The Best Cryotherapy Beauty Tools To Use At Home (2023)

Hands up if youhave woken up with apuffy face or if, at the slightest whiff of salt, your body is screaming at you to stop. Unfortunately formost of us, it’s likely to be water retention, unless you have allergies or a medical condition – in which case, please seek guidance from a doctor. That irritating bloator puffinessis often triggered by food, alcohol, allergies, late nights and can also be a symptom of PMS.

While experts recommend treatments like lymphatic drainage, when it comes to quick at-home remedies to treat your puffy, bloated face (if it’s not a serious medical condition),cryotherapy beauty tools simulate the same process. A step up from your usual jade roller or gua sha stone, there are ice rollers, cryo orbs, ice globes, frozen masks and gels that can soothe your skin all from the comfort of your own home. Effectively a luxury version of a cold compress, the cool temperatures of the cryotherapy facial toolscan help de-puff you. Just ask Lady Gaga or Victora Beckham.

What Is Cryotherapy Treatment?

Cryotherapy treatments can havebenefits for a wide range of medical conditions including: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, muscle and ligament strains, back and neck pain, as well as possible relief from inflammation of the skin such as eczema and psoriasis, according to 111SKIN.

According to Healthline 'the intense cold causes your blood vessels to contract and your pores to tighten [which results in] an increase in the flow of blood and oxygen to the face, which canmake skin glowyand more vibrant.'

A 111SKIN cryotherapy facial, where electronically cooled purified air at minus 30 degrees is blasted on your skin,claims to increase microcirculation, reduce inflammation, oxygenate and detoxify, reduce overproduction of oil and harmful bacteria, lift and firm by improving muscular tone, improve epidermal firmness and reduces open pores, as well as promoting collagen and elastin production.

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Natalie Corner, Grazia’s commercial deputy editor, tested out 111SKIN’s Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment atits Harvey Nichols London location to test out the effects. Itis a gas-free cryotherapy chamber that uses extremely low temperatures (minus 80 degrees to be exact), inciting vasoconstriction and leading to a vast array of physical and mental benefits.

'After changing into 111SKIN’s own sports bra, shorts, padded slippers, ski gloves, donning a face mask and wrapping up my ears in a headband, I hopped into the chamber after direction from Isaac, 111SKIN’s host. He explained that I’d spend three minutes (almost the length of the Beyonce song I’d chosen to listen to) standing in the chamber with the freezing air blasting my skin.

'This was much better than my attempts at standing under a cold shower in the morning as I didn’t have to contend with water, instead the blasts of cold air was invigorating. I even practised my Wim Hof breathing method taking shallow breaths to manage the biting temperature that hit the back of my throat, then exhaling and keeping my lungs as empty as possible. Once you manage your breathing, the chamber really wakes you up! I could get used to a session every week.'

If you haven't got the time for a weekly cryotherapy session, why not see which tools can help you replicate that freezing sensation at home...

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1. Charlotte Tilbury, Cryo-Recovery Face Mask

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Charlotte Tilbury's Cryo-Recovery Face Mask is made from a flexible, skin-cushioning silicone that is reusable and easy to clean. All you have to do is pop it in the freezer (or fridge) for 30 minutes before use and then after applying a serum, like the Magic Elixir Crystal Elixir, place the mask on your face for 10 minutes. You can also massage the metal nodules on the mask on your pressure points for extra relaxation.

Review: 'Really enjoy using this mask as I have a tendency to puffiness in the mornings. After cleansing I add a serum then put the mask on for 10 minutes, on removing my skin feels fresh and firmer with all trace of the serum absorbed. My only criticism would be that it doesn’t fit properly on my jaw line.'

2. Nurse Jamie, Super Cryo-Massaging Mini Orb

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The benefits of cryotherapy on both the body and mind are two-fold – skin is near instantly calmed and de-puffed while your mind feels revitalised. Pop these in the freezer and run them over the contours of the face for a fresh, post-yoga glow. The large orb is also available for £36.

Review: 'Very pleased with this roller. Well made and does the job as described. Bought the mini roller which is plenty big enough for the whole face.Recommended to people who need a little de puff action in the mornings.'

3. 001 London, CRYOpress Ice Facial Massage Set

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Another favourite of Jennifer Aniston and loved by Gigi Hadid, the 001 London CRYOpress roller recreates salon-standard cryotherapy ice facials in the comfort of your own home. The roller is sustained at a temperature of -8 degrees to 2.5 degrees aiming to naturally boost circulation, soothe inflammation and promote lymphatic drainage to improve your skin's condition.

Review: 'I love this! I have sensitive skin which can often feel sore but using the Cryopress with the Alpha Serum made it feel so much better. I was worried the roller would get warm after a few rolls but it stayed nice and cold for the full treatment and more besides. It’s really easy to use and feels gorgeous.'

4. 111SKIN, Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Mask

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Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham's choice of pre-carpet prep, this 111SKIN Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Mask is inspired by the science behind cryotherapy, and like cold on the skin, effectively de-puffs your morning face. So if you've had a bad night's sleep, feel overheated or just want an overall de-puffing, this will help soothe your skin.
Hannah Banks-Walker, Grazia's head of fashion commerce says: 'I can't get enough of these skin-saviours. Over the winter, I amassed a stack of them so that I could use them at least twice at week or just when I felt like my face needed some TLC. I've nearly finished said stack now, which is alarming because I just don't want to be without them. They're that good.'

5. Skin Proud, Frozen Over Gel-To-Ice Hydrator

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Skin Proud's FrozenOveris a viral fave withoverthree million views to date on TikTok, thanks to its innovative cooling properties thathydrate, calm and softenskinlike no other. It is infused with anti-inflammatory aloe vera extract to calm, soften and hydrateskin and enriched with hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration and lock-in moisture for a plumped appearance.

Natalie Corner, Grazia's commercial deputy editor says: 'I was honestly not expecting this to be as soothing and refreshing as it turned out to be. It's a small tub of clear gel that you pop in the freezer for 2-3 hours and turns into ice-like crystals that you rub and melts on your face. Absolutely ideal to cool down in the recent hot weather and works just as well in the gel form.'

6. Latme, Ice Roller

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You don't always need to splash out when it comes to testing out new beauty tools. This Latme ice roller is available on Amazon and with over 3,000 reviews with an average 4.5 out of 5 stars it's worth checking out for £12.99. As well as revitalising the face you can also use the ice roller for on the spot relief from migraine, muscle pain, tension or minor injury.

Review: 'I bought this as I wanted something ice cold to put on my face. I was not disappointed not only does it help my skin and my pores it helps with lymphatic and circulation. It also helps my anxiety as it is now got me in a routine where I can relax while using this.'

7. Dr Jart+, Cryo Rubber Mask

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A cult skincare brand, Dr Jart+ pairs Korean skincare technology with clever design. The brand is famous for its rubber masks, including the Cryo Rubber with Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid mask which is designed to flood your skin with hydration. The two-step mask sets contain an ampoule of serum that is applied to the skin with the mask placed on top, for a better cooling experience place both steps in the fridge beforehand.

Natalie says: 'The best thing about this mask is how utterly bonkers you look wearing it, but at least you're the only one to see it. Putting it in the fridge beforehand was a godsend in the hot weather recently and really helped to cool my puffy face down. It did slip around a bit thanks to the generous amount of serum, but as long as you lie still and relax it is a nice soothing treat.'

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8. Fraîcheur Paris, Ice Globes

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These ice globes come in three glitter bomb colours, Pink, Gold and Arctic Blue and couldn't look more exciting if they tried. Put them in either the fridge or freezer, depending on how cold you want them and then start to roll over sections of the face in circular motions following our helpful tips below. Fraîcheur Paris recommend 10-15 minutes daily to see the benefits of brightened skin, tightened and fine lines softened.

Review: 'Absolutely love these ice globes. They feel so good on my face and these are just what I need during allergy season, when my face gets swollen and so sore from sinus pressure. This is exactly what I’ve needed for years.'

9. OLIVIEREWILSON, Cryo Ice Sticks

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Slightly different to the ice globes, these cooling sticks are made from medical grade stainless steel filled with cooling liquid for an extra blast of cold on your skin. The unique shape of the sticks, one side flat and one side curved, makes it easier to massage your eye area as well as other parts of your face.

Review: 'A little pricey but the product itself feels substantial and well-made. The tools contour perfectly to the face and don’t create friction or drag the skin. I would recommend these cryo tools, they would make a lovely gift.'

10. Bramble, Cooling Full Face Gel Mask

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A bargain at under £10 this gel mask is useful for various purposes – to cool a tired face or sore puffy eyes, provide migraine relief, soothe eczema or rosacea, and can actually be used either cool or warm.

Review: 'This is such an amazing product that I have already recommended to lots of friends. It took me years to find something that gets rid of migraines, but here it is. The smaller ones are good but this one really takes the biscuit, just as long as you can deal with looking like an avatar! It's well worth it – I'm going to be ordering another soon for my husband as mine keeps mysteriously disappearing from the fridge.'

11. Baimei, Jade Roller and Gua Sha

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If you're a fan of using facial tools then a simple rose quartz roller and gua sha popped in the fridge will work just as well as a cryotherapy tool. Using the massage techniques combine with the stone rollers will help to reduce morning puffiness and get the skin refreshed.

Review: 'Honestly this is THE most delicious item I have ever purchased for myself. It just feels so soothing on my face and literally melts the stress from my temples. I purchased a vitamin C face serum and I use my roller to gently massage the serum in. I am 59 and gently aged but in as little as a couple of days, I noticed a lovely difference in my skin. Tighter, softer and smoother.'

How To Use Cryotherapy Beauty Tools At Home

If you want to level up from rubbing ice cubes on your face, which does work a treat, try out the above products. And if you’ve ever had a facial or massage these DIY tips from Claire Williams, founder ofWow Facial,will help you to emulatelymphatic drainage with tools or your hands on your face during your self-care session.

Start by taking your thumb and forefinger of both hands and lightly grab the sides of your chin and jawline, then in long sweeping strokes slide them up towards your lymph glands repeat this about 20 times. This is great at lifting the lower face too.

Next, do long sweeping strokes down from the glands towards your collar bone. This aids the flow of the lymph towards the heart. Again repeat 20 times.

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Next, place the index and middle finger together and place them on your cheeks. Make sure you have made contact with the gland that sits just under the cheek. You should be able to feel a sensitive area. Stoke out and upwards towards the lower temple and repeat about 20 times.

Move up towards the eyebrows and starting from the centre of your brows with your 2 fingers add slight pressure and stroke outwards towards your temples. Repeat 10-20 times.

For the under-eye area, you’ll need to take care as we do not want to drag the skin here as it’s very delicate, so using your middle fingers add a little more oil or your favourite eye cream to aid the slip and go from the corner of your eye and out all the way to the temple in one long sweep but with gentle pressure. Only repeat this 5-10 times so you don’t damage the delicate eye area.

We now need to move the lymph we have massaged out towards the temples and we do this with your 2 fingers, add slight pressure and stroke down towards your glands under the jawline. Again repeat 20 times.

To finalise the drainage repeat the first step again of massaging along the jawline then doing long sweeping strokes down towards your collar bone.

Should I Keep My Beauty Tools And Products Cold?

The main function of keeping your beauty tools and products cold is to help with de-puffing. So your ice rollers, jade rollers and any masks that require refrigeration will work best when chilled.

Products like facial mists, gel and serums don't have to be in the fridge, but during the summer months, it certainly helps soothe puffy, blotchy hot skin. Although not a necessity, a beauty fridge will help you organise your tools and products, especially if you don't have space in your own fridge or freezer.

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How can I do facial cryotherapy at home? ›

You just want to glide very gently. Just like this. And you can even move down to your neck. And

Can you do cryotherapy on yourself? ›

Cryotherapy at Home

You can also get cryotherapy products to remove warts at home. Over-the-counter kits use dimethyl ether propane instead of liquid nitrogen. They probably aren't as effective as the treatment you will get from your doctor in their office.

Does cryotherapy get rid of wrinkles? ›

It's said to brighten skin, tighten pores, and maybe even reduce the appearance of fine lines or age spots, all in as little as 15 minutes.

How do you use cryo face tools? ›

Out there's really no wrong way to do it as long as you're going in one direction. Out. And you're

What equipment is needed for cryotherapy? ›

Cryotherapy treatment inside the body requires image guidance and a cryotherapy applicator or cryoprobe. A cryoprobe is a thin, wand-like device with a handle or trigger or a series of small needles. The cryoprobe connects via tubing to a source of nitrogen or argon.

Do Cryo face tools work? ›

Although cryo tools can be an effective way to boost radiance by temporarily increasing skin circulation, there is little evidence of the effects of at-home cryotherapy, so these tools can be thought of as a nice extra as opposed to an essential.

How many minutes should you do cryotherapy? ›

It's recommended that you have up to three minutes of cryotherapy one to five times a week, depending on the results you're after and how new you are to the therapy. Athletes are using cryotherapy to aid recovery and improve their athletic performance during the game.

Can you use cryotherapy everyday? ›

You can get benefits from just one session of cryotherapy, but it's most effective when used regularly. Some athletes use cryotherapy twice a day. Others will go daily for 10 days and then once a month afterwards.

What are the dangers of cryotherapy? ›

The addition of nitrogen vapors to a closed room lowers the amount of oxygen in the room and can result in hypoxia, or oxygen deficiency, which could lead the user to lose consciousness. Moreover, subjects run the risk of frostbite, burns, and eye injury from the extreme temperatures.

Does cryotherapy tighten loose skin? ›

There is some speculation as to whether the cold temperatures used in fat-freezing technology of cryolipolysis are partially responsible for stimulating new collagen production in treated areas. However, there isn't significant evidence that the CoolSculpting treatment directly results in skin tightening.

Does cryotherapy help with sagging skin? ›

A Cryotherapy treatment can be used for skin rejuvenation. It is safe and non-invasive, and there is no down time. The work your body does inside the Cryotherapy chamber is completely natural and can stimulate the growth of new collagen.

Does cryotherapy make you look younger? ›

Collagen production improvement: Cryotherapy treatments improves collagen production with the end-result of a reduction of classic aging signs. Productions of collagen results in healthier, smoother skin tone which makes your skin shining and younger.

How long does cryotherapy on face take to heal? ›

The healing process may take up to 6 weeks, but some areas that are treated may take longer. Cryotherapy is a safe and reliable treatment and the appearance of the skin afterwards is usually very good. However, once the area has healed you may be left with a pale mark or a flat white scar.

Do you use ice globes before or after Moisturising? ›

Lanier recommends applying a lightweight moisturizer, lotion or oil to your face before using ice globes to help them glide along your skin.

Does cold tighten skin? ›

The intense cold causes the blood vessels to contract and tighten, so when the skin returns to normal, the blood vessels dilate back quickly. This sudden flow of oxygen and blood from the face can make the skin look glowier and plump.

What do dermatologists use to freeze things? ›

The dermatologist uses liquid nitrogen, either spraying it on or dropping it on with a Q-tip. Since it's 320 degrees below zero, it freezes the skin rapidly at a much deeper level than butane.

How much does a cryo machine cost? ›

The cost of cryotherapy machines ranges from $7,500 to $280,000 depending on the category: Cryo saunas cost from $30,000 to $61,000. Cryotherapy chambers cost from $75,000 to $280,000. Localized cryo machines start at $7,500.

What do you put on skin after liquid nitrogen treatment? ›

Gently clean the area in the shower or bath with warm water and mild soap, then pat dry. Apply Vaseline or Aquaphor to the area 1-2x daily. You do not have to keep the area covered with a Band-Aid, but certainly can if you prefer.

How many cryo sessions does it take to see results? ›

In most cases, you will begin to feel the benefits of cryotherapy after three to five consecutive sessions. To keep the benefits occurring, many people generally do cryotherapy treatments one to three times a week.

Does face tapping reduce wrinkles? ›

Stress hormones break down collagen, which has an essential role in keeping your skin elastic and looking youthful. Tapping is a facial relaxation technique, which increases blood circulation and improves lymph flow to prevent wrinkles. It gives the skin a flushed, natural glow.

What time of day is best for cryotherapy? ›

Studies show cryotherapy before a workout is often used to help increase flexibility, range of motion and the flow of blood and oxygen through your body.

What are 3 benefits of cryotherapy? ›

Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain, as well as some joint and muscle disorders, such as arthritis. It may also promote faster healing of athletic injuries. Doctors have long recommended using ice packs on injured and painful muscles.

How often should you do cryo facial? ›

Q: How often should I get a Cryo Facial? The frequency will depend upon your own individual health and wellness goals. We recommend at least 1-2 times per week. For more aggressive results, every day is recommended.

Who should not use cryotherapy? ›

You should not use whole body cryotherapy if you have any of the following conditions: You are pregnant, have a pacemaker, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, arrhythmia, acute or recent myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, severe hypertension (>180/100), peripheral arterial occlusive disease, venous ...

What happens to skin after cryotherapy? ›

After Cryotherapy

The treated area will become red soon after your procedure. It may also blister and swell. If this happens, don't break open the blister. You may also see clear drainage on the treated area.

Does cryotherapy get rid of fat? ›

Studies have shown an average fat reduction of between 15 and 28 percent at around 4 months after initial treatment. However, you may begin to notice changes as early as 3 weeks after treatment. Dramatic improvement is noticed after about 2 months.

What should I avoid after cryotherapy? ›

Don't use scented soap, makeup, or lotion on the treated area until it's fully healed. This will usually be at least 10 days after your procedure.

Can cryotherapy cause permanent damage? ›

Numbness: Numbness may be present if a superficial nerve is frozen. This may continue for a few months before the patient recovers from the nerve damage. Scars: Cryotherapy may form temporary or permanent scars depending on the site of the procedure.

How do I prepare for cryotherapy? ›

Make Sure to Remove all jewelry and exterior metal/body piercings. Fully Dry Yourself Off, before going into the Chamber. If you were floating, working out or training before your session, ensure your whole body is 100% dry before you step foot in the cryotherapy chamber. Moisture can contribute to frostbite.

Does ice tighten skin on stomach? ›

Fat Freezing, which might also be branded as CoolSculpting, CoolTech or cryolipolysis, uses controlled cooling technology to destroy fat cells, which your body then removes naturally. It's great for treating localised pockets of fat, but it cannot tighten skin.

Does cryotherapy get rid of cellulite? ›

Cryolipolysis Also known as "fat freezing," this noninvasive treatment involves cooling of body fat to break down fat cells. Results are mixed, and the American Academy of Dermatology claims that while it may be effective for getting rid of small pockets of unwanted fat, the treatment cannot get rid of cellulite.

What is the best procedure for skin tightening? ›

Laser resurfacing This is the most effective procedure for tightening loose skin.

Do you wear clothes during cryotherapy? ›

What should I wear during a Whole Body Cryotherapy session? While using the Cryosauna your extremities will be protected by gloves, socks, and slippers. All jewelry must be removed. Women can choose whether to remove or wear undergarments; men are required to wear cotton underwear for protection.

What is the best skin tightening treatment for the neck? ›

4 treatments to lift and tighten your neck
  1. Thermage® or Ultraformer III – to tighten and lift skin. ...
  2. Laser Genesis™ – to smooth wrinkles. ...
  3. Chin sculpting injections – to reduce a double chin. ...
  4. Anti-wrinkle injections – to reduce platysmal bands.
4 Mar 2022

Can you tighten skin under neck? ›

Cosmetic surgical procedures like cervicoplasty and neck lifts are long-lasting ways to achieve firm neck skin, but there are also non-invasive remedies for tightening neck skin that vary in effectiveness and longevity.

How long does it take for cryotherapy to kick in? ›

While every therapy session is beneficial and you'll feel immediate results, research has shown that you will experience improved and cumulative benefits after a minimum of 10 sessions, within a two or three week period.

What is the best treatment for precancerous skin on face? ›

Topical chemotherapy

5-fluorouracil (5-FU): The drug most often used in topical treatment of actinic keratoses, as well as some basal and squamous cell skin cancers, is 5-FU (with brand names such as Efudex, Carac, and Fluoroplex). It is typically applied to the skin once or twice a day for several weeks.

Does cryotherapy leave scars on face? ›

Because cryotherapy sometimes leaves a scar, we prefer to treat gently. This reduces the risk of scarring, but it means that the deeper part of the skin lesion might not have frozen completely.

Should I put serum before ice my face? ›

Freeze the Serum

We love serums for their nourishing and efficacious concentration. To maximize the penetration through the layers of skin, it is best to ice the face after applying the Soundarya Serum. Wrap the ice cubes in a muslin cloth and gently move in a circular motion across the planes of your face.

Should I rub ice on my face before or after washing? ›

Cleanse your face thoroughly before treating it with ice, as applying the ice on freshly cleaned skin is far more effective. Wrap the ice cube in a soft cloth before applying it to your skin. Wait until it starts to melt slightly before gently massaging your skin with the cube in a circular motion.

Should you wash your face before or after ice rolling? ›

You can use your ice roller at any point in the day, but we recommend using it when you are makeup free, just after cleansing your face. We'll get more into these benefits in a few!

How do you do a cryo facial at home? ›


How can I tighten my face fast? ›

Here are six ways you can tighten loose skin.
  1. Firming creams. A good choice for a firming cream is one that contains retinoids, says Dr. ...
  2. Supplements. While there's no magic pill to fix loose skin, certain supplements may be helpful. ...
  3. Exercise. ...
  4. Lose weight. ...
  5. Massage the area. ...
  6. Cosmetic procedures.

Does Rubbing ice on your face tighten skin? ›

Regularly rubbing ice cubes on the skin is a great way to reduce and prevent signs of aging. It improves blood circulation and helps tighten your skin pores.

Can you do cryotherapy at home with ice? ›

For home treatment, apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel or ice bath to the affected area. You should never apply a frozen item directly to the skin, as it can cause damage to the skin and tissues. Apply cold treatment as soon as possible after an injury. Use cold therapy for short periods of time, several times a day.

What is the best way to do an ice facial? ›

Instead, wrap an ice cube in a thin cloth, which will protect the skin on your face and your hands, and begin to lightly massage your face. “Rub the ice around your face in a circular motion,” she advises. “You want constant movement.” Lightly massage the following areas: Around your mouth.

How much does a cryotherapy machine cost? ›

The cost of cryotherapy machines ranges from $7,500 to $280,000 depending on the category: Cryo saunas cost from $30,000 to $61,000. Cryotherapy chambers cost from $75,000 to $280,000. Localized cryo machines start at $7,500.

Can I use ice for cryotherapy? ›

Cryotherapy can be applied in various ways, including icepacks, coolant sprays, ice massage, and whirlpools, or ice baths. When used to treat injuries at home, cryotherapy refers to cold therapy with ice or gel packs that are usually kept in the freezer until needed.

What time of day is best for cryotherapy? ›

Studies show cryotherapy before a workout is often used to help increase flexibility, range of motion and the flow of blood and oxygen through your body.

Can you do cryotherapy everyday? ›

Whole body cryotherapy can be safely done up to two times per day. With that said, here are some recommendations. For general wellness, 3-5 treatment sessions per week for the first month. For optimum health and wellness, 5 sessions per week for at least two weeks.

What is the best time to put ice on face? ›

If you suffer from acne or similar skin blemishes, ice your face every other night before you go to bed. For the best results with ice therapy, your skin should always be clean before applying the ice. During the cold winter season, it's essential that you use ice therapy less frequently.

How long should I ice my face everyday? ›

Don't apply ice on your skin more than once a day. If you have sensitive skin, don't apply ice cubes directly to your face. A towel or a cold compress works better. Do not leave an ice pack or cube on a particular area of your face for more than a minute.

Does ice tighten your face? ›

Chilling the skin causes blood vessels to contract, shrinking pores and reducing puffiness immediately. Then, when the cold source is removed, blood and oxygen rush to the surface of the skin as it returns to its regular temperature, providing an overall tightening and glow-boosting benefit.

What to do after you ice your face? ›

"After you have calmed and cooled the skin with your ice roller or cool globe, you'll want to top it off with any serum or moisturizer that is hydrating, healing, or plumping to give the skin a nice glow," Rackley says.

How many times a month should you do cryotherapy? ›

In most cases, you will begin to feel the benefits of cryotherapy after three to five consecutive sessions. To keep the benefits occurring, many people generally do cryotherapy treatments one to three times a week.

How many times a week should I do cryotherapy? ›

It's recommended that you have up to three minutes of cryotherapy one to five times a week, depending on the results you're after and how new you are to the therapy. Athletes are using cryotherapy to aid recovery and improve their athletic performance during the game.

How long should cryotherapy last? ›

“The study showed that the optimum cryotherapy session duration time is 2 minutes at -135 degrees Celsius or -211 degrees Fahrenheit after a 30 second “cool down” session at -60 degrees Celsius or 76 degrees Fahrenheit.


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