Sweet 6 Shooter Perks - TTW - NV (2023)

Designed for TTW and (optionally) a re-implemented Big Guns skill, the Sweet 6 Shooter perk pack features 76 new perks and 18 new traits, frequently focusing on specialization in certain weapon and armor types.
NV Version available!

Included are a few tag skill based traits*, and a set of outcome-based perks for Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road.

Click on any orange text here to see what weapons each perk applies to without patches.

Sweet Six Shooter

Req: Guns 66+, can't have the Cowboy Perk or Sadistic Six Shooter, CHA 7+ orGood+ Karma, lvl 12
The glint of your gun and the shine of your grin are nearly equal. You've gained access to powerful "Blood" revolver ammo recipes, along with faster reload speed, attack speed, and substantially reduced weapon condition damage with revolvers, while your Karma is Good or Very Good.

Sadistic Six Shooter
Req: Guns 36+, no Cowboy perk, no Sweet 6 Shooter, Evil- Karma or 4- Charisma, lvl 6
Fire fast, fire first. You've gained access to powerful "Blood" ammo recipes, along with faster reload speed, attack speed, and substantially reduced weapon condition damage with revolvers while your Karma is Evil or Very Evil.
-Sadistic Six Shooter also has exclusive access to .45 Auto Blood rounds, which Sweet 6 does not.

Road Rage
Req: Guns 30+, Survival 50+, END 6+, no Grunt, Cowboy or True Party Member, lvl 12
Redden the road, release the rage! With the Road Rage perk, you have better attack speed, damage, and spread when using knuckle weapons, Chinese, 10mm, and .32 pistols, tire irons, throwing spears, single and double barrel shotguns, lead pipes, and other wasteland weapons.
-This perk covers most of the weapons that overlap with the Mad Max films. It's meant to tune up sorta wasteland themed items that aren't always viable in most of the game. There were some potential weapon candidates that overlapped with Grunt, which were not included, to maintain a distinct weapon specialization for each perk.
Weapons pt. 2

Rocket Girl/Guy(Trait)
Req: AGI 6+
It's T minus 1! Rocket Girl/Guy grants you +15 Explosives, and 25% more damage with rocket weapons. However, you are substantially more susceptible to energy weapons (+25% receiveddamage)

True Party Member
Req: Guns 35+, INT 5+, No Road Rage or Grunt, lvl 10
The proletariat majority may have passed, but your belief in the ideal stays true. You have improved attack speed and damage with communist weapons, but increased spread.
-This perk has like 4 weapons in the NV version. I recommend this only be enabled for TTW users, or those who have installed patches for other weapon mods. Most Millenia variant packs have enough relevant weapons to justify enabling the perk.

Big Iron
Req: AGI 7+, Guns or Energy Weapons 55+, lvl 8, Karma: Good or Very Good
Like the legendary ranger of old, your handgun handling is extraordinary - only when you face your opponent in a fair fight. While not sneaking, each rank of this perk grants +15% draw and attack speed with one handed weapons.

Handgun Hotshot
Req: AGI 6+, Guns or Energy Weapons or Big Guns 40+, lvl 10
The Handgun Hotshot perk increases damage dealt by one handed weapons by 20%, at the cost of increasing the strength requirements for all one handed weapons by 1.The second rank grants 5 DT penetration and reduces range penalties by 75%, and you gain +25% attack speed with non-automatic handguns.

Bolt-Action Hero
Req: PER 7+, Guns 65+, lvl 16
Rack em up! Bolt-action weapons deal 25% more damage and fire 5% faster. The second rank grants an additional 5% attack speed.

Threat Range
Req: Melee 40+, STR 7+, lvl 8
When using a heavy melee weapon, you gain 10% attack speed and damage. The second rank doubles this bonus.

Req: STR 8+, Big Guns and Melee 75+, lvl 18
Big guns, big muscles, big melee. When using a heavy melee weapon, you gain improved attack speed, equip speed and AP cost. The second rank grants 50% bonus critical damage, and the third rank grants increased crit chance.
-This perk is meant to synergize a big guns and big melee build. I'm not going to change it to a different requirement.

Combat Chic
Req: CHA 6+, Sneak 55+ or Survival/Barter/Speech 75+ or Charisma 8+, lvl 10
Just because you're getting shot at doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense. With this perk, you gain 5 DT while wearing any stylish suit or basic clothing. The second rank grants an additional 5 DT.

Repair Rascal
Req: AGI 5+, Survival 25+, Repair 40+, lvl 6
Repair Rascal grants improved damage, equip speed, and attack speed with repair-related weapons, and reduces their strength requirement by 1. The second rank grants extra damage, crit chance, and crit damage.
"Low" tier repair weapons(gain more of each bonus than "high" ones)
"High" tier repair weapons

Mad Science
Req: INT 8+, Science 80+, Energy Weapons 60+, no Grunt perk, lvl 40
Harness the power of your intellect, with the Mad Science perk!The first rank grants 20% extra damage and attack speed with basic science weapons;The second rank grants 10% extra crit damage and 10% faster attack speed with advanced science weapons;The third rank grants an additional 6% bonus attack speed with advanced science weapons, and reduces STR requirements for all science weapons by 1.(Exclusive from Grunt)

Hidden Weapons
Req: Survival 35+ or Sneak 40+, lvl 8
Whether your weapon jams, or it gets shot out of your hand: You'll be ready. Basic holdout weapons are granted additional crit chance and crit damage, scaling with your survival skill, up to a max of +35%. Your equip speed with basic holdout weapons is also increased by 25%.
-This perk's balance relies on the discretion of the mod's you've installed when it comes to adding things to the basic holdout weapon list. If a mod slips a deagle or an anti material rifle in there, there's nothing I can really do about it.
-Starts at +5% until Survival 15+, increases about every 10 skill, up to a maximum of +35%.

Heavy Gunner
Req: Guns 30+, Big Guns 55+, AGI 6+, lvl 12
Heavy Gunner grants 15% improved equip speed and chance to hit with Big Guns, 20% bonus move speed while aiming, and reduces STR requirements for Big Guns by 1.

Targeted Demolition
Req: Big Guns 55+, PER 8+, Explosives 55+, lvl 16
Targeted Demolition reduces explosive Big Guns' explosion radius and attack speed by 20%, and increases their damage by 15%.

Carpet Bomber(Trait)
Req: Big Guns or Explosives tagged, AGI 7+
Carpet Bomber increases Big Guns' explosion radius, attack speed, and spread by 25%.

Full Metal Jacket
Req: END 7+, PER 7+, Grunt perk, lvl 18
Full Metal Jacket grants 5 DT penetration when using a Grunt weapon while wearing power armor. The second rank grants the same penetration to Big Guns while wearing power armor. The third rank doubles both weapon type's bonuses.

Iron Focus
Req: Big Guns 45+, END 7+
Iron Focus grants 30% faster reload speed with Big Guns while health is below 50%, and improved equip speed and AP costs for Big Guns while outside of combat.

Anodized Armor
Req: Survival 40+, Science 40+, lvl 10
Holding onto all those scrap electronics has begun to magnetize your armor. When wearing any metal armor and carrying 15+ scrap electronics, your item condition damage is reduced by 25%, and you gain +3 DT.

Anodized Arsenal
Req: Energy Weapons 65+, Science 50+, has Anodized Armor, lvl 18
You've devised a way to focus the anodized charge of your armor into your energy weapons. While carrying an additional 3+ fission batteries, your energy weapon projectile speed is increased by 25%, and you gain 25% DT penetration with energy weapons.

Inertial Dampening
Req: AGI+END 7+, END 8+ or AGI 9+, lvl 12
You've learned to avoid damage by diving away from it at just the right time. Whenever you're in the air, you gain +7 DT and +20% damage resistance.

Req: END 6+, INT 8-, Barter 35+, lvl 10
Whether it's selling it or sucking it down, alcohol is your best friend. When carrying 8-12 alcoholic drinks, your addiction chance and duration are reduced by 10%. This bonus is doubled if you're carrying 13 or more. Rank 2 grants an additional reduction to buying prices at each threshold.
-I originally named this chronic alcoholic, but I decided to emphasize the "selling it" part of the description once I wrote it.
-5/10% to prices at second rank thresholds.

Req: CHA 7+, INT 6+, Barter 35+ or CHA 7+, lvl 22
Whether you're representing a faction honestly or dishonestly, you know how to speak with the weight of an organization behind you. Any time you're wearing an outfit with a faction disguise, which isn't heavy armor, you gain 4% run speed, 7% better prices, +5 to Speech and Barter, and +1 CHA.
-Does not apply to Powder Ganger faction disguises.

Nervous (Trait)
Req: AGI 6+
The best way to avoid getting shot is to avoid getting seen. You gain +1 to PER and AGI, and +5% movement speed and equp speed while sneaking, but suffer a penalty to those stats while standing up.
-The penalty is an inverted version of the bonus, i.e., +1 PER while sneaking, -1 PER while not.

Risky Business (Trait)
Req: END 6+
Bring the roof down! You've gained +15% to your explosives' radius while indoors.


Atom Bomb Baby
Req: Big Guns 65+, STR 8-, END or AGI 8+, lvl 14
It's hard to operate heavy weaponry while also wearing heavy armor! You gain increased equip and reload speed (10-30%), as well as increased Big Guns (+5-15), while wearing clothes, light, or medium armors. This bonus increases the lower your armor tier is.
-This is meant to encourage Big Guns builds that don't use PA as a default.
-Reload and equip speed -30% in clothes, -20% in light armor, -10% in medium armor.

Breakin' A Sweat (Trait)
Req: AGI 6+
Gotta keep that heart rate up! You gain +1 AGI while running, but suffer -1 while not running.
-Recommended for use with something that increases run speed based on AGI.

Sucker Punch
Req: AGI 6+, Unarmed and Sneak 40+, lvl 2
Get 'em while they're not looking! You gain +15 unarmed damage if your target is not in combat, or you are out of their line of sight. This bonus increases by +10 if your karma is evil or very evil.

Headless Courier
Req: PER 7+, Survival 35+, no Wasteland Masquerade perk, lvl 14
Ride on through the night, chasing that perfect helmet that doesn't exist. When not wearing any headgear, you gain a +25% range bonus, +3 to crit. chance, +1 PER, and +1 INT. Your range and PER bonuses double at night.(Exclusive from Wasteland Masquerade)Blue Moon
Req: PER and Luck 7+, lvl 24
Under the calming gaze of the moon, you gain a +20% bonus to crit chance, and a 10% chance of +75% to crit damage.

Req: AGI 9+, STR 4+, Guns 55+, Melee Weapons 40+, lvl 22
You've mastered the ancient ways of firearm martial arts. While in the air and using a one handed weapon, you gain +50% crit. damage and time is slowed. While sneaking and in combat, you gain +35% attack speed. While running, you gain a 10% knockdown chance. While walking, you gain +3 DT, +8% damage resistance, and +1 Strength. While moving left or right in combat, you gain +15% reload speed.
-The reload speed only applies while moving directly to the left or right,

diagonals don't count


Non-Combatant (Trait)
Req: END 4+
It's not your fight, you're just trying to stay alive. While your Karma is neutral or above, you gain +8 DT and +15% damage resistance while out of combat. However, your crit. chance is reduced by 25%, and your crit damage is reduced by 50% during combat.
-Better for players with low crit emphasis, this trait is intended to dampen ranged attacks that come out of nowhere.

Indirect Bartering
Req: Lvl 2, STR 6+
You're not actually threatening any violence, but anybody with a pair of eyes can tell that you could if you chose to. You gain +2 to Barter and Speech for each point of STR greater than 6 while your Karma is Evil or Very Evil, up to a maximum of +8.
-Both this and the next perk account for mods which allow you to raise your SPECIAL above 10. The former perk's bonus is flat above 100, the latter offers a bonus 5% discount above 10 in STR.

Overt Coercion
Req: STR 7+, Evil or Very Evil Karma, has Indirect Bartering, lvl 24
Implication and insinuation has given way to explicit threats. Each point of STR past 6 grants -5% to purchase prices while your Karma is Evil or Very Evil, up to a maximum of -25%.

Crouching Turtle(Trait)
Req: END 6+, AGI 4-, no Coiled Snake or Sneaking Tiger
You may not sneak anywhere quickly, but you'll definitely get there safe. When crouched, you gain +3 DR per point of Endurance above 6, up to a maximum of +15. However, your sneaking move speed is reduced by 20%.

Coiled Snake
Req: STR and AGI 8+, Survival 30+, no Crouching Turtle or Sneaking Tiger, lvl 10
You're extra dangerous when cornered or unseen. You gain +8 melee and unarmed damage while sneaking, as well as +15% throwing speed.

Sneaking Tiger
Req: AGI 8+, END 4+, Sneak 50+, no Coiled Snake or Crouching Tiger, lvl 16
Lithe and nimble, you move so quickly that you only take glancing hits. While sneaking, you gain +1 DT per point of Agility below 6, and +2 DT for each point in Agility above 5, and +10% to your sneaking speed.

Req: CHA 4-, AGI 4+
You're more the sneakin' type, than the speakin' type. You have -5 to Speech and Barter, but +10 to Sneak.

Wasteland Masquerade
Req: PER 4+, Speech 35+, CHA 6+, no Headess Courier, lvl 2
“The irony of life is that those who wear masks often show more truth than those without them.” You gain +1 Perception and +1 Intelligence while wearing headwear, but -1 to Perception while not wearing headwear.(Exclusive from Headless Courier)Boxer
Req: AGI and END 5+, Unarmed 35+, lvl 10
You gotta roll with the punches. You've gained +10% attack speed with unarmed weapons, +20% movement speed while blocking, and +1 unarmed damage per point of Endurance.

Thick Skin(Trait)
Req: CHA 4-
You don't care what the person you're bartering with thinks of you, you just gotta get them to agree to the lowest price possible. Your charisma is reduced by 1, but you gain a 2% discount for every 10 points in Survival.

It's not about the methods, it's about the ideals. Your addiction chance is doubled, but you have improved experience gain, skill increases from skill books, skills gained per level, buying price, and Luck while your Karma is Good or Very Good. However, while your Karma is Evil or Very Evil, you suffer a harsher penalty to the same factors.
-Does not reduce skill points from books at low karma, as it would completely invalidate them if you don't have a perk increasing their payout.

Dusty Trail
Req: Survival 75+, END 4+, lvl 20
That lonesome, dusty trail is where you belong. While outdoors, your weapon range, range penalty, limb damage, drinking radiation, and action point regen are all improved by 10%.

Req: Survival 50+, END 6+, CHA and Luck 3+, lvl 8
Things seem to go better for you while maimed and bleeding. While below 75% health, you gain +1 Luck, while below 50% you gain +1 Intelligence, and while below 25%, you gain improved action point regen, poison resistance, +1 Endurance, and reduced chance to set off mines.

Req: END 7+, Luck 3+, Survival 50+, lvl 14
You've been bruised and scraped enough times to know how to give it your all when wounded. You gain improved movement speed with a crippled leg, improved gun spread with a crippled arm, a minor knockdown chance with a crippled torso, and improved chance to hit in VATS with a crippled head.

War Child(Trait)
If your adrenaline isn't pumping you're not performing your best. You gain +1 to all SPECIAL stats while in combat, but suffer -1 while outside combat.

Req: CHA 5+
You're obsessed with perfection of your appearance. You gain +1 Charisma and Luck while your health is above 90%, but suffer -2 while your health is below 90%.

Req: PER 4+, Guns or Big Guns or Energy Weapons or Melee Weapons or Unarmed 75+, lvl 20
You know just where to aim to bypass armor plating. You gain +1 DT penetration for each point in Perception, up to a maximum of +10.

High Roller
Req: Luck 7+, lvl 30
All those chips have got you feeling lucky! You gain +2% critical chance per when holding 2500+ Tops, Ultra-Luxe, Sierra Madre, Atomic Wrangler, or Gomorrah chips, up to a maximum of +10%.

Hurt Me More! (Trait)
Req: END 6+
It's all about pain; giving it and receiving it. You and your enemy's DT have both been reduced by 5.

Life And Death Struggle (Trait)
Your action points only actively regenerate during combat, or when you have less than 20% HP. You also gain AP back from kills.

Slick Shooter
Req: INT 7+, lvl 2
You know to target an enemy when they're most vulnerable. You gain a substantial boost to your crit chance while your target is reloading.

Western Standoff
Req: AGI 5+, Guns or Energy Weapons or Big Guns 35+, lvl 6
There's one way to guarantee that you have the upper hand in a fight; make sure you're the only one holding a weapon. You gain a substantial accuracy bonus when targeting an enemy's weapon in VATS, which increases if your target isn't in combat.

Violent Vendetta
Req: PER 6+, lvl 8
You are the true apex of evolution. Those disgusting blue and green Super Mutants are nothing but an abomination. You've gained a substantial accuracy bonus when attacking Super Mutants in VATS, as well as 8 DT penetration.

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Nowhere To Hide
Req: PER 6+, lvl 8
Where do you think you're going? Nobody gets away. You do 25% more damage to fleeing targets.

Burning Wasteland Sun
Req: Energy Weapons 40+, END 4+, lvl 14
Can you feel that blazing sun, beating down on you? Then your fire based weapons have increased crit chance!

Blade In The Shadow
Req: Melee Weapons and Sneak 30+, lvl 2
You're most devastating when unnoticed. Your melee attacks gain +10 damage while outside of your target's line of sight, and +10 if they are also outside of combat.

Notorious E.V.I.L.
Req: Luck 5+, Evil or Very Evil Karma, Miss Fortune or Mysterious Stranger
While you are Evil or Very Evil, Miss Fortune and the Mysterious Stranger will appear to help you more often.

Super Sleuth
Req: Sneak 25+, AGI 7+, lvl 2
You're the smoothest, quietest infiltrator around. You gain +10 Sneak and +1 Agility while trespassing.

Play With Fire
Req: Explosives 25+, END 5+, lvl 2
You've got a habit of playing with fire; your burns have increased your fire resistance. You've gained +15% fire resistance, and an additional +15% fire resistance and +10% attack speed while using a fire-based weapon.

Maze Runner
Req: AGI and INT 6+, lvl 8
You're most agile when cornered; you've gained +10% movement speed and +1 Agility while indoors. The second rank adds an additional +10% sneak speed and +10 Sneak while also in combat.

Req: PER 7-, lvl 12
If you can't see the whites of their eyes, you can't put a bullet between them. While close to your target, your DT and damage are improved, and your enemy's crit chance and DT are reduced.

Gun Juggler
Req: AGI 7+, lvl 8
Who needs to reload when you've got so many guns? You've gained +50% equip speed with ranged weapons, but suffer 30% reduced reload speed.

Req: AGI 7+, Energy Weapons or Guns or Explosives or Big Guns 50+, lvl 8
You move so fast it's like you're sweating gasoline! In combat you gain +25% movement speed, but suffer -10 fire resistance.

Req: Per 8+, Guns or Energy Weapons or Big Guns 40+, lvl 8
You take your time to ensure that your bullets will land right between your target's eyes. You gain +25% chance to hit your target's head, at cost of 50% increased AP cost. The second rank increases your crit damage while attacking your target's head by 15%.

Contents Under Pressure
Req: AGI 6+, Explosives 50+, lvl 10
You're absolutely bursting at the seams with pyrotechnic pressure! While using a ranged fire-based weapon, you gain +20% attack speed, at the cost of 15% more condition damage. The second rank reduces the condition damage by 5%, and increases the attack speed bonus by 5%.

Typing Tutor
Req: AGI 7+, INT 9-, Science 20+, no Theories and Hypotheses, lvl 2
You're not concerned with formulas and numbers and the scientific method. You just gotta get your fingers tapping on a keyboard, and you feel right at home. You gain +15 Science while hacking, but suffer -10 at all other times.

Theories and Hypotheses
Req: AGI 9-, INT 7+, no Typing Tutor, lvl 6
You're more comfortable in front of a chalkboard than a set of keys. You gain +15 Science, but suffer -15 Science when hacking instead.

Req: END and INT 7+, AGI 5+, lvl 2
While moving, you gain +10 fire resistance. While walking, not running, you gain an additional +15.

Combustion Kid
Req: AGI 6+, Explosives 30+, lvl 6
Wait, where did you get that grenade from? You've gained +50% throwable explosives equip speed. The second rank grants +15% attack speed with explosive throwables.

Social Drinker
Req: CHA 8+, lvl 2
You're not drinking to get drunk, you're drinking to have a good time with your friends. You have -20% addiction chance when traveling with at least one companion.

Shell Shock
Req: Guns 50+, AGI 6+, lvl 8
You've always got a shotgun handy for close encounters, and you'll never get caught with it unloaded. You've gained +25% equip speed and +15% reload speed.

View To A Kill
Req: PER and INT 6+, lvl 2
You're an avid learner on the battlefield. When your weapon is holstered, you gain +25% XP during combat.
-Generally intended for those who let their companions handle much of combat.

Metacarpal Mayhem
Req: Unarmed 100+, STR and END 8+, lvl 50
Your fists are practically weapons of mass destruction! Your unarmed crit chance increases with your Endurance, and your unarmed crit damage increases with Strength, both up to a maximum of +21%.

Rules of Nature(Trait)
You're fiercer when you're on the brink of death; but so is everyone else. When your health is below 25%, you gain +8% crit chance, which increases to +13% when using a melee or unarmed weapon, but your enemies also gain the same bonus while they're below 25% health.

A Stranger I Remain*
Req: CHA 7-, lvl 2
You don't belong here; the fewer factions that know of you, the higher your sneak bonus. (2% improved sneak chance per faction.)
-This isn't a sneak skill bonus, it's a raw sneakeffectivenessboost. It will continue to benefit you, although not very much, at Sneak 100.

My Own Master Now*
Req: Shunned by the NCR, Caesar's Legion, or The Strip
You've worked under the shackles of the wasteland factions long enough! You're your own master! You gain +1 Endurance, and +1% damage, and -1% limb damage per faction that dislikes you.

Collective Consciousness*
Req: CHA 6+, lvl 6
You're a master of manipulation. As you gain positive reputation with each faction, your speech increases by +1 for each faction that likes you, and your barter purchase prices are also reduced by 1% each if your karma is Evil or Very Evil.
*These perks are fully compatible with TTW Reputations, but their values max out at 13 factions, the total vanilla count. It's really, really tedious to do these perk effect conditions, so this is what ya get.

Right Hand Rule
Req: Science 40+, lvl 4
You're a master of magnetism; when you have metal armor equipped and more than 5 fission batteries in your inventory, you suffer -35% limb damage.

Cyborg Justice
Req: Melee Weapons and Science 50+, AGI 4+, have Cyborg if TTW is installed, lvl 16
Your cybernetically enhanced arms vibrate your blade so finely that it can't be percieved by the naked eye. You've gained +10 DT penetration when using a bladed weapon, and +15% damage when attacking a a robot with your bladed weapon.

Red Sun
Req: Energy Weapons 45+, END 7+, lvl 10
Can you feel the rays of the glorious sunshine? When you're charged by the rays of the sun (during the day, and outside) your laser weapons will penetrate 5 DT and gain a moderate damage bonus which increases the further away your target it.

That's Not A Knife
Req: END 5+, Melee Weapons 30+, lvl 2
Your skin has been toughened by adversity and the wasteland sun. You've gained +1 DT per point in Endurance when facing a target with a bladed weapon.
-This is conditioned up to END 13 as a maximum.
-Also, this perk isn't very good on it's own; it's meant to chain specifically into This Is A Knife.

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This Is A Knife
Req: END 7+, STR 6+, Melee Weapons 45, lvl 8, have That's Not A Knife
Your enemy's crit chance is reduced by 20% and you gain +5 DT when you guard with a bladed weapon. This bonus doubles if your target is also wielding a handheld bladed weapon.The second rank grants +10% attack speed and +15% damage with combat knives, bowie knives, and machetes.
-This perk is pretty strong, but it's balanced out by the fact that you have to take the relatively weak That's Not A Knife to get it.

Blunt Force Trauma
Req: STR 7+, END 6+, Melee Weapons or Unarmed 30, lvl 6
Your crit damage is increased by 10%, and you gain a 2% knockdown chance when using any non-bladed melee or unarmed weapon.The second rank increases your crit chance by 10%, and the third rank increases your crit damage bonus to 20%, and grants +15% damage as well.Return To Ashes
Req: END 7+, Energy Weapons 40+, lvl 8
You flames burn hotter than anyone else's! You gain +50% damage when you and your enemy are both using fire-based weapons.

Req: PER 7+, Have Cowboy or Sweet Six Shooter or Sadistic Six Shooter
You're a true desperado with impeccable precision. When using a cowboy weapon, you gain a crit chance bonus that scales with your Perception (1% per point), and an additional bonus if you're alone and facing more than three enemies at once (+3%).

Critter Cruncher
Req: STR or END 6+, lvl 2
The puny creatures of the wasteland can hardly scratch you. You suffer 50% less limb damage when being attacked by an insect or an animal.

Balanced Load
Req: STR 5+, END 4+, PER 6+, lvl 2
You're experienced with leverage and fulcrums. With a little attention to the finer details, you've gained +10% carry weight!

Silver Tongue, Lead Pocket(Trait)
Req: CHA 6+
You're excellent at convincing others to do you favors, but your words weigh little when compared to material assets. You've gained +20 Barter, but your purchase prices are also increased by 15%.

Lucky Accident (Trait)
Req: Luck 6-
You've always been lucky, and that's made you dangerously complacent. Your Luck is increased by 5, but every other SPECIAL stat is decreased by 1.
-You can "screw yourself out of" one point of Luck if your luck is at 6. However, this can be used to compensate for Luck debuffs in some circumstances. It will be left as is.

Req: AGI 4+, Science 35+
When you're in the air, you gain improved run speed as your armor class gets lower and +1 Agility. You also gain +20 Energy Resistance, +1 Agility while in the air if wearing a space suit and helmet!

Sex Appeal (Trait)
Req: CHA 3+
You've always been able to rely on your looks to get your way, not your words. You have +2 Charisma, but -8 Barter and Speech.

Sex Appeal's default icon is a heterosexual icon by default. There are alt WLW and MLM icons available in Optional Files.

Twisted (Trait)
You're sick and twisted. Seeing suffering brings you joy. Your addiction duration is doubled, and while Evil or Very Evil, you gain bonuses to your XP gain, AP regeneration, positive chem duration, healing, and Luck, though you suffer a harsher penalty to those stats while Good or Very Good.

Applied Ballistics
Req: Guns or Explosives 60+, lvl 10
Your experience with conventionally sized weaponry has taught you fundamental skills that can be applied to more powerful weapons. You've gained +25 Big Guns.
-This is a large skill boost. This perk is intended to provide a large boost to characters that don't want to specialize in Big Guns, but want access to certain weapons that are a bit above what they're willing to invest.

Fatal Counter
Req: PER 4+, STR 5+, Unarmed or Melee Weapons 65+
You're excellent at capitalizing on your enemy's vulnerabilities. When using unarmed or melee, you deal double damage and have doubled critical chance when attacking an enemy that has been staggered by a block.

Discus Champ
Req: STR 5+, Explosives 25+, lvl 2
There's nobody quite as good at throwing heavy, flat objects as you are! Your thrown mines travel with +200/175/150% speed while moving forward/backward/sideways, respectively. You've also gained +50% attack speed with mines, which increases another 35% while moving in any direction.

Friction Addiction
Req: END 7+, lvl 8
The best offense is a good defense, and you're at your toughest when taking punishment. You gain +1 DT and your enemy crit chance is reduced by 3% per each point in Strength while you're blocking.

Tag Skill Based Traits:
*These traits can't visualize their required tag skill(s) in the trait menu. As such, you'll need to review them here. You'll also need to ensure that you select your traits after your tag skills in all possible cases.

Req: END 4+,

Unarmed is tagged

Through meditation, you've touched the fibers which connect all life, and you've sworn not to sever them; preservation of the beauty of life is the highest moral imperative.You've gained +2 Endurance, and +2 Strength while in combat, but your carry weight is reduced by 50, and you may only fight using non-lethal unarmed techniques.

Assassin's Step(Trait)
Req: AGI 5+,

Sneak tagged


Guns or Melee Weapons tagged

Stealth and discretion come second nature to you, but due to your... suspicious demeanor, people really lock onto you as soon as you've been spotted. You gain +10 Sneak, +8% run speed, and +8% AP while sneaking and undetected, but you suffer an inverse penalty to those stats while detected.

Scientific Method(Trait)
Req: INT 7+, PER 3+,

Science and Energy Weapons tagged

Your dedication to science is admirable, if bordering on obsessive. Standing in front of monitors and taking samples from irradiated puddles has started to take its toll, but it's all in the name of progress. You've gained +2 INT and +20 Science, but you've lost -2 PER and -10 Radiation Resistance, and you've become obsessed with using nothing but the most advanced of weapons.

Trader's Touch(Trait)
Req: CHA 7+, INT 5+,

Speech and Barter tagged

Your understanding of the markets is second-to-none, and you intend to prove it to the entire Mojave. You've gained +20 Barter, +10 Speech, and +2 Charisma. However, your brahmin is long gone, and your caravan's bad luck with raiders has persisted; You suffer -30 AP and Carry Weight, as well as -2 Luck. While you hold more than 10k caps, you also gain +15% XP.

Outcome Based Perks:
These perks become available after the completion of their relevant DLC. They will be hidden and invisible until such time.

Dead Money:
Elijah's Montresor
Req: Lvl 20, trap Elijah in the Vault.
Elijah is now trapped in the vault, with the treasure that he coveted for so long. You, however, are free to begin again. You gain +20% XP, so long as you're outdoors and carry less than 75% of your maximum carry weight.In pace requiescat, Elijah.

Survivor's Guilt
Req: Lvl 20, one of the companions died during the DLC.
You survived the hell that was the Sierra Madre, but after all of the deaths you've seen, you feel as though a piece of you has been left behind there forever. Your Luck is reduced by 1 when you have a teammate, but your AP regenerates 15% faster, and AP costs are reduced by 5%.

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The Ties That Bind
Req: Lvl 20, every companion survived the DLC.
Elijah's collars may have brought you together initially, but it's the bonds you made that will keep them in your heart. As long as you have at least one teammate, you ignore 4 points of enemy DT, gain an additional 4 points yourself, and have a 4% increased critical hit chance.

Honest Hearts (These ones require that you have the Scripture item in your inventory):
Exodus Of The Faithul
Req: Lvl 12, evacuate from Zion Canyon
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." - Psalm 23:4
Your run speed is increased by 10%, and enemies are 10% less likely to critically hit you, so long as you have your Bible.

Wrath Of The Faithful
Req: Lvl 12, exterminate the White Legs
"And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them." - Ezekiel 25:17
You deal 15% more damage with holy weapons, and your weapon degrades 50% slower, so long as you have your Bible with you.

Fall Of The Faithful
Req: Lvl 12, Complete Chaos in Zion (fight the friendly tribes)"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." - Revelation 6:8
So long as you have your Bible, you are 5% more likely to critically hit, and deal +10% critical damage.

Old World Blues:
Mobius Strip
Req: Lvl 25, kill the Think Tank and leave Mobius alone.
After experiencing the delirium of the Think Tank first-"hand", it seemed only natural to side with Mobius, and you ended their deranged experiments once and for all. Now, for every 10 points of Science above 50, you regen 5% more AP, and your AP costs are reduced by 5% as well.

Klein Bottle
Req: Lvl 25, kill Mobius and leave the Think Tank alone.
While the Think Tank may be unreliable and chaotic, they're at least well intentioned. Mobius was clearly the aggressor, so you've taken him out of the equation. Now, when using mad science weapons, you attack 15% faster, and their strength requirements are lowered by 1.

Scientific Consensus
Req: Save both Mobius and the Think Tank.
Against all odds, you've managed to balance the Big Mountain equation. The Big Empty isn't so empty with all these scientists floating around! Your Energy Weapons deal 10% more damage, have reduced spread, and you've gained +10 Science while hacking.

Lonesome Road:
ED-E, My Friend
Req: Lvl 30, save ED-E
With a loyal eyebot by your side, you've survived the ravages of The Divide. You've even learned from it's example! You can carry an additional 30 lbs., your chance to set off mines is reduced, and your equipment decays at a 15% slower rate.

The Final Delivery
Req: Lvl 30, kill Ulysses
Ulysses was right about something: One person's decisions can irrevocably change history. While you wear your Courier Duster, you gain a 8% chance to knock opponents down in combat. You gain an additional 3% for carrying 3/6/9 Mini Nukes, up to a maximum of 17.

A Mended Divide
Req: Lvl 30, save Ulysses
Ulysses once faced you down with malice, from across a deep divide, but you've found common ground and a mutual understanding. While wearing your Courier Duster, you have 20% increased carry weight, and 15% better accuracy in VATS.

You can turn on and off the Big Guns perks in the config ini at any time. Turning them off mid game will


remove any of the perks if you've already taken them.

Requires JIP LN, Johnny Guitar, and xNVSE.

Recommended, but


Big Guns mod:S6S Big Guns Implementation

Regular installation.

When updating, put "callsssSCPTCyclePerks" into the console and save your game, to ensure you have updated perk effects on any perks you've already taken.

Big Guns skills are automatically hidden if bEnableBigGunsSkill is set to 0.

Like my perk style? Check outS6S SPECIAL Base Game Perks Redux!

As of version 13, The Way - A Small Trait Modhas been broken up and included here and my Base Game Perks Redux. Delete that file if you have it.

Compatibility patches are available for:
Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered
Weapons of our Millenia
Weapons of the New Millenia
Weapons of the Modern Millenia (OriginalandRevised)
Weapons of the New Millenia And Friends
New Vegas Bounties 1 LE
All patches are script runners,delete the ones you don't need.

Patch for Quicksilver's Supplementary Pack availablehere

Compatible with TTW 3.2.2and3.3!

Many of these perks use new formlists for weapon types in certain themes. As such, any new mod added weapons won't automatically be compatible. I intend to patch every weapon mod on the Nexus that I like into these formlists eventually. In the meantime, if you've got a weapon mod that suits these categories, ask me, and if I like the asset quality enough for the mod, I'll make a patch/editor's cut plugin in the meanwhile.

Compatibility extra details:



I don't want to make the Big Guns exclusive perks use other skills. They're just going to be hidden if you leave them turned off.

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Five AcesbyOllyoxen - Original idea for the Bolt-Action Hero perk. I did this one a little different than theirs.
bigcman123 for the Vault Girl face icon used in the promo image.
ItsMeJesusHChrist for the upscaled icons used in the promo image, a handful of directly used modders' resource images, and all of the initial source images that I edited to make the new perk icons.
More Perks inspired most of the V5 perks.

Please just credit me if you do something with this file.


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