Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (2024)

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (1)

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The Dead Space Master Override is obtained by finding the Rig locations of seven crew members in the You Are Not Authorized mission. Finding all the Rigs and bringing them back to the Captain's Nest will grant players the Master Override, used to access special doors and crates with rare loot inside across the Ishimura.

It's important to remember that the Master Override is separate to the Dead Space security clearance - one has no bearing on the other, they're entirely unrelated, like two separate keys for different kinds of locks. But while clearance has its own benefits, the Master Override allows players to get special optional loot that would be unattainable otherwise. For that reason, we'll explain how to get the Dead Space Master Override below, as well as the locations of all the Crew Rigs.

Of course, exploring the Ishimura is perilous at the best of times. If you need some general help staying alive, our Dead Space tips should help steer you in the best direction.

How to get the Dead Space Master Override

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (2)

You'll be able to access the You are not Authorised mission when you complete the Meet Hammond in the Captain's Nest objective. In the same room you'll find a red bridge security console. Interacting with that will start the side quest and give you a list of crew rigs to retrieve. Find them all and bring them back to this console to craft the Master Override. There are seven in total and many of them are locked behind the story, meaning you can only access them as you open up new areas. It's less a case of 'where' you can find them and more about 'when'. Keep in mind that you also can't wear any of these Rigs - but if you want to upgrade your own, we've got all the Dead Space Suit Upgrades and how to get them here!

Now let's take a look at where you can find all the Crew Rigs you need to find in Dead Space.

Where to find the crew rigs in Dead Space

There are seven Dead Space crew rigs to find in order to unlock the Master Override:

  1. Voelker's Rig
  2. First Officer White's Rig
  3. Lt Commander Holt's Rig
  4. Mining Supervisor Dallas' Rig
  5. Chief Engineer Rousseau's Rig
  6. Comms Officer Bailey's Rig
  7. Tram Supervisor Benson's Rig

Voelker's Rig

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (3)

Voelker's Rig is the first one you can find in Dead Space, potentially even before you reach the console that activates the side mission to find it. During the objective to Reach the Engineering Deck, not long before finding the Dead Space Fuel Station keycard, you'll be able to fly through the hanger in zero-G and then through a force field and out into space. If you hug the right hand side of this area you'll eventually see a purple light, Voelker's Rig, near an O2 supply.

First Officer White's Rig

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (4)

White's Rig can't be accessed until you go to calibrate the ADS cannons to deal with the asteroids. That will give you access to an outside trench area. Once you've interreacted with and synced all three guns by destroying incoming rocks you'll complete this section. However, before you return to the ship, fly to the end of the trench where you'll find White and their rig on the left at the end.

Lt Commander Holt's Rig

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (5)

Holt's Rig can be found while injecting the various Wheezers to clear the toxic gas. When you kill Wheezer 4 you'll be in a room with one door is blocked by a tentacle. Shoot the glowing nodule to clear it and then go through the door. You'll be in an upper gantry area blocked by yet more tentacles on the left hand side - clear them all away and and you'll find Holt's Rig underneath.You're also just about to hit a sticking point when you suddenly need to find the Dead Space Deck Systems keycard - but we can help with that at the attached page.

Mining Supervisor Dallas' Rig

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (7)

You'll find Dallas' Rig during the mission to Find the Admin Rig. It's in a small room off the side of the mining processing area where you have to remove the anomalies by grabbing and throwing the glowing rocks into the energy beam. This will also upgrade your Dead Space security clearance up to level 3 which is another important story beat you can't miss.

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (8)

Chief Engineer Rousseau's Rig

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (9)

You'll be able to get Rousseau's Rig as soon as you've found Dallas' one and unlocked that level 3 security clearance. That'll be when you have the objective to retrieve the SOS beacon. To get the rig, head to engineering and the area where the walls and floors are covered in fleshy growths that you've previously been to. The rig is inside the small level 3 locked storage area you probably noticed before but couldn't get into.

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (10)

Comms Officer Bailey's Rig

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (11)

You can access Bailey's Rig when you get the mission to Fix the Dead Space Comms Array. During a conversation at thus point, the door to communications will be opened, letting you into a part of the ship you couldn't previous access. Get to that area and you'll find Bailey and his rig in his office.

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (12)

Tram Supervisor Benson's Rig

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (13)

Benson's Rig will be accessible after you leave the Valor shuttle. Once that section is over you'll get the message that someone has opened a door near the bridge atrium. Once again that will open up access to an area you couldn't previously reach before. In this case a way on to the tram track, where you'll find Benson and their rig on the floor.You'll also get jumped here by a couple of Necromorphs so be ready.It won't be long afterwards that you'll also come across something strange called a Z-Ball arena - if you want to know if it's worth playing, our page on the Dead Space Z-Ball rewards will help you decide.

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (14)

How to craft the Master Override in Dead Space

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (15)

Once you have all the Crew Rigs, return to the Captain's Nest where you met Hammond and activated the console to start the mission. With everything you need the console will now give you the option to craft the Master Override. With it you'll be able to open all the Master Override doors you've been passing on the Ishimura - check the maps for star symbols, which dictate doors the Master Override can open.

Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (16)

However, far more importantly, you'll be able to open specific yellow crates. These are especially important in the late game for extra resources and final weapon upgrades. It's worth collecting all the rigs and crafting the override as there will be a point in the game where you can't do it anymore, and lose access to anything with a master level lock. And if you've noticed you've been playing for a while and wondering how long is Dead Space, we can let you know how much necromorph-mangling is left at our special page!

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Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (17)

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Dead Space Master Override and all Crew Rig locations (2024)
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