Outriders: The Best Build For The Reaver Trickster (Updated For Worldslayer) (2024)

The Trickster is usually thought of as the "get in and get out" physical damage class in Outriders. It's capable of darting in, getting off a few clever blasts, and then getting out. Many game enthusiasts get strong traditional rogue from the class. The shotgun-wielding monster is capable of tremendous damage and the Reaver build doesn't change that.

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It does, however, vastly change the damage source of the Tricker. While many will see the big shotgun damage and start to salivate, it's actually the Tricker's Anomaly damage that stars in the show. The shotgun merely acts as a delivery mechanism for all of these ridiculous damage statistics. At the moment, this build eclipses the more classic Assassin build on the Outriders DPS charts. Give it a shot and there is likely no going back.

Updated on July 7th, 2022 by Hodey Johns: Many will look at the new endgame content, new weapons, and additional talent trees and already get a sense of how the builds have updated since Worldslayer. But this is only a fraction of the equation. The new foes and bosses employ different moves and tactics. These types of targets should not be a second-hand consideration. This build has been updated to account for the new opponents, giving players the skills and gear that best counters anything Worldslayer has to throw at them.

Class Points

Outriders: The Best Build For The Reaver Trickster (Updated For Worldslayer) (1)



Effect Per Point



+6% Anomaly Power

Disturbance Coating


+10% Resistance Piercing

Anomaly Scything


Melee attacks boost Anomaly Power by 30% for 5 seconds

Assault Master


Increase assault rifle damage by 3.5% per Concentration node



Activating a Deception skill increases Anomaly Power by 50% for 10 seconds

Combat Shield Timeline


Activating a Movement skill increases Anomaly Power by 50% for 10 seconds



-15% Cooldown on Damage skills

Anomalic Acceleration


Increases Anomaly Power by 50% for 10 seconds when a Damage skill ends

Life Transfer


+6% Skill Leech

Leap of Clincher


Activating a Movement skill increases Resistance Piercing by 25% for 10 seconds

Scion of the Void


Armor Piercing is increased by 30% and Resistance Piercing is increased by 25% when a Damage skill ends

Shadow's Embrace


Increase Firepower by 15% of Anomaly Power

Altered Executioner


Anomaly Power increased by 10% for each enemy in close range

Starting off with the smaller nodes, be sure to pick up every Concentration node in the tree. Unless players plan on figuring how to get their friends to play with them and carry them through the game, they'll need all of this extra Anomaly power. Much of this will go toward Firepower and regular attack damage.

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Scion of the Void and Altered Executioner are given because they are the last two large nodes in the tree. While many builds skip it, Assault Master is key to crafting a damage build that actually does enough damage. It does require the Reaver to use assault rifles, but that's a very solid weapon for the Reaver.

Usually builds that try to be the best tend to stack a specific type of skill. The Reaver, however, is incentivized to use three different skills via the nodes: Movement, Deception, and Damage. It might seem like a long time out of combat while waiting for all of these skills to refresh, but the Trickster makes up for it by doing the most burst damage in the game after all three of these skills have been activated.

Pax Points

Outriders: The Best Build For The Reaver Trickster (Updated For Worldslayer) (2)




Damaging enemies with Damage skills increases damage by 10% for 5 seconds


Activating skills grants 15% Anomaly power or firepower, whichever is higher, for 5 seconds


Activating skills grants the Trickster a 15% shield and allies a 10% shield


Increase resistance piercing by 10% and each enemy in close range increases resistance piercing by 2% (up to 10%)

Spectral Strike

Damaging skills have a 100% chance to deal 15% of Anomaly power as damage, consecutive triggers on the same target stack up to 750% (1 second cooldown)

The Phasing skill might seem out of place for a powerhouse like the Reaver that deals so much damage, but the shield goes a long way. Yes, teammates will be grateful, but more importantly, it gives the Reaver a shield right after entering the fight, at the time when the Trickster needs protection the most.

Usually, Anomaly damage takes care of mobs and physical damage wipes out bosses and elites. Spectral Strike turns the Reaver into a better single-target dealer than most any other class, stacking damage up to an eye-popping 750%.

Ascension Points

Outriders: The Best Build For The Reaver Trickster (Updated For Worldslayer) (3)
  • Most important nodes: Anomaly Damage, Anomaly Power, Resistance Pierce
  • Most important category: Anomaly

The nature of Ascension points is that every class and build, given the time to farm, can max out every node. So this build only provides an accurate starting point for gamers. After that, the rest of these points have more to do with luxury than necessity.

Don't overthink this. As a build often considered the best at dealing Anomaly damage in the game, the Anomaly category has everything the Reaver could ask for. After that, pick up some Endurance nodes since Worldslayer rewards hearty characters.

Skill Selection

Outriders: The Best Build For The Reaver Trickster (Updated For Worldslayer) (4)

Twisted Rounds

Fills the magazine of the current weapon up with Anomaly-infused bullets, increasing the firepower of the gun. This ability lasts until the clip is empty, the magazine is changed, or the weapon is switched out.

Borrowed Time

Places marker of effect at the foot of the Trickster that gives the Trickster a shield. When recast, the Trickster will return to the initial location.

Venator's Knife

Throws a knife that ricochets between up to five enemies. These enemies are Marked and the next shot against them will do double damage and inflict Slow.

The "Rounds" ability is a signature skill in other classes that focus on physical damage. For the Trickster, however, it's the Reaver build that makes the best use of the extra Anomaly damage tied to each shot when using Twisted Rounds. With physical damage linked to Anomaly damage for the Reaver, this skill is simply too perfect to pass up.

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Borrowed Time seems like an odd choice because it's usually used to get in and out of combat safely, but the Reaver uses this differently than the Assassin. It's a movement skill that will decrease enemy resistance by 25% for 10 seconds thanks to Leap of the Clincher. Better still, the move can be activated twice, thusly increasing the duration of that resistance decrease.

Another skill that feels like it might belong on the Assassin, Venator's Blade sets up enemies for a double damage shot and Slows them. When players understand how Apocalypse tiers work, they'll be grateful for a move that sets up the build this well.

Weapon & Mods

Outriders: The Best Build For The Reaver Trickster (Updated For Worldslayer) (5)



Mod 1

Ultimate Storm Whip

Mod 2

Shadow Comet

Mod 3

Ultimate Anomaly Surge

There are many games that scratch a similar item to Outriders because they feel fun and have creative builds. But it can't be said that any of them have the same sheer awesomeness of the Thunderbird. With Twisted Rounds going, it's an unbelievable firestorm thanks to the Ultimate Storm Whip mod that deals extra damage on each hit.

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Take the mod off of the Funeral Pyre, the Shadow Comet, which calls down a rock from the sky and damages enemies in an area. Place it in the second mod slot. Both of the mods now do tremendous Anomaly damage, stacking with the rest of the build perfectly.

Armor & Mods

Outriders: The Best Build For The Reaver Trickster (Updated For Worldslayer) (6)


Chronosuit Mask

Mod 1

Aggressive Teleportation

Mod 2

Strong Twist


Upper Chronosuit

Mod 1

Death Shell

Mod 2

Additional Mag


Lower Chronosuit

Mod 1

Ammo Bargain

Mod 2

Armor of Eons


Chronosuit Gloves

Mod 1

Life Drain

Mod 2

Short-term Loan


Chronosuit Footgear

Mod 1

Shield of the Fallen

Mod 2

Anomalic Calibur

The Chronosuit set would be the best for this build even without the set bonus. But with the set bonus, players will refill their ammo clip every time they revert back with Borrowed Time. This, combined with the other nodes and mods, makes it so players will never have to lose Twisted Rounds ever again.

All of these other mods but one either boost Borrowed Time or Twisted Rounds. The only mod that needs replacement is on the boots. There are a few good choices, but Anomalic Calibur provides an additional 30% resistance piercing, so it's likely the best option with the rest of the build.

Outriders is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Outriders: The Best Build For The Reaver Trickster (Updated For Worldslayer) (2024)


What is the best class for Trickster in outriders? ›

Strongest Trickster Subclass

The Reaver subclass boosts skill power and skill leech – health regained from damage done by skills. This is a decent class for those who want to focus purely on the damage-dealing skills the Trickster has to offer, but this still limits the real damage dealing potential of the class.

Is Reaver Trickster good? ›

I googled and it said Trickster was actually the best if you follow one of the Reaver build. I'm having a ton of fun whipping around the map, teleporting and stuff. Took me a minute to tune the skills and upgrades with how I play, but it's a lot of fun.

What are the best skills for a Trickster? ›

However, as players can only have four equipped at once, it is important to know which are the best weapon skills for Tricksters.
  • 6 Delusory Screen/Illusive Divider. ...
  • 5 Latching Effigy/Binding Effigy. ...
  • 4 Espial Incense/Visitant Aura. ...
  • 3 Sweeping Shroud/Suffocating Shroud. ...
  • 2 Fickle Floor/Tricky Terrace.
Apr 4, 2024

What is the strongest class in Outriders? ›

The Technomancer is a fantastic class at any range, but it's perhaps strongest at long range - at least until you become powerful enough that most enemies can't even hurt you. If you're interested in how to reach this stage of godlike power, check out our best Outriders Technomancer build page.

What is the best solo build for Trickster? ›

Assassin Path or Reaver Path

The best path to choose for a solo Trickster build is arguably either an Assassin or a Reaver because of the damage buffs they grant. Of course the best path for your unique game play will still depend on your playstyle preference.

What is the best build for a pyromancer in Outriders? ›

The three best skills to use with the Fire Storm Pyromancer subclass are Heatwave, Overheat, and F.A.S.E.R Beam. Heatwave will be the bread and butter of the build. It's an Ignite skill summons a wall of fire that shoots out in front of you and inflicts Burn to all enemies in its path.

How many classes are in Outriders? ›

The four classes available in Outriders are: Technomancer: Long range, support, uses gadgets. Pyromancer: Medium range, conjurer, uses fire. Trickster: Close range, hit and run, manipulates spacetime.

What does a trickster god do? ›

In mythology and the study of folklore and religion, a trickster is a character in a story (god, goddess, spirit, human or anthropomorphisation) who exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and defy conventional behavior.

What are tricksters weaknesses? ›


Due to their very nature, tricksters may be unable to stay away from trouble. Since some tricksters are physically weak, they are limited to outsmarting the opponent by using tricks to win. May be unable to trick those with Reality Perception.

What are the 3 qualities of a trickster? ›

Tricksters are often portrayed as cunning, witty, humorous, and unpredictable AVATARS who challenge the status quo and cause unexpected events in our stories.

Is Arcane Trickster a good subclass? ›

The Arcane Trickster is the best D&D 5e subclass for rogue players who want to push the class' limits and can handle added complexity. Spellcasting is a D&D 5e Arcane Trickster's defining trait.

What race is best for Arcane Trickster? ›

Gnomes have darkvision and resistance to magic. Forest gnomes get the Minor Illusion cantrip for free, and halflings get the Lucky feat. All of these are fantastic boons for an arcane trickster.

What is the trickster playstyle Outriders? ›

Playstyles. Tricksters manipulate time itself to slow enemies and enhance their weapons. Aggression, frequent ability usage, and quick thinking are all needed if you want to go far with this class. If played properly, you'll be near impossible to hit, either by teleporting around or slowing your enemies to a crawl.

What class is Arcane Trickster? ›

Rogue: Arcane Trickster - DND 5th Edition.

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