as beautiful as your store, Lightspeed Retail lets you run your business right from your iPad. Untether the checkout experience • Move out from behind the counter and take your checkout process to the customer • Speed up the checkout process and get paid via text message • Accept all payment types quickly with Lightspeed Payments Serve your customers better • Make selling flexible by offering delivery or curbside pickup options • Offer gift cards and build a customer loyalty program to turn shoppers into regulars • Follow the law with age-based restrictions Gain new insights into your business • Access data from anywhere with real-time reporting • See detailed sales reports and customer data to always have a handle on your retail performance • Manage and track sales targets per store and per team member so everyone can keep improving Enjoy speed and reliability • Delight shoppers with speedy transactions and reduced wait times in-store • Enjoy continuous stable app usage, even during your busiest periods Expand the power of your POS • Connect with your own hardware, from barcode scanners to receipt printers • Access powerful tools—including Lightspeed Payments and eCommerce—from Lightspeed’s one-stop commerce platform • Integrate with the best solutions in the world, including top accounting software, marketing platforms and more Free onboarding & 24/7 support • Enjoy award-winning customer support from our in-house team, available 24/7 • Get the undivided attention of a dedicated account manager • Access free step-by-step articles and resources in our comprehensive Help Center • Watch video tutorials to help you navigate and get the most out of your POS Lightspeed Retail is the powerful, easy-to-use POS software for busy retailers like you. With Lightspeed’s one-stop commerce platform, you’ll have everything you need to run your business from one incredible platform. Simplify. Scale. And provide amazing customer experiences. That’s the power of Lightspeed POS.

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