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Sure, Nissan Silvias, Skylines, and Cefiros are all great bases for a drift project, but with the ever-inflating drift tax on these easily modified Nissans they’re becoming much harder to obtain for decent coin. Here are six cars you can modify to go drifting that are much better value for money, and so are still within the reach of most buyers.

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  • 1989–1995
  • Wheelbase: 2700mm
  • Weight: 1330kg

Have you watched any of the drifting in Europe? Let’s just say that BMWs dominate the scene over there, and for good reason. The BMW E36 is a great platform to drift, and they’re readily available in New Zealand for prices that will have you wondering why you thought Nissan in the first place. For around $3500 you’ll find yourself a tidy road-legal 325i model, which comes with the 2500cc M50B25 engine that’s good for 141kW and 245Nm of torque, and a manual gearbox (RB25DE power is 140kW and 255Nm of torque). If you can track down the bigger 328i with the 2800cc M52B28 engine, they put out very similar power at 142kW, but 280Nm of torque, and 500rpm earlier in the rev-range.

The best thing about these engines is that they’re as tough as nails. A previous feature car, which was an E36 with the 2.8-litre engine, had a turbocharger fitted, and with factory internals and a Garrett TO4Z turbo, it makes 343kW (460hp) at the wheels on 12psi of boost. BMW gearboxes have always been known to be solid, but if you’re going for big power you’ll want the ZF five-speed out of the 330i E46.

The engine isn’t the only drawcard for the BMW. The E36 chassis is extremely strong, and off-the-shelf steering-lock kits are readily available from the likes of SLR for around $500. NZPC editor Marcus has an E36 drift-car project, and has managed to get his down under 1000kg wet, albeit with a 13B turbo engine.

Best of all, this model is very common at the likes of Pick-A-Part.

Mazda RX-8

  • 2001–2012
  • Wheelbase: 2703mm
  • Weight: Manual: 1309–1373kg, automatic: 1384kg

We know Mazda RX-8s aren’t the prettiest of coupés to come from Japan, but they do make for a nice base for a drift car, with a chassis that has been said to be comparable to the legendary FD RX-7. The RX-8 came in two specs, the low-powered version which had 142kW (190hp), and the high-powered Type-S version which had 186kW (250hp). Both weigh from 1309kg, up to 1373kg depending on trim levels.

With some weight stripped out of it, the RX-8 with the factory engine can be a very good entry-level drift car. Yes, upgrading the clutch should be a high priority as you will find yourself kicking it when the revs drop down below the power band of the high-revving 13B-REW.

Thanks to the lightweight rotary engine’s position, mounted behind the front axle, and the fuel tank sited in front of the rear axle, the RX-8 has a near perfect 50:50 weight distribution.
The other option with the RX-8 is to purchase one with a blown engine, or no engine, and buy a cheap 13B turbo or LS1 motor with a mount kit from the States. Then you’ll have an affordable, powerful, and very reliable drift hack.

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Holden Commodore (VT)

  • 1997–2000
  • Wheelbase: 2788mm
  • Weight: 1551kg

Bear with us on this one, we know this isn’t a V8 magazine, but several of the top drifters in New Zealand run one (look at the cover car), so to some drifting fans a Holden isn’t a silly option. For around the price of an entry-level Skyline drift car, you can buy yourself an SS Commodore VT with the legendary LS1 engine and a manual gearbox. Out of the box, the LS1 engine produces 220kW (295hp) and 446Nm of torque, and it’s backed by a five-speed Getrag 290 gearbox, or a six-speed Tremec T56 manual unit. The LS1, being detuned for our market, has huge potential with basic upgrades. With cams, a good exhaust system, headers, an intake and a retune the LS will pull 300kW with ease. And because it doesn’t have a turbo, engine-bay temperatures will be significantly lower.
Yes the Commodore is a heavyweight, but once stripped of everything not essential, you can get them down to a reasonable heft. As it’s Australian, upgrade parts are plentiful from across the ditch, and items such as coilovers, adjustable arms, and racing brake kits can all be purchased, making this chassis a great choice.

Toyota Cressida photo credit: Jono Matla

Toyota Cressida (X80)

  • 1988–1992
  • Wheelbase: 2730mm
  • Weight: 1480kg

The sixth-generation Toyota Cressida is almost the forgotten rear-wheel-drive sedan from the Toyota family, and can be purchased for very little coin depending on what engine it has. Produced from 1988 until 1992, it initially came with the 3000cc 7M series motor. On paper the 7M was a good engine, it produced decent torque and was no slouch, but thanks to a almost unfixable head-stud failure issue, it has been deemed almost too unreliable to take circuit racing or drifting by most.
However, in 1990 the 7M was replaced with one of Toyota’s extremely over-engineered six-cylinder engines — the 1JZ-GTE. Although smaller in capacity, the 1JZ was much more advanced, and the turbocharged variant produced huge amounts more torque and power than the 7M-GTE, and addressed the head-stud issue.
Although it’s not been commonly modified in New Zealand, Aussies love Cressidas so there is everything you could possibly need available online, and most sellers ship to New Zealand. If the 206kW 1JZ-GTE doesn’t produce enough grunt for you, simply do the usual bolt-ons with a tune and you’ll happily be pushing over 200kW at the wheels. However, do be careful of the factory ceramic turbos: at anything over 12–14psi, they tend to destroy themselves fairly promptly.

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Subaru WRX (GC8)

  • 1992–2000
  • Wheelbase: 2520mm
  • Weight: 1220kg

If you want something that will set you back $5000 or less with enough money for maintenance, by far the most potent option for your coin is the Subaru WRX GC8. They’re an all-wheel drive from the factory, but Christchurch workshop Surfab produces a diff spool for the centre diff which disables the AWD system, giving you 100-per-cent drive to the rear wheels — something Subaru drift expert James White has done to his example (page 86). Once the driveline is sorted, the next big thing to address on the WRX chassis is getting some lock. James tells us the factory knuckles have enough meat to simply machine and redrill the steering pickup point closer to the lower ball joint, whereas Silvia items need to be cut and welded or replaced. A front-wheel-drive steering rack can also be installed for a few extra degrees of angle.

If you manage to find a cheap enough GC8 WRX STI newer than a V3, you’ll have a semi-forged engine with a turbo capable of reliably pushing out 220kW at the wheels once tuned. Power potential in the non-STI isn’t as great, but they still produce around 180kW at the engine, stock, so it’s enough to learn with once you’ve done the usual bolt-ons. According to James, the factory axles and rear diff don’t last too long, and he recommends replacing them with the much stronger STI R180 diff, axles and hubs. GC8 WRX STIs came with decent four-pot calipers from the factory, but if you wanted to upgrade them further, the V7 onward Brembos are a great bolt-on option.

Mazda MX-5 (NA)

  • 1991–1997
  • Wheelbase: 2265mm
  • Weight: 940kg

If you’re up for a good challenge, purchase a Mazda MX-5. This model is no longer known in the car scene as a hairdresser’s choice, but rather a car that has to be driven by someone with balls of steel to pull off the kind of tricks the bigger Nissans and Toyotas can do with ease. The NA-chassis MX-5 is a very affordable solution in the sense that it’s cheap to purchase, cheap to run and maintain, and doesn’t require much money to get it sliding, just skill. The NA MX-5 was released in 1990 with a 1600cc, 86kW (115hp) B6ZE engine, then in 1994 was released with an 1800cc, 98kW (131hp) BP-ZE engine which made the MX-5 a touch quicker. Although the BP-ZE motor is ample to slide the MX-5, it is very common to turbocharge it. With a small VF10 turbo, some larger injectors and an engine management system, around 150kW (201hp) at the wheels on the factory internals is easily achievable. After doing the usual drift mods like welding the diff, pumping the tyres past 50psi, and stripping the interior, you should have a very cheap drift car to hone your skills in.

This article was originally published in NZ Performance Car Issue No. 227. You can pick up a print copy or a digital copy of the magazine below:

Six drift cars you hadn't considered yet — The Motorhood (18)

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René Vermeer

Dutch, French, or just a Kiwi, René isn’t quite sure, but he does know he has a passion for Japanese vehicles like no other. A well-seasoned Gran Turismo player dating back to his single-digit days, René has a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of performance vehicles and has owned more than 30 performance cars here in New Zealand, ranging from Nissans to Hondas. A lover of photography, you’ll find him either peeping under someone’s bonnet to snap a detailed shot, or on the side of the racetrack, perfecting his panning.


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Are BMW good drift cars? ›

The BMW M3 E36 is one of the go-to drift cars all over the world. Used by many to this day, the M3 E36 is a solid choice for a drift car for beginners. The two-door performance coupe used a 3.0-liter straight-six engine that produced 243 horsepower and 225 pound-feet of torque when it rolled out of the production line.

What are drift cars called? ›

What is Drifting - Explained - YouTube

Can u drift an auto? ›

Yes, you can drift in an automatic car. However, it is more difficult to do so than in a manual car. You will need to use your brakes to lightly slow down for corners and then get back on the gas as you exit the turn. You can also use your handbrake to help initiate and maintain a drift.

Who invented drifting? ›

The famous motorcyclist turned driver, Kunimitsu Takahashi, is widely regarded as the foremost creator of drifting techniques in the 1970s. Takahashi is a former professional motorcycle and car racing driver and was in fact the first Japanese racer to win a motorcycle Grand prix, back in Germany in 1961.

How do you drift a BMW? ›

How to Drift part 3 - all you need to know about combined drifting.

Who is the king of drift? ›

Keiichi Tsuchiya (土屋圭市, Tsuchiya Keiichi, born January 30, 1956) is a Japanese professional race car driver. He is known as the Drift King (ドリキン, Dorikin) for his nontraditional use of drifting in non-drifting racing events and his role in popularizing drifting as a motorsport.

Are drift cars loud? ›

From the outside, the cars of Formula Drift are violent, loud, and fast.

Can drifting be faster? ›

1. Is drifting really fast? That depends. Around a corner it is not the fastest way, as a straight line will propel you faster, since there are no interruptions, but drifting can be as fast as around a corner as driving around a corner in a traditional way.

Does drifting damage your car? ›

I'm aware that drifting has a safety risk and wears out tires. It also places some lateral force on the bottom of the tire, torquing the wheel relative to the axle, and puts load on the suspension on the outside of the turn. However, hard, non-drifting turning also puts torque on the wheel and load on the suspension.

Is RWD better for drifting? ›

While drifting is not recommended for most drivers, it is easier to drift with RWD than FWD or 4WD/AWD.

Is AWD good for drifting? ›

It is easier to drift in an RWD vehicle versus an AWD vehicle. in an RWD vehicle, generally, only one wheel spins in the rear, therefore all that is needed to drift is to give the vehicle a little bit of gas in order to break the tires loose to start the slide into the turn.

Is RWD better for drifting? ›

While drifting is not recommended for most drivers, it is easier to drift with RWD than FWD or 4WD/AWD.

Does drifting damage your car? ›

I'm aware that drifting has a safety risk and wears out tires. It also places some lateral force on the bottom of the tire, torquing the wheel relative to the axle, and puts load on the suspension on the outside of the turn. However, hard, non-drifting turning also puts torque on the wheel and load on the suspension.

Drifting is a motorsport that’s taking the world by storm in recent years. It doesn’t surprise any of us, considering it has exceptional entertainment value. What’s better than high horsepower cars sliding sideways at high speed and crazy angles with plumes of tire smoke trailing them?

Below we rank the best drift cars, explained why they are the best, and even tell you about some of the biggest names in drifting who drive them professionally right now.. If you decided you wanted to start drifting and wanted to build a car with no particular OEM to answer to, every drift fan truly knows the best option is to grab a Nissan S-Chassis S14 or S15, known to consumers as the Nissan 240SX or Nissan Silvia depending on our geography, throw whatever engine you fancy inside and head to the track .. A Nissan S-chassis drift car has won the Formula Drift Championship three out of the last 4-years.. That might sound confusing as I just mentioned he pilots a Nissan S15 in Formula Drift, but he had HGK build him a E92 Eurofighter to compete in the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC), which he piloted to a championship in his first year with the car in 2019 and took the lone 2020 DMEC event King of Riga.. But probably the most famous GT86 drift car is his Ferrari 458 -engined GT-4586 demo drift car.. Former Formula Drift Champion Daijiro “Dai” Yoshihara competes in Formula Drift with the BRZ variant and he ditched the stock engine in favor of a Chevrolet LS-based V8 engine.. Dirk Stratton was sliding a C6 Corvette around Formula Drift for a few years, but more recently and probably the most famous C6 Corvette in drifting has to be Matt Field ‘s Drift Cave C6 Corvette Formula Drift competition car.. The race car route often ditches the standard Miata engine for some LS-based glory , but the most run drift cars drop some Mazda rotary love inside instead.. Often called “Hachi Roku” (Japanese for 86), this is the one car on our bests drift cars list that is less about what is currently being done with the chassis at any professional or amateur level and more about what it has done for drifting.. Its nostalgic impact on drifting has made it perhaps the embodiment of what a “drift tax” on a car is.

Burn rubber.

To help shine a light on this space, we’ve compiled this list of the best drift cars of all time and will examine why each of these dozen models lends themselves to sliding, as well as the common elements that enhance a car’s willingness to be coaxed into oversteer.. Below, we’ll delve into the primary qualities that better enable a car to drift, and why each of the said qualities bolsters a car’s drifting prowess.. By having the engine positioned in the front of the car, there’s much less weight pressing down on the rear end, similarly bolstering the car’s back wheel’s ability to overcome the tires’ grip.. Center Of Gravity: A car with a low center of gravity will obviously be far more conducive to drifting than a pickup, SUV, or any other car with a tall ride height and ground clearance.. Power-To-Weight Ratio: Even with a proper front-engined, rear-wheel drive, manual transmission model, a car’s ability to drift ultimately boils down to the back wheel’s ability to overpower the traction being afforded by the tires, and a considerable amount of that traction comes from the car’s weight bearing down on said tires.. Europe’s most popular drift car by a fairly wide margin, BMW’s 1990’s era E36 models all make for stellar drift cars, though in their stock form, the top-spec M3 is undoubtedly the most capable of the lot.. Rather than the rear-wheel-drive setup found on most drift cars, the RS-spec Focus utilizes a torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive configuration, that happens to come straight from the factory with a dedicated “drift mode.” Bestowed with carbon fiber door handles, turbo boost gauge housing, and handbrake lever, the interior of the Focus RS also gets leather Recaro race seats that provide a more planted option than most stock chairs.. A quintessential Japanese sports coupe , the Skyline is one of the most iconic tuner cars in history, with a lineage that dates back to the Datsun Z cars and continues to this day through the Japanese marque’s GT-R supercar.. Known as the “Altezza” in its native Japanese market, the Lexus IS300 was a fairly groundbreaking model upon its release around the turn of the millennium, combining the performance of traditional Japanese tuner cars with the comfort and luxury of high-end German vehicles to yield one of the most desirable cars of the decade.. The AE86 is something of the archetypal drift car, with the legendary Toyota being owed some credit for spawning the modern drift scene.

From the Ford Focus RS to the mighty Dodge Viper SRT-10, these cars go sideways more readily than a hungry crab

The 25 cars featured here are all great for drifting.. What better way to get drifting than with a car that features a ready-made Drift Mode?. Drift Mode sends 70 percent of the torque from the Ford’s 2.3-litre turbo engine to the rear axle, and initially transfers the torque to the outer rear wheel to get things moving.. Once sliding, it then splits torque equally between each rear wheel to keep the drift going.. Rear-wheel drive, a short wheelbase and a punchy 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine sound like the ingredients for a perfect drift car recipe.. Should your drift car budget stretch that little further, the later E46 M3 offers the same sideways thrills as the E36, but with a slightly more modern look.. Not every drift car needs to be a coupe – even a practical saloon can get in on the action.. A relative lack of power limits its potential in standard guise, so those wanting to really drift competitively may swap the engine for the turbocharged unit from a Toyota Supra.. Then welcome to the world of drifting a 6.2-litre V8 muscle car, originating from Down Under.. The 360 GLT is the pick of the range, with the 2.0-litre engine being the only with sufficient torque to enable drifting.. We’ll finish with a car that really is for expert-level drifting only.

What's under the hood? We looked at 10 crazy powerful engine packages from Vaughn Gittin Jr., Ryan Tuerck and more.

The lone four-cylinder engine setup in Formula Drift is used by two different cars on the grid.. For Yoshihara and the team, the turbocharger route allowed them to push well over 1,200hp with ease, then dial back the boost for reliability.. In race trim, Yoshihara’s engine setup routinely sees around 900hp on race day.. Several other drivers also utilize the 2JZ-GTE engine in a Toyota GT86 chassis in the series, but Tuerck is the only one to podium so far this season with the setup.. Many drivers in the mid-2000’s preferred the Nissan SR20 as the engine they initially swapped into their drift cars because it was easily found in wrecking yards in Japan and easily upgraded to over 350hp, the current demands of Formula Drift require much higher horsepower than the SR20 engine has been proven to consistently hold, and Wang has swapped his last several competition cars to utilize the Toyota inline 6 engine.. Sceriffo’s Ferrari is the only V12 on the Formula Drift grid, and is the first and only exotic car to compete in Formula Drift.. The most unique powerplant on the 2019 Formula Drift grid isn’t a combustion engine at all.

SoCal pro-am drifting is getting out of hand—in a good way!

It's been a few years now since Formula Drift created its Pro2 series to bridge the world of professional drifting with the multitude of pro-am drivers vying to be a part of it.. In the early days, it wasn't uncommon to find Pro2 drivers sticking to turbocharged S-chassis and odd European makes that have proven themselves so thoroughly throughout drifting’s rise, while many of the pro-am guys were still rocking the naturally aspirated 240SXs and Hachi Rokus that started the whole movement.. We saw a bit of everything this time around at the first 2018 competition round of Top Drift, SoCal's reigning pro-am feeder series to Formula D Pro2.. Villamor's is as clean and competent as they come, with its aqua hues covering both the beautiful interior metal work and exterior aero, boasting great power and loads of torque from its single-turbo 2JZ power plant and set-up perfectly for drifting with its Feal suspension and angle kit.. It was easily a top contender for cleanest and most radically modified car of this first round of Top Drift, and while it still had some bugs to work out, Mason and the Mustang looked really solid in practice.. Add some fat flares and rubber to match, drop in an infinitely tunable LS1 V8 engine, gut and cage the interior, add all the usual suspension bits, and you're on your way to building something like Attalla’s Top Drift whip.. Whether it’s a tried-and-true recipe for drift domination, an effective example of the road less traveled or a build with long-term marketability in mind, you never know what you might find in the pro-am drifting world, where anything can prove to be a winning recipe.

After a string of days testing at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, here’s our guide to which of this year’s contenders drifts around corners the best.

But sometimes you just want to go sideways.. You might even get a little burst of oversteer up over the curbs at Laguna.. Now pick up the throttle, and the GT holds its angle, the all-wheel-drive system finely judged to make the car controllable without immediately dragging it out of the slide.. It's an odd sensation to feel the car slipping sideways but also driving forward, but I grew to absolutely love it.. Ken Block could make a good Gymkhana car out of an M850i.. Get the full story HERE , and watch all the Best Driver's Car videos you can handle HERE .. Here's an all-wheel-drive system designed to always pour as much power at the rear tires as possible.. The Mustang should be a killer drifter with all that power, a manual gearbox, and the perfect front-engine/rear-drive layout.. It's not easy, and you need fast hands and sensitive throttle control, but like all McLarens it responds beautifully to a sharp lift on turn-in to tuck in the nose and get the rear moving.. It has so much more torque than traction that half throttle in any of the first four gears and even a gentle curve should do it.. Once it's going you can pretty much slide until the tires pop.. If it didn't oversteer on top of being built in Austria from mostly BMW parts, the world might implode.. Logic says a 911 shouldn't be an intuitive, easy-to-handle car beyond the limit.. Get the weight swinging, let the car find its happy place (which is really, really sideways), and then use all that creamy power to tease and tweak it as you please.. It's definitely not a car for novices and initially feels too big, too sharp, and palm-sweatingly intimidating.

There's nothing more exciting in the world of motorsports than drifting. For that ultimate thrill, check out our list of the best drifting cars to own!

This list brings you the top cars for this exciting sport, cars that are prepared and ready.. The front wheels point in the opposite direction of the turn (so if the car is turning right, the wheels are pointed right and vice versa).. The included 6.2 liter V8 will bring you all the power you need.. For drifting purposes, the car is going to need a boost to the suspension, and tuning on the engines.. This is the latest in Nissan’s line of sports coupes dubbed the Nissan Silvia.. There are numerous tuning parts available as well, which makes it easy to customize and tweak for drifting purposes.. Tuning ability is key in any good drifting vehicle.

As I'm sure you know, during the month of July we spent a lot of time covering different aspects of the drifting world. Even though it's now August, we still have a few special drifting features left, and this is one of them. A few weeks back, we came up with the crazy idea of …

Years Active: 2000-Present Builder(s): Koguchi Power Driver(s): Yoshinori Koguchi Chassis Variations: Unknown Current Status: Active in D1GP Japan Number of Wins : 1 Championships: 0. Notable Achievements: While Koguchi is not known for having tons of wins in D1 , the influence of him and his cars go far beyond statistics.. He showed the world the high talent that American drifters posess as well as proving the capabilities of the Mustang as a drift car.. Lasting Influence: No car better represents American style drifting.. Notable Achievements: When Rhys Millen was driving the GTO he scored three victories in Formula D, as well as taking the 2005 series championship.. Breakthrough innovation: Although Nomuken has yet to win any series championships, his Blitz ER34 Skyline Sedan is one of the most recognizable and popular drift cars in the world.. Well that wraps the first part of our look at the top 10 drift cars of all time.

Without anyone noticing, Formula Drift cars became quite possibly the most powerful racers of their kind in any competition anywhere in the world. How do I know this? Because I drove Tony Angelo's 705 wheel horsepower Scion FR-S… and crashed it.

I had never driven any drift car of any kind before Tony Angelo put me in the seat of his competition car, a 705-horsepower, nitrous-shot Scion FR-S.. Until Saturday afternoon, the only person to put their foot down in Tony Angelo's FD car was Tony Angelo.. And none of these guys let other people drive their cars because 1) these cars are a huge part of their owner's livelihoods, so it's potentially a huge financial burden if some idiot car writer crashes one and 2) any idiot car writer is definitely going to crash one because these cars are hugely difficult to drive .. Tony explained to me that thanks to this differential, he has to be on the gas or on one of the two brakes at all times to slide the car the way he wants.. We're going up this hill in the first turn and it's like the car is fighting Tony.. Amazingly, once the car is back on the track, Tony lets me back in the driver's seat.. I have a vague idea that if I mash the gas the car will spin its wheels, or if I pull the handbrake it will slide, or if I kick the clutch it will throw the car more sideways than anything else.. Back in the pits it turns out that the car doesn't just need a wash. Tony hears that the exhaust sounds different, but it's not a simple leak.

The sheer amount of aftermarket parts in drifting can be daunting, so here’s our guide to prioritising and building your perfect drifter!

Older BMWs are a common choice for beginners, particularly the E36 and E46 chassis, due to their relatively low price and availability of parts.. Back in the old days, people would just get their dads to cut the stock springs in the car.. Usually, spins in drift cars happen due to the driver running out of steering lock, or “angle”.. The handbrake is a contentious means of making a car slide, but most drifters will incorporate it somewhere.. The one thing you want in a drift car is for it to be reliable, so we’ll cover a few basics for what you can do to help with that.. In addition to upgrading the cooling system, it’s also wise to look at taking some heat management measures.. Also, the quality of the oil is highly important.. STAGE 3: COMPETITION So, now you’ve got yourself a strong and reliable drift car to have fun in.. DRIFTING.


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