Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (2024)

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (1)

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Welcome back to the Ishimura

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (2)

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Dead Space Crew Rigs are one of the collectibles that were added with the remake, and they play an important part in the new You Are Not Authorised side quest. In case you haven't found it, this quest starts in chapter four when you go to see Hammond in the Captain's Nest on the Bridge Deck. On the right side of the chamber you'll find a console that promises to grant you Master Override clearance, but oh no—all senior members of the crew are MIA and you need their rigs.

As you explore the Ishimura's different decks you'll have the opportunity to grab a rig from each of the senior crew members, and once you've got them all, you can return to the console for your Master Override. This level of Security Clearance lets you unlock containers and rooms that generally contain the last upgrades you need for most of your weapons, so it's useful to have.

While Dead Space guides you to some of the Crew Rig locations, it can be a little unclear about the best order in which to grab them. Here I'll explain when you can claim each to grab them all by the earliest possible point and start unlocking Master Override boxes.

Hangar Overseer Voelker's Rig

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (3)

Voelker's Rig is the first you can claim in Dead Space, before you've actually even started the quest. During chapter two Hammond sends you to the hangar and turns off the gravity so you can find a back way into the Engineering Deck. When you get into the furthest section of the hangar with no oxygen, head over to the far left corner. On the ground level, you'll find a floating body, and next to it, Hangar Overseer Voelker's Rig.

First Officer White's Rig

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (4)

White's Rig is the next you can get during chapter four. After you've rerouted power to the ADS cannons on Hammond's orders, you'll have to head outside to manually calibrate them by shooting asteroids. Once you're done, head to the far end of the trench past the third cannon, and look on the left to find a body and First Officer White's Rig.

Lt. Commander Holt's Rig

Holt's Rig is the third you can claim while on the Hydroponics Deck during chapter six. This is a little trickier since his body is located underneath a Necromorph growth on the left as you enter the East Grow Chamber. There will be a glowing shootable section of the growth to your left, and as you blast it, another will appear you have to shoot, and then another.

Getting all three causes the growth to disappear, so you can grab Lt. Commander Holt's Rig from the left section of the upper walkway it was blocking. The way to get to the East Grow Chamber is to head through the door to West Tower from the Hydroponics hub into the West Grow Chamber, up the elevator to floor two, into Hydroponic's Control, then straight on through the door ahead.

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Mining Supervisor Dallas's Rig

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (7)

Dallas's Rig is the fourth you can claim from the Mining Deck, and you have to collect it during chapter seven to launch the SOS buoy. Once you head down to the Processing level and destroy the four big rocks in the main processing chamber with kinesis, you'll be able to head into the room on the far side where Mining Supervisor Dallas's Rig is located.

Chief Engineer Rousseau's Rig

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (8)

Rousseau's Rig becomes accessible after you've claimed Dallas' Rig, since doing so gives you Security Clearance level three, letting you open the door to Rousseau. Head to the Engineering Deck Control Room, and take the big circular hatch towards the Engine Room. Pass through the room with the fans, the very loud room, and into the one where you got the flamethrower. Follow that corridor to the main space, and on the right, you'll see a Security Clearance level three door. Open it to find Chief Engineer Rousseau's Rig inside.

Comms Officer Bailey's Rig

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (9)

Bailey's Rig is easy to find, and is available in chapter eight. Daniels will send you to the Comms Array on the Bridge Deck to repair it. Once you've taken the elevator from the Bridge Atrium and arrived at the Comms Control Room with the big window that overlooks the array, head through the door on the left into Bailey's Office. You'll find a body at a desk with Comms Officer Bailey's Rig next to it.

Tram Supervisor Benson's Rig

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (10)

Benson's Rig is the final one that you can claim right after you've returned from the Valor in chapter nine. Daniels will ask you to head to the Crew Quarters from the Bridge Deck via the newly unlocked entrance next to the store. Head through the corridor into the Tram Tunnels, down the stairs, then immediately double back down the tramway. You'll find a severed arm on the right with Tram Supervisor Benson's Rig next to it.

Return to the Captain's Nest

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (11)

Once you've got all of the Crew Rigs go back to the Captain's Nest and activate the console on the right side to grab your Master Override. This will unlock all Master Override clearance doors and crates, which mainly contain the final weapon upgrades for your arsenal of guns. I'd suggest doing this as soon as you get Benson's Rig. There are some Master Override crates in the Crew Quarters, but it's hard to get out easily again once you go there.

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (12)

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Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override (2024)
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