Housing near Portsmouth, NH - craigslist (2024)

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  • Beautiful 1+ Bedroom steps from Jenness Beach $2,450 Rye Beach
  • 1 BR Second Floor - Downtown Portsmouth $1,900 Portsmouth
  • 1 BR 4th floor Unit - Downtown Portsmouth $1,795 Portsmouth
  • Greenland Updated 1 BR Apartment $1,795 Greenland, NH
  • 1 bedroom, 2 minute walk to DWNTWN PORTSMOUTH $1,700 Portsmouth
  • PORTSMOUTH – Condo in downtown Portsmouth! $2,725 Portsmouth
  • Open Office Space in Portsmouth, NH - Just $250/Month! $250 Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Full House Rental with River Access and Exclusive Waterfront Park! This 3 bedroo $3,400 Eliot
  • *Awesome Ports Downtown 1 Bdrm Condo $2,250 Portsmouth Downtown
  • Beautiful 2 Bdrm $2,610 Portsmouth NH Area
  • Special Pricing + 1-Month Free: Office space starting at $499! $0 Portsmouth
  • Nice mobile home in park! $169,900 Kittery
  • Beautifully Renovated Victorian Duplex: Your Portsmouth Charm Awaits! $3,195 Portsmouth
  • $1200 - 3br - 1.5bt - Unfurnished Large Three Bedroom $1,200 70 Love Lane Ext, Kittery, ME 03904
  • 90 Acres+100,000 square foot building-SEACOAST REDEVELOPMENT SITE $0 Stratham NH
  • Business Address, Mail and Meeting Room Services! $65 Portsmouth
  • Hauch Self Storage in Newington $40 Newington, NH
  • Keeping it Classy in a nice house a short walk from Dntown Ports $1,000 Middle Road
  • Large Quiet Room in Extraordinary Setting and Community $1,400 Downtown Portsmouth
  • KITTERY – 3+BR 2.5BA Home in Dream Location! $3,800 Kittery
  • Shared Portsmouth Condo $1,199 Portsmouth
  • Beautiful 3 bedroom apartment for rent $2,200 Kittery
  • Beautifully update 3 bedroom apartment with storage and water access! $3,695
  • Water Front! Family and Pet Friendly! Walk to town! Sleeps 8 $250 Portsmouth, NH
  • Warehouse Space $3,350 Portsmouth NH
  • Condo For Rent $1,850 Portsmouth
  • Studio Room to Rent $1,500 Kittery Point
  • House share exchange available for handy guy $0 Portsmouth
  • Dedicated Desk Office Space in Portsmouth, NH - Just $400/Month! $400 Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • New Const - 3BDR/3.5 Bath Home / Walk to Wallis Sands $2,349,000 RYE
  • Portsmouth- 3 Bedroom $2,900 Portsmouth
  • Portsmouth Seacoast: Beautiful 3BR / 2BA Unfurn $3,850
  • Business Address, Mail and Meeting Room Services! $70 Portsmouth
  • Large downtown Portsmouth office / commercial space $0 Portsmouth NH
  • Special Pricing + 1-Month Free: Office space starting at $499! $0 Portsmouth
  • Portsmouth Downtown Market Square retail shop / store for lease $0 Downtown Portsmouth
  • Downtown Portsmouth Apartment $2,395 The Hill
  • Wicked Nice Cape With Garage (Unfurnished) $2,600 Kittery
  • Wicked Nice Kittery Cape With Garage $2,600
  • Two bedroom Condo $2,100 Portsmouth
  • 3BDR/3.5 Bath Nantucket Style Home w/Garage - Walk to Wallis Sands $5,795 Rye
  • Conference Room Hours in Portsmouth NH $35 Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Spacious 3 bedroom apartment for rent $2,300 Kittery
  • Commercial Space Downtown Portsmouth $975 Portsmouth
  • Very well maintained end $0 Toms River, NJ
  • PRICE REDUCED!!! 1 BR - Year Round- Steps to Jennesse Beach $1,895 Rye Beach
  • RANCH STYLE HOME $3,200 Greenland, NH
  • Private Offices and Coworking for Rent $446 Portsmouth
  • Portsmouth Waterfront Offices $4,250 Bow Street
  • 3 bedroom apartment for rent $2,300 Kittery
  • 90 Acres+100,000 square foot building-SEACOAST REDEVELOPMENT SITE $0 Stratham NH
  • Two bay garage available - High bay $0 Stratham NH
  • Condo for rent $1,900 Portsmouth
  • Looking to rent Room $0 Portsmouth Area
  • 2 Bedroom Condo Available July 1, 2024 $3,350 Portsmouth, NH
  • *Beautiful 2 Bd Condo $2,600 PORTSMOUTH
  • Downtown 1 Bdrm Condo $2,250 Portsmouth
  • Two-Story Office Available For Lease $4,350 Portsmouth's Sagamore Creek Neighborhood
  • Downtown Portsmouth: Studio $2,000 Portsmouth
  • Rooms in house for rent $1,300 Kittery
  • Minimalist LIVING? NEW RENO, SS, Steps to DT. MOVE IN TODAY! $1,950 Portsmouth
  • Sunny 1 bedroom includes heat $2,200 Kittery
  • Private Beach,Estate Area,Cliff Walk Minutes Away $1,800 York Harbor
  • Recently updated condo $2,400 Portsmouth NH
  • Water Front! Family and Pet Friendly! Walk to town! Sleeps 8 $250 Portsmouth, NH
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment $2,500 Portsmouth
  • +/++Fully furnished two bedroom/ one bath condo--Walk to everything. $1,250 Portsmouth
  • */--Large One-Bedroom Apartment in Downtown Portsmouth!! $1,100 ((Portsmouth))
  • 3 bedroom house $3,200 Portsmouth, NH
  • Looking for healthy, eco-conscious females to share a home with $0 Portsmouth
  • Location location location!!! $835
  • Portsmouth Apartment To Rent - Location, Location, Location ! $2,200 Near Downtown
  • Housing near Portsmouth, NH - craigslist (2024)


    Is Portsmouth, New Hampshire a good place to live? ›

    Portsmouth is a historic coastal town known for its charming downtown area and cultural attractions, and it often comes out on top of the best places to retire in New Hampshire. Its scenic environment and cultural scene make New Hampshire a popular retirement destination.

    What are the rough areas of Portsmouth? ›

    Portsmouth city centre areas feature strongly – from Guildhall Walk to Commercial Road and the area around Guildhall Square where many a crime has taken place over the years. Buckland also gets a shout out from readers while Eastern Road is also mentioned as being a “death trap”. See the gallery below.

    Is Portsmouth expensive to live in? ›

    Cost of Living in Portsmouth Overview

    For students, the typical monthly cost of living in Portsmouth is around GBP 806 excluding rent. It's important to note that rent constitutes a significant portion of these costs. If we segregate further and consider the one-room apartment rent it is around GBP 700 to GBP 1300.

    How much do I need to make to live in Portsmouth, NH? ›

    Live In Salary in Portsmouth, NH. $26,500 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $73,365 is the 90th percentile.

    How much do you need to make to live comfortably in New Hampshire? ›

    How Much Do You Need to Make to Live Comfortably in New Hampshire? According to Go Banking Rates, a single person in New Hampshire needs to make about $62,935 in order to live comfortably. It is about $66,000 in Vermont, and about $88,000 in Massachusetts.

    Is it expensive to live in Portsmouth? ›

    Portsmouth is one of the most affordable cities in the UK for university students to live and study. The cost of living in Portsmouth is £850 /Month excluding tuition fees. On average, the cost of student housing in Portsmouth is between £440 to £500 /week.

    What is the racial makeup of Portsmouth New Hampshire? ›

    The 5 largest ethnic groups in Portsmouth, NH are White (Non-Hispanic) (87.3%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (4.24%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (3.2%), Other (Non-Hispanic) (1.61%), and Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (1.17%).

    What are the benefits of living in Portsmouth? ›

    We've got beaches, great places to eat, heaps of independent shops and music venues, cultural and artistic hotspots, and stacks of green space. And we're only 90 minutes by train from central London.

    What is the poverty rate in Portsmouth NH? ›

    Portsmouth, NH
    (ACS 2017-2021) Income, Inflation Adjusted $
    Median Earnings, full-time, year-round workers
    Individuals below the poverty level6.0%
    3 more rows

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