1-866-602-4279 (2024)

1. Is the number "1-866-602-4279" legit? Received an email from "no ...

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  • When I called the number it asked for my social, name, and email. The lady told me someone had accidentally used my social security number and not to worry about it. My concern is if this was actually turbotax or not. I'm looking for a specific answer that tells if the number and email are real.

2. I received an email about using different TurboTax accounts

  • Dec 15, 2023 · I received an email about using different TurboTax accounts · You have used TurboTax in the past and are using a different account this year.

  • TurboTax is committed to protecting your personal info. If we detect that certain types of your info are being used in more than one account, we’ll notify you t

3. Intuit - Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

4. TurboTax users urged to beware of phishing scam - ConsumerAffairs

  • Feb 9, 2022 · In a security notice, the company said TurboTax users have reportedly received emails that try to get recipients to click on a link to resolve ...

  • Consumers who use Intuit's TurboTax system to file their taxes need to be on the lookout for a phishing email. In a security notice, the company said T

5. Intuit TurboTax Support on X: "@KarmaTheDeermin Hello there ...

  • May 14, 2021 · ... you reach out to our Identity Protection Dept for your own privacy and security. You can find their number here: 1-866-602-4279 -Brittany.

  • Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.

6. TurboTax phishing scam may be out to steal your refund — what to do

7. [PDF] In an effort to protect our customers' personal information, we conducted ...

  • Feb 5, 2015 · In an effort to protect our customers' personal information, we conducted a review of all customer accounts late last month.

8. Can you tell the real TurboTax email from the scam?

  • Mar 1, 2016 · Fraudsters have been sending more emails pretending to be from the IRS and tax companies — and some of them are pretty convincing.

  • Fraudsters have been sending more emails pretending to be from the IRS and tax companies — and some of them are pretty convincing.

9. Watch Out for Fake Turbo Tax Emails - Credit.com

  • Feb 6, 2016 · Scammers are targeting taxpayers by sending TurboTax customers fake emails designed to steal people's personal and account information, ...

  • A well-timed phishing scam is targeting taxpayers.

10. 866-602-4279 / 8666024279

  • Aug 13, 2016 · Read comments below about 8666024279. Report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number. 0. avatar. Gigi.

  • today I received an email to call 866-602-4279 which told me there was possibly 2 tax accounts for me with turbotax online.  I did NOT call this number. I also went to the actual turbotax website- their correct phone number is 800-446-8848.  So--the email is a SCAM- do NOT call 866-602-4279.

11. healthDataMap - theDataMap

  • ... 1-866-602-4279.More Information: http://oag.ca.gov/ecrime/databreach/reports/sb24-49249 [source]. Intuit had a data breach in 2017, in California. Address ...

  • Legend: with your name, without your name. Click on a circle above for names of organizations and details of data shared.

12. [XLS] databreachEvent.csv - VTechWorks

  • ... 1-866-602-4279.More Information: http://oag.ca.gov/ecrime/databreach/reports/sb24-49249, Dataloss DB, NULL, 16000, 2008, 35, 2015, Company:Intuit
    Location: ...

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1-866-602-4279 (2024)
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