Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (2023)

Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (1)

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PHOENIX OFFICE1515 E Bethany Home Rd #130 Phoenix, AZ 85014


4910 E Greenway Rd #1

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

ARCADIA OFFICE3409 N 56th Street #C Phoenix, AZ 85018

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5220 N Dysart Rd #150

Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

  • Affordable Dental Orthodontics (starting at $99/month)
  • 0% Interest Financing
  • Accepts Most Dental Insurances
  • Early Morning & Evening Appointments
  • Doctor Owned Office
  • Dentists & Dental Hygienists Choose Dunn Orthodontics for Their Own Treatment
  • Dental Braces for Children & Adults

“I appreciate that they work WITH you, not just on you. Flexible and personable, both with myself and with my daughter.”Julia Ryder

“We love Dunn Orthodontics! We have one daughter with a perfect smile and one more with a perfect smile in the works. The staff is always friendly and helpful so we feel like valued customers.”Jill Crossley

“Last of four children who've had braces with Dunn is getting them removed today. Great team with fun spirit in the office.” Mike Krigbaum

“As an orthodontist who has had the opportunity to visit this office observe their patient care and look at the details of what they do, I know that they are doing it right. Great team. Smart Doctors. Quality service.”Dr. Marguerite Duncan

"Dr. Dunn has been so generous with her advice and suggestions, especially to the young female orthodontists. She took time to listen to me and my concerns and found me the help I needed. I am truly grateful for her wisdom." - Dr. Judy Hou

"The best place to get braces!! Staff are very helpful and nice and they make payment arrangements to fit your budget!! I wish I would have known about this place sooner, as I would have got braces for my son a lot sooner! I definitely recommend this place to anyone at any age!!" - Paul Blandino

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2. FREE EXAM & DIGITAL X-RAY Dr. Dunn will conduct an exam including Digital X-Ray to map out a treatment plan.

3. GET STARTED ON YOUR NEW SMILE! Start on your new confident smile! You can even start the SAME DAY as your consult!

Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (2)

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Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (3)

Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (4)

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Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (5)

Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (6)

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Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (8)

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Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (11)

Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (12)

Braces $99/Month | Braces that Fit Your Budget | Dunn Orthodontics (13)

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1. SCHEDULE FREE CONSULT Schedule your free consultation using our Online Calendar.

2. FREE EXAM & DIGITAL X-RAY Dr. Dunn will conduct an exam including Digital X-Ray to map out a treatment plan.

3. GET STARTED ON YOUR NEW SMILE! Start on your new confident smile! You can even start the SAME DAY as your consult!

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Dr. Matthew Dunn, orthodontist in Phoenix, grew up in a lower income, blue-collar family with a single working mother. Dr. Matthew Dunn and Dr. Courtney Dunn understand the importance of affordable orthodontic treatment and monthly budgeting. They are also firm believers that affordable orthodontic treatment does NOT have to mean substandard orthodontic treatment.

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Phoenix to get braces that keeps your budget in mind, please consider Dunn Orthodontics. With over 15 years’ experience and 10,000+ patients treated, you won’t be disappointed.

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One of the most frequent questions asked is regarding getting braces and the cost of orthodontic treatment. The answer to how much do braces cost or how much are braces is that it simply depends on what is needed. The amount of crowding, spacing, overbite, overjet, underbite along with many other factors will determine the type of orthodontic treatment, length of time required, how much are braces and the cost of braces. In order to provide you with the answers you are seeking regarding the cost of braces on your teeth, we offer a FREE no obligation exam & Digital X-ray. That’s right. It is truly free. We will not bill you or your dental insurance for braces for the exam or X-ray. Totally free. That way, you can have all the information regarding the price of braces for your teeth so you can make the best braces decision for you or your child.

As you consider your orthodontic options and how much do braces cost, consider that your Phoenix orthodontist is a dental specialist who focuses not only on straightening your teeth but also realigning your bite. For most patients, that means finding an orthodontist in Phoenix and wearing the best braces or clear aligners to gently move teeth into their correct positions. Many people wondering how much do braces cost only think of orthodontics care as an aesthetic treatment. Certainly, having straighter teeth and a healthier-looking smile can make you look and feel more attractive and more confident — and that’s important. But cosmetic improvements are just one benefit of orthodontic treatment. Having your teeth straightened by an orthodontist in Phoenix can offer benefits for your oral health, too.

How much are braces that are clear? The best clear braces can be a great alternative to traditional metal braces when visiting an orthodontist in Phoenix. Many people are curious about the cost of clear braces and how that compares to metal braces and kids braces. Most are pleasantly surprised to find out how much are braces that are clear. While the cost of clear braces is slightly more than metal braces and kids braces, with our flexible financing it’s typically about $10/month difference in how much are braces.

What about the dental braces for kids cost compared to the dental braces for adults cost? The cost of braces regardless of kids braces or adult braces is typically not related to age. The best braces for kids cost and the braces for adults cost is factor of amount of crowding, spacing, overbite, overjet, underbite along with other factors. These orthodontic findings will determine the type of orthodontic treatment, length of time required and, in the end, help determine the orthodontics cost for kids braces and the orthodontics cost for adults..

You may have questions about the best braces insurance for child orthodontics or dental insurance for braces for kids. Let’s face it, dental insurance for braces doctor can be confusing in determining how much are braces for kids. The simple answer is that depends on your orthodontic insurance plan. Some dental insurers cover the cost of certain types of orthodontics, at least in part. Other dental insurance for braces plans provide no coverage for kids braces or adult braces. The good news is that more dental insurance for braces companies are starting to realize that having orthodontic treatment isn’t just about improving the way your smile looks — it’s also about enjoying better oral health. As a result, more companies are beginning to provide better insurance coverage for orthodontic treatment which helps reduce the braces cost without insurance. Even if your dental insurance company doesn’t offer coverage to get braces, our team will help you find a payment plan or financing solution that lets you fit your treatment costs into your budget for dental braces near me. With our flexible financing options, most people are able to afford the cost of braces without insurance.

Does your child need orthodontic treatment? Ready to get braces? Not sure? You are in the right place to learn more about child orthodontics and kids braces! Parents love our FREE, no obligation consultations to determine how much are braces for kids and what are the best braces options. At your child orthodontics consultation, we can let you know if orthodontic treatment is going to be needed now or possibly in the future. We can also discuss the best braces treatment options like braces for kids, clear aligners and even best clear braces for children. Not sure what age to bring your kids for a braces consultation? The American Association of Orthodontist recommends all children see a Phoenix orthodontist by age 7 for initial child orthodontics consultation!

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Are you an adult interested in orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth? Are you ready to get braces? You are in the right place! With a variety of treatment options such as clear braces, clear aligners as well as metal braces, we have you covered for dental braces near me. You want to go to an orthodontic office that has experience not only with child orthodontics, but also treating adults. Dr. Matthew Dunn and Dr. Courtney Dunn have treated thousands of adult orthodontic patients and look forward to helping you. If you are an adult interested in orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, schedule a free consultation to learn how much are braces and what options might work for you!

Millions of people in the U.S. wear dental braces, including braces for kids, preteens, teens and adults. Because let’s face it — having a beautiful, healthy-looking Scottsdale orthodontics smile is about more than looking good; it’s about feeling good, too. When your smile looks its best, you feel more confident and more self-assured in pretty much every area of your life. But when it comes to finding the best dental braces near me, braces doctor are just part of the story. With advances in treatments and technology, the best orthodontist has more options than ever when it comes to helping you get that gorgeous smile of your dreams near your location.

The best orthodontic treatment is about more than just the best place for braces. While metal or ceramic braces can be a great choice for a lot of patients, clear aligner orthodontics like Invisalign® have become a really popular alternative for Scottsdale orthodontics during recent years. Plus, the best orthodontist in Phoenix can recommend other treatments to ensure every phase of your care addresses your unique needs.

Finding the best orthodontist in Arizona can have a huge impact on the way your teeth and smile look. When your teeth are perfectly spaced and ideally aligned, your smile looks healthier and more attractive. But the fact is, having the best orthodontist near my location is about more than good looks — it’s about improving your oral health, too. That's why it is so important to find the best orthodontist in Arizona.

Ideally, Scottsdale orthodontics treatment should begin at a young age, when the teeth and jaws are still forming and growing. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends kids see the best orthodontist in Arizona for dental braces near me before they turn seven. Seeing a Scottsdale orthodontist when a child is young means problems can be identified early, so braces for kids care can be focused on preventing those issues from becoming a lot worse. Of course, not every individual sees a Scottsdale orthodontist during their early childhood — and that’s OK. Most Scottsdale braces doctor care takes place during the preteen, teen and young adult years. The bottom line — if you’re unsatisfied with the way your smile looks, there’s no time like right now to seek treatment from the best Scottsdale orthodontist.

Lots of people wonder, am I too old for same day braces or dental orthodontics? The answer is, you are probably not too old for Scottsdale orthodontics. As long as your teeth — and tooth roots — are healthy, there’s a good chance braces with Scottsdale orthodontics can help you finally get the smile you’ve been wanting, even if you’re in your 40s, 50s and beyond. The first step is scheduling a free consultation for braces with the best orthodontist in Arizona to discuss how much do braces cost along with all your treatment options — including “invisible braces” like Invisalign. At Dunn Orthodontics, our free orthodontic consultations help Scottsdale orthodontics patients get the care they need regardless of their age. With a variety of treatment options to choose from (along with convenient financing options), there’s no reason to put off your Scottsdale orthodontist consultation for braces.

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Having dental orthodontics treatment with a teeth straightening dentist or a Surprise orthodontist is one of the best things you can do for your smile and for your oral health. It is especially true, if you select the best orthodontist in Arizona. In fact, so many teens and preteens visit dentists that do braces, you might think it’s a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. Today, though, there are plenty of adults that see a dentist with braces, too. That’s because they recognize the important benefits of having their dentist straighten teeth and with affordable braces are not worried about how much do braces cost . If you’ve been considering dentist braces prices for yourself or for your child, please schedule a free orthodontic consultation from Dunn Orthodontics for dental braces near me. At your free consultation for dental braces, you can learn the specific dental braces cost for your teeth straightening treatment. To help with the average prices for braces, Dunn Orthodontics offers a variety of orthodontist payment plans for dentist braces. With an affordable braces monthly payment plan, we are confident you afford the average cost of braces in Arizona.

When considering the average cost of orthodontic braces in Phoenix, keep in mind that traditional braces refer to affordable braces that use wire and brackets to shift teeth into proper alignment. These affordable braces used for dental braces near me may be placed directly onto the surfaces of your teeth using a special bonding cement or they might be attached to brackets that go all the way around your teeth. Wires are attached to the brackets with Surprise orthodontics, exerting gentle pressure that moves your teeth into ideal alignment. The best braces don’t just shift the visible parts of your teeth — they move the roots, too. This can have an effect on the average cost of orthodontics along with braces on a payment plan. As the roots move, the bone around them solidifies and fuses with the root, keeping your teeth in their new positions while affording the average cost of braces in Arizona.

While you have your same day braces in Phoenix on and are no longer concerned about the average cost of braces, you can expect to visit your Scottsdale orthodontist about once every 8-12 weeks. During your office visit, our team will evaluate your dentist braces, adjust your wires and replace any brackets that need refreshing. Plus, we’ll closely monitor your progress to make sure your treatment stays on track. Your office visit is also a good time to ask questions about your care, including questions about brushing, flossing or other concerns with the best orthodontist in Arizona.

When looking for dental orthodontics or a Phoenix orthodontist for your dental braces needs, you may consider getting affordable braces in Phoenix at Risas or Western for the average cost of braces in Arizona. That’s understandable as both Western or Risas offer affordable dental braces options including options lower than the average cost of orthodontics. As you research dental orthodontics options for how much do braces cost, please consider Dunn Orthodontics as the best orthodontist in Arizona. You can get the affordable orthodontic treatment options you are looking for (flexible monthly payments, 0% interest along with having two board-certified Scottsdale orthodontists that are not only the owners, but actually work in the office.

The office you eventually choose for dental orthodontics is really important. As you look at options such as Risas and Western for affordable braces in Phoenix, consider that having dental braces or clear aligners may help maintain better oral health. How? By making it easier for you to take care of your teeth and gums. This is really important and greatly increases the value of average cost braces. Straight teeth that are evenly spaced and properly aligned are easier to care for with routine care, like brushing and flossing. Home care routines play a major role in warding off tooth decay and gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. That’s because when your teeth are crooked or uneven, there are plenty of odd angles and crevices for food and bacteria to hide, and that means you’re more likely to develop plaque and tartar, the major causes of gum disease. Bacteria also produce acids that eat away at your teeth, increasing the risk you’ll develop painful cavities.

And second, when your bite is unbalanced or misaligned, it increases the stress and strain on your jaw joints. Over time, increased jaw strain can lead to joint inflammation and a painful, chronic condition called temporomandibular joint disorder which can really increase average cost of braces. An uneven bite also increases tooth wear, which can lead to cavities, breakage and tooth loss. And it also makes you more prone to tooth grinding, which causes further wear and tear on your teeth. Compared to the average cost of braces, fixing the dental issues can be pretty expensive. Dunn Orthodontics can help prevent all these problems with affordable average cost of braces in Arizona — and give you a great-looking smile, too.

Dentist braces are arguably the most popular and most widely-used Scottsdale orthodontist teeth straightening options for those looking to straighten my teeth. In the U.S. and around the world, a teeth straightening dentist with affordable average cost of orthodontics helps teens and adults get the beautiful smiles of their dreams. And in addition to helping straighten your teeth, Scottsdale braces can make it easier to care for your teeth, so you just might enjoy fewer cavities — along with straight teeth.

At Dunn Orthodontics, our teeth straightening dentists offer traditional and clear braces for those looking to straighten your teeth. How much do braces cost? What is the average cost of braces in Arizona? Not to worry! By providing custom teeth straightening options for optimal results every time, Scottsdale braces’ straightening teeth system can help you or your child enjoy a more beautiful smile — for life.

A common teeth straightening question is how much are clear braces in Phoenix or how much do braces cost? Traditional braces and clear braces in Phoenix work the same way, but the materials they use are different. While traditional braces at Dunn Orthodontics or risas dental orthodontics use metal brackets that are more visible, clear braces use brackets that are “see-through,” making them a lot less visible on your teeth. The brackets aren’t the only thing that have undergone a design change. Today, you can also opt for colored ties to turn your Scottsdale braces or risas dental braces into a fashion statement, and you can change colors simply by having your ties changed. The ability to change color ties on your dentist braces does not impact how much do braces cost or the average cost of orthodontics.

Scottsdale braces, similar to risas braces, use an interconnected system of brackets and wires to gently move teeth (and teeth roots) over time. The braces are attached by a Scottsdale orthodontist or risas orthodontics to the front surfaces of your teeth using very strong dental glues or “cement.” Once the brackets are firmly attached and the adhesive has cured, the wires are threaded through the brackets, which “lock” the wires in place so they don’t slip. During regular office visits, your braces are adjusted to work on straightening your teeth. Each adjustment moves your teeth a tiny bit more toward ideal straight teeth.

Most people tend to think of braces moving the visible portions of your teeth — the parts you see when you smile. But dental orthodontics moves your teeth roots, too, which is why it’s so important to have orthodontic treatment by a trusted Scottsdale orthodontist with lots of experience in treating all sorts of issues.

As you are probably already aware, AHCCCS or Medicaid rarely pays for orthodontic or braces treatment in Arizona. We understand this can frustrating for those with AHCCCS or Medicaid. With super-affordable payment plans starting at $99/month and affordable average cost of braces, we have found most families with AHCCCS or Medicaid can afford braces at Dunn Orthodontics despite the average cost of braces in Arizona.

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