CubeSmart Self-Storage iOS App: Stats & Benchmarks • SplitMetrics (2024)

3 years ago, jreicher

Need to sync with web

While the app has a message on the login page that the mobile and web apps require separate logins, the mobile has been out long enough now that the disconnect should have been addressed. This is clearly creating confusion and frustration based on the other reviews. Also, recommending you take some time to respond to reviews, to demonstrate customer service and commitment to resolving. Listing 3 stars because the app does what I need after getting past the confusion. Thanks for reading!

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3 months ago, Str8 UP FACTS

Not the apps fault

This has very little to do with the app which works great! It has more to do with the shotty customer service poor attitudes and a corporate office that’s about as impossible to reach as the White House! Overcharged, lied to, blackmailed, and held hostage, these people care only for collecting a paycheck and could care less about your belongings! I was even told if I had anything with cloth furniture clothes whatever that I should either wrap it in plastic or put in containers because they had mice! Who says that how about you take all the money your stealing from people and call an exterminator? J/s I will never use this place again to those that do good luck!

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8 months ago, Gritne$$

Huge improvements

This app has really come a long way over the last year. It used to be very buggy and crash all the time, but you can tell they have been making it a focus to improve things recently and the upgraded user experience is noticeable. Kudos to those involved behind the scenes for all your hard work, keep the improvements coming!

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12 months ago, JimmyloveNYC

App works well!…

…downloaded this app (took a few seconds) and skimmed through all icons finding most of my information was already uploaded (had to be during in-store / face-to-face) which frankly was a delight! The app works just as well as the employees over at the CubeSmart (Exterior St. Bx.,NY) fantastic 💯 The girls which assisted me and welcomed me with a pretty smile, especially one young lady Ms. Aneka was a total delight and won my business! CubeSmart, You Rock!

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7 months ago, hmc47

I thought I’d give it a chance…

Because there are so many great reviews, I thought maybe the bad ones were just user error, so I thought I’d give the app a chance. I downloaded it and it does not open. I even restarted my phone, but it just doesn’t work—I’ll have to use the website instead. For the record, I have a newer phone and I use apps for almost everything in my life. It’s definitely the app. I’m sure that once you’re able to launch it, it probably works great…it’s just getting to that point that’s the problem lol.

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7 months ago, loukster

Great Service

Pleasantly surprised by the positive attitudes by the Manager and her assistant. They made my moving experience a breeze. Truly made my experience with CubeSmart a pleasure and will recommend CubeSmart/ Mission Viejo to all my friends and family!

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10 months ago, jo_626

Great app

This app has all of the information I need about my storage unit and makes it really easy to pay my rent. I can’t ask for much more!

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1 year ago, Ebwaked

Much improved

I used to have troubles logging in but that seems to be fixed. App works well and does what I need it to

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1 year ago, Amy Bird Tweets

Great app!

Improved and easy to use! Use this app a lot for many things. Download it now for easier info about your unit.

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1 year ago, Ktmkid41

Good utility

Very straightforward and to the point, clean user interface and allows me to get everything that I need done across multiple units I rent.

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7 months ago, PJplayzX24

Great app

Does exactly what I need. Clearly they have a genius running their mobile development department. Keep up the good work, genius 🙌

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11 months ago, Amit5556

Best storage app

So much better than life storage. Cubesmart will always have mu business because of the app experience

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1 year ago, Bubbabutter

Still no fixes, app is useless garbage!

App still doesn’t let you login or create an account, 2 years later from the first review. Exact same problem!

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8 months ago, Derby91

Doesn’t work

It just doesn’t work. Literally freezes the first button you press. I’ve never rated an app before- this one is just that bad

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1 year ago, Achicago112

Great app!

Great app! Super easy to use and pay for my storage unit.

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1 year ago, chistevo

Neat app

This app does everything I need. Great app.

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9 months ago, Jacob11112221


Cube smart is a terrible and inefficient company.

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4 years ago, request a fix

Dysfunctional at this time

CubeSmart App Support What’s going on with you app and phone They are dysfunctional and It’s annoying and frustrating ! I downloaded the app and tried to register using my email and acct # then multiple times entered a password but continually got a message that the password didn’t meet criteria of min 8 characters include at least 1 number and no common words. I met the criteria after my first attempt was unsuccessful and I read the (!) but it never allowed me to register. I called the 24 hr help line and it answered to a menu of choices to direct my call which I chose #2 ( existing customer) it continually stated it didn’t recognize my entry and repeated the menu each time. I finally changed my choice to #4 (help with something else) and it said didn’t recognize my entry again ending by stating to call back at another time. That’s my explanation for calling it dysfunctional help. If my bill is going to be paid late as a result of this I expect the late fee to be waved. The only other option was to send an email no instant message help

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2 years ago, Sanaria

Horrible App!!!

It is 2022 and this app offers no user friendly/ convenient options. There’s no way to store your credit card information for future payments. They don’t accept other forms of payment ACH checking/savings that 99% of business accept for online bill payments. Every time I go to pay my bill, I have to put it off until I have time to go find my wallet and enter in the same long information every single month. It should not take me 20 minutes to pay the same bill every month. Because of their lacking features, they have racked up loads of late fees on me, $34 just this month and my bill is not even 7 days late. This will be my final month with this storage company. They know what they are doing with this ancient prehistoric app that needs serious updating.

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2 years ago, LD_08

Negative five stars really

I wish I could leave negative stars. Suffice it to say, this app is horrendous. It takes For. Ever. To load anything. It constantly tells me my password is incorrect, even though my password works eventually. It takes forever to load. It takes forever to accomplish anything. It. Just. Takes. Forever. If there is an app I hate, it’s this. And to have to use it at all is sad and frustrating. We love our facility and the managers there. But this app is enough to make me say I cannot possibly recommend CubeSmart. Lately I have just been foregoing the app and using the website at home. Today, however, I have to use the app. And I can’t. Which is just beyond sad and frustrating. Leading me to move out and just move elsewhere.

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3 years ago, al1c1a301

One of the better apps of its kind!

Its really clean and works well. Once you create your online account (using your email + billing account number) you have access to your payment history, cube location and id#. You can pay now or setup auto pay and its not confusing. Theres even a nice loading animation. They use location too to recommend locations nearby if you’re looking for a cube. Didn’t use it but might have bc their website was clunky last year. Respect for what the ppl have built!

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3 years ago, CrysDoll

Cant use the app without a new email address

I was happy to come across an app for my storage facility. Unfortunately, I had trouble logging in, even though my login credentials were the same ones I use for the website. Upon contacting support, I am told that I would need to re-register on the app. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. But they continued to say that I would have to use a different email address to register for this account. This is ridiculous since all of my bills/utilities go to one email address (I may be wrong, but I believe most people do this). I’m hoping their developers see this feedback and change this stupid requirement. Deleting the app for now.

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3 years ago, BestRegardsDevs

Payment Features not Functional

Really useful app for pulling any account information for your CubeSmart account, but for some reason the payment features do not work. I could neither pay nor enroll in autopay through the app. Had to sign into the website to do either. It seems like a significant oversight and missed opportunity for CubeSmart?

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2 years ago, DLFlann

Mobile Account And Web Account Seperate

Thanks to reading the previous reviews, I was finally able to log in on the mobile app. The fact that you need to set up a separate login on the mobile app, even though you already have one on the web app is not obvious or intuitive. The mobile app should authenticate using the same database, or at least a synced database, as the web app. This is a really simple thing to do and would have taken less time to setup, or at most the same amount of time, as setting up a completely separate database for the two.

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3 years ago, Mattalogue

Unusably broken, creepy tracking

This app requires you to log into an account in order to use it. This is understandable. What is not understandable is the login functionality being broken for many, many months. I’ve never been able to successfully log into this app, despite my account information working perfectly well when logging into CubeSmart’s web application. And judging from other reviews, I’m by no means alone in this. The data they apparently collect to track you across other sites is also invasive and completely unnecessary.

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1 year ago, DOT.wav

Great app! Convenient and simple!

Not sure about the other reviews. I'm assuming it's a bunch of older people that can't use technology. This app works great! I am able to keep track of my monthly payments and get all the info I need! Everything you need is right on the app and the people at CubeSmart are great! I've had no issues so far!

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3 years ago, MattBroniec

Almost amazing - but you can’t pay your bill.

The app has everything you want. You can access all your info and it looks very nice. The two MAJOR FLAWS… 1 - you need to create a whole separate login for the app. You can use your web login. That’s extremely annoying. 2 - The section where you pay your bill… it doesn’t work! I type out all my information. And it hasn’t allowed me to click “pay bill” EVER. It’s extremely infuriating. I’ve tried to talk to CubeSmart about this but they just 🤷🏻‍♂️ please pay on the web. So close…

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3 years ago, DocMurdock

Nice app, if it worked

The only reason to create an application that would allow you to pay online, is to actually allow you to pay online. You cannot scan a new format Visa card, you cannot manually enter your payment information correctly, you cannot make a payment via this app. I have reported this to CubeSmart via email as well as in person, and it has yet to be fixed, sadly. I have been a customer of theirs for six years, and their website payment services appear also to be broken.

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1 year ago, dhekie suakalmsuwknaga

What century is this app in???

Waste of storage in your phone. Just don’t do it. You might as well just call these people to send in your payment bc this app is completely worthless, it doesn’t remember any payment info or history, nothing. Also would highly recommend any other storage besides CubeSmart. These guys came in and bought my mom and pop storage and racked prices over $100 to existing people and then told me everyone else is still paying $100 more than me. In what universe is $400 for an empty box acceptable?

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3 years ago, Prdude

Crappy app

Guys, please fix the app. Every single time I try to log in to make a payment there is always a problem with my account. Is either the email or the password. Come on guys, I am pretty sure CubeSmart paid a pretty penny for a big time company to do this app and it never works. Or, maybe, one of their employees did it for a chance to get a free place to store his crap and now, he or she quit and no one knows how to fix the app. Every complain you see here are serious customers. Please do something about it.

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3 years ago, cg6103

Still broken and useless

I installed hoping they’ve been working on the problem and perhaps fixed it, but no. Your user ID and password for your existing account is not being authenticated. Not even bothering to create a new account. I don’t want that anyway. Seriously? Apps aren’t a new thing, neither is password authentication, etc. please get with the program or just drop the app altogether. If your website isn’t giving your customers a good enough user experience then spend your money making it better. Don’t waste it on an app.

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3 years ago, Captainrocketxo

Completely non-functional

Save your time and use safari to manage your account. The app crashes when trying to register an account. I go to enter my confirmation number CubeSmart texts me and the app completely crashes. So I did the registration on mobile browser instead. I came back to the app hoping I could login with my new account. It tells me my password is incorrect. I enter it exactly the same on mobile browser and it works fine.

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2 years ago, Ad Sellout

App Does NOT work

I read the previous reviews to no avail. I registered at the main website with no issues. Opened the app and tried both ways. Used the online registration that was successful and tried to register again via the app. App simply keeps crashing. What a shame. Hope my experience with CubeSmart is better than with their app. I will be using the main website to manage my account. This app is not worth the headache.

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2 years ago, StepInventory

Good app just pay attention

After you do the sms verification, the app needs to redirect you to the login or dashboard. Currently it stays on the verification page causing customer confusion. App works well and does not crash on my iPhone. Just needs to hire someone to bug report appropriately.

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3 years ago, cozymco

Hoffner Avenue, Orlando location

Received good information and service when I booked a space yesterday. Follow up was unexpected and very professional. Thank you ‘D’ in making this experience a pleasant one. You were very knowledgeable and polite. CubeSmart managers take note that D is an excellent employee.

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2 years ago, storguy

Location glitch

I found I’m unable to to search for a storage location in a different town or state from where I’m currently located. I just get the endless spinning cube. Turning off the location setting results in the app trying to find my current location. Lost in a loop.

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2 years ago, BFrazaz

Convenience fail.

Apps are supposed to make things easy, convenient and efficient. This app does none of these things. My log in on the website doesn’t work for the app? I know this is explained in the app itself, but why would I go out of the way to create another log in so I can use the app? I can do everything much quicker, easily and efficiently on the website from my phone.

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2 years ago, kourtney fulson

Cube smart store number 0277

The staff beyond helpful I love Yolanda and Nick if you happen to catch one them they can assist with services you can find just the best customer service I have ever experienced

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2 years ago, misskings_

Unable to even register

I wanted to set up my account via the app for ease, but after registering three times (I got a notification saying I was unable to register the first time), I was still unable to log in. I keep getting an error message that says my email and password don’t match- even after resetting the password. The app doesn’t seem to be functional.

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2 years ago, LucasVick

Login still fails

In the past I tried to register. The web password I had failed, and when I tried to register it said my email was already in use. I could not reset the password. Now it’s been made clear it’s two logins, one for the app one for the web. Not ideal, but fine. So I registered again, this time it took my email and new password, even sent me an sms 2 factor and enabled Face ID. It then sent me to a login page where the password I just set didn’t work. Tried to reset password and no email. I use a password manager so I did not mistype my password. This really isn’t very complicated. It’s embarrassing to put an app out like this.

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4 years ago, Dgksfinest

App issues

Could not seem to register an account. It would not accept any password at all no matter what I tried. Went onto the website to attempt and it worked right away. I then tried to sign in the app and would not work, also constantly has a pop up stating it cannot find my location.

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2 years ago, Nicola Jiana

Hire a UX designer to fix this awful app

I have to say I regret even storing with this computer but that’s the past. The app doesn’t do what it’s supposed. Credit card scanner just doesn’t work no matter how many time I’ve tried and when I enter the info manually it never remembers it… I let your crack coding team figure out the rest. 👎

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3 years ago, golfking1667

Doesn’t work

This app needs fixed I noticed EVERYONE is having the same problems, you cannot pay your bill or enroll into autopay. I have been trying for over a month still don’t work! It would be great if these issues were addressed so I didn’t have to call to pay my bill every month.

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3 years ago, ChristUSA096


Dispute be approval for reversal of charges after quick notice for cancellation of reservations. They failed to refund after a week of waiting for the reversal of charges. They seem totally unwilling to make it right and keep the funds they took from me, therefore I can only assume that they are intent on sealing my money with no service actually provided

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4 years ago, Novaimac


As mentioned in an earlier review, the app is broken. It won’t accept any password complying with its requirements when creating an account. You can create an account on the website but when you try to logon through the app it won’t accept the logon. Hopefully they’ll see this and fix it but for now there’s no sense in having this installed.

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2 years ago, BelleMoi

App doesn’t work

This app is horrible! I use to pay my bills on it but as of the last 3 months I’m unable to! The page just loads and loads and loads without ever allowing me to sign in to pay my storage bill. I have to log into the website to pay every time now. I’ll be deleting this app!

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3 years ago, Jer emy

Impossible and broken

This app is broken and unusable. You have to register for a new account because existing users from the website won’t be recognized in this system. That’s pretty bad. But it gets even better! When attempting to register this new user, no passwords will be accepted regardless of whether or not they meet the complexity criteria. Don’t waste your time.

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2 years ago, annoyed20112


Terrible app you’d think with all the money they make they could pay someone to write an app that isn’t absolute trash!!! It crashes and can’t do anything with it. I need to pay my bill and it won’t even let me sign in! Don’t download this unless you like stress and frustration

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2 years ago, Chris8171993

App keeps saying unable to process payment

App says unable to process pyment even though it actually does process the payment. This is a terrible error if you dont see that it has been drafted from your account and you try to process the payment again. FIX IT!

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2 years ago, lalito47

Waste of time

This app takes for ever to log me into my account. I’ve had to reset my password over 3 times because every month I’ve gone into the app to pay my account its says “log in name or password is wrong” . I wrote down the new password every time I create it how is it wrong??? . Fix your app !!

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At CubeSmart – it’s what’s inside that counts. And there’s no easier way to gain insider access to your account than with the refreshed CubeSmart Mobile App! Manage your account with your My Unit dashboard, a place to view all the details of your rental – your balance, your payment history, your unit features, and more. Need your gate code? It’s right in the app for your convenience. You can also set up autopay, change your notifications, and check for store hours and directions. CubeSmart is simplifying your self-storage experience to help simplify your life.

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CubeSmart Self-Storage iOS App: Stats & Benchmarks • SplitMetrics (2024)
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