How to Select the Most Effective Resume Format (2024)

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Showcase your professional history in a clear and concise manner by knowing how to select the most effective resume format.

A great resume, cover letter and job application will help you stand out to hiring managers and recruiters. Given the fact that the average open job receives over 118 applications, it’s important that you do everything possible to make your application stand out for all the right reasons. You can boost your chances of getting chosen for a job interview and being hired for the job by knowing how to select the most effective resume format.

Key Points of Writing A Resume

Writing a resume has the following important principles:

  • A resume is your work biography. A recruiter is interested in your experience, education, skills, achievements in previous jobs, and in your studies. There is no place for overly personal information or unnecessary work history. And be sure to write a catchy headline.
  • The job posting describes the requirements for the position you are applying for. You should use this information. Research the job posting thoroughly to understand what key traits and skills are important to emphasize and what additional information might be helpful.
  • Your resume should be no more than 1-2 pages in length. If you are an experienced professional, try not to go beyond 2 pages. If this is your first job, one page will be enough although you should still emphasize your valuable experiences.
  • A resume shows how serious you are about the business. Therefore, try to keep the text concise but informative. Remove slang words, use a professional email address, neatly list your work history, and thoughtfully fill out each section. Any mistake at this stage reduces your chances of getting an invitation to an interview.

3 Main Resume Formats

There are 3 main resume formats: chronological, functional, and mixed. The first one has two varieties, which we will discuss later.

These formats are valid for all professions, allowing the applicant to present themselves in a concise manner . Let’s look in detail at how to select the most effective resume format .

Chronological Resume Format

In a chronological resume format, each previous place of work is listed here in chronological order: starting with either the most recent or the oldest. The first option is more familiar to employers. In this format, the places of work go from the most recent to the first. The first line is occupied by the last company and the position you held there, the second – the previous one, and so on.

Pros of a chronological resume format:

  • Clearly details your work experience
  • Has a logical structure that the employer can understand
  • Showcases your work accomplishments in a favorable way

Cons of chronological resume format:

  • May highlight gaps and breaks in your career
  • Makes your lack of career progression noticeable if you’ve been in the same position for a long time
  • Disadvantageous if you’ve changed career fields

It is better to write your experience in reverse chronological order because this way, the most relevant information will immediately catch the employer’s eye.

Functional Resume Format

The functional resume format is most often used by recent graduates of universities and colleges or just beginners who are just starting a career in their chosen field.

Pros of functional resume format:

  • Can make the gaps in your work biography less obvious
  • Profitably showcases your special skills and specific accomplishments
  • It makes it easy to start your job search even with limited experience

Cons of functional resume format:

  • Does not provide a clear picture of the job seeker’s career path
  • May highlight the lack of specific skills required for the job
  • Much less popular than the chronological format and not as favored by employers

Mixed Format

From the name, you can guess that the mixed resume format combines the features of the two described above. It generally describes work experience in reverse chronological order while supplementing it with specific accomplishments and also emphasizing relevant skills. It does not include a complete work history of every place of employment, just those relevant to the current job application.

Pros of a mixed resume format:

  • Gives the most complete picture of you as a candidate for a position
  • Allows you to combine and display information in the way that is most convenient for you
  • Helpsto make gaps in your career less obvious and emphasize the skills you need

Cons of a mixed resume format:

  • Does not have a clearly established structure, so errors in the logic of the narrative are not excluded
  • It takes longer to complete than the first two formats
  • It can be difficult for employers to understand such a presentation of information, which reduces the chances of employment

If you struggle with writing your resume, you may consider consulting with a resume writing service, such as Essay Tigers, that can help you to write any resume format quickly and effortlessly.

How to select the most effective resume format?

Employers are most interested in your proven skills and demonstrable achievements in previous jobs. Therefore, which resume format is best for you depends on your work experience (or lack thereof):

  • If you have just graduated from a university or college or want to start working while studying, the functional resume format will suit you. It will also be useful if you have not yet gained experience in the chosen field. Don’t forget to use words like “intern,” “assistant,” or “associate” in the title, while emphasizing the credentials and skills you worked hard to earn while in school.
  • If you already have an established work history and several jobs under your belt, use a chronological resume format. The employer will immediately see if you fit the job requirements.
  • If you want to emphasize several areas at once, for example, education and skills, accomplishments and experience, then use a mixed resume format. Combine the information as you see fit to be the most valuable candidate when looking for a new employee.

Evaluate your experience and choose the appropriate resume format.


Now you know the ins and outs of how to select the most effective resume format. This information will be useful for you and make your resume more effective. We hope our recommendations will help you emphasize your strengths most favorably and you will successfully pass the job interview with the company of your dreams!

How to Select the Most Effective Resume Format (2024)
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