White Label API | White Label API Integration (2024)

White Label API - One Stop Solution Provider For All The Technology Needs

White Label API is a ready-made unbranded template that you can deploy on your website and it will link you to the provider of certain services.

Get Benefit Our Our White-Label API Connection And Provide The Same Set Of Cool Features To Your Customers Under Your Own Brand.

While technology diversifies across different domains, travel companies and agencies are looking forward to innovative and efficient travel solutions that could help them succeed in establishing their global market value.

FlightsLogic has decades of experience in the travel industry, along with a highly robust in-house development team that provides easy-to-use personalized white label API integration solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Our white-label integration services use some advanced travel technology to provide customers with complete travel content on their website in order to provide a convenient, affordable and efficient service.

We offer the best White Label API Solutions for small to big travel companies. If you want travel API integration and support, FlightsLogic is the best option for you. In addition to this, with the help of white label platform, you can also achieve increased in sales without any fault.

We promise you the best solution to keep up with the advanced level in the travel industry and help the best offer to your clients.

Our B2C White Label Travel Portal Helps To Increase Your Efficiency And Start Travel Business

At Flightslogic, we provide a wide range of white label integration services to you so that you offer unique and diverse travel information to customers.

Build higher online ticket sales using our white label solutions and gain access to a global audience. Our White Label Website Solutions is a customized travel services solution for your site.

We will provide the technology and support needed to run travel operations through your own site.

FlightsLogic, a travel technology company, builds products & resourceful software platforms and solutions to the travel industry.

We offer end-to-end technology solutions to all sectors of the industry, including Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Online Travel Agencies, Destination Management Companies, Consolidators and Travel Management Companies.

We design and develop products across major airlines, car rentals, and hotel management companies. We specialize in the design, development, and integration of various GDS XML, LCCs, Hotel APIs, Transfer APIs, Car Rental APIs, and Cruise APIs. We are leading technology platform providers, we have APIs ready to work under your portal.

FlightsLogic provides API based white label travel portal solution for Online Travel Agencies. We offer you the best white label solution which allows you to build your online travel agency under your own brand.

White label portal (SaaS Travel Product) allows you to manage all the needs of travel businesses using one single place or platform. It is an attractive and user-friendly travel portal that would attract more and more customers thereby bringing huge traffic to the website.

You can choose your own theme, upload a logo, and much more. You can customize the design of your website according to your needs. Thanks to this white label API solution you will reach new customers as well.

FlightsLogic white label is an ideal solution for any travel company to sell travel products like hotels, car rentals, flights, transfers, sightseeing and vacation package products by their websites makes simple and quickly.

Travel agents can enhance their business through white label solutions in a cost-effective way. We make sure to satisfy all the requirements for your travel website.

Expertise In Integration Of Global GDS Suppliers Like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo And Worldspan To Build B2C & B2B Travel Portals

Our technology solution for all kinds of travel companies starting from small to huge companies helps to boost their business and in increasing their profits. We integrate the white label API and Travel XML API like GDS, Amadeus, etc. into our global clients.

The white label travel platform works as a tremendous solution for all the travel companies in booking services, hotel booking services, car booking services, etc. through which you can achieve raise in sales without any effort.

Our white label travel solution helps travel agents to expand their travel business with the B2C white label solution or with the B2B white label travel portal.

We have taken a step forward in understanding the heartbeat of the travel industry and providing simplified solutions for all types of customers, travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies. Leverage our White Label booking systems to earn higher commissions than your competitors.

Use our expert marketing & account management team to increase traffic and enjoy unparalleled customer service.

FlightsLogic is a leading travel technology company providing white-label travel solutions for online enterprises that allow full automation of travel companies in a cost-effective manner.

We provide a variety of technology products to empower travel agencies with the right solutions and provide our customers with the right tools to help them provide their customers with an enhanced travel booking experience.

Under one roof, we offer a plethora of travel services to our clients. We support travel agents and travel companies that need the solution B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2E. We understand the essence of the travel industry and deliver solutions that simplify the business processes of small and large tour operators, travel agencies, and car rental service providers.

Our customers benefit greatly from expanding their business by using our technology solutions and services that are specific to their growing needs.

Our solutions are built on software as a service (SaaS) model that saves huge hardware/software costs and caters to the specific needs of a variety of travel companies involved in flight bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals, cruise bookings.

Our years of experience as a leading technology provider have led us to build a strong presence and are recognized as one of the industry's most successful brands.

Our goal is to continue delivering comprehensive travel solutions to our customers that simplify their business processes in the shortest possible time frame.


  • Online presence for your travel brand
  • Attract new customers with larger travel inventory
  • User-friendly interface that will encourage existing customers to purchase from your site more frequently
  • Freedom to choose all or limited travel products to be integrated into the portal
  • Round the clock technical and customer support
  • Flexible reporting with a vast range of reports - including booking, sales, performance and other data that can be tailored according to the business need
  • User-friendly maintenance tools allowing you to be in control at all times will ensure updating, amending and taking care of your site is as easy as it can be


  • Simple flight & hotel search interface
  • Real-time availability
  • Easy integration
  • Time-saving
  • Real-time booking facility
  • Real-time ticket cancellation
  • Real-time payment tracking
  • Allows quick reservation
  • Worldwide inventory availability
  • Easy booking cancellation
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Easy implementation process
  • Ability to manage, track and report the booking process
White Label API | White Label API Integration (2024)
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