AOV Output Node — Blender Manual (2023)

AOV Output Node — Blender Manual (1)

Shader AOVs (Arbitrary Output Variables) provide custom render passes for arbitrary shader node components.As an artist this can be a good way to debug or tweak very fine details of a scene in post-processing.To use shader AOVs create the pass in the Shader AOV panelthen reference that pass with the AOV Output shading node.Shader AOVs can be added or removed in the Shader AOV panel.


The AOV Output node can be used in Material and World shader nodes.



Output a color variable; as the name suggest can be used for a color but also a normal value.


Output a single numerical value.



The name of the render pass to assign the input value to.This property has the same Name that is specified in the Shader AOV panel.


This node has no outputs.


What is AOV output in blender? ›

Shader AOVs (Arbitrary Output Variables) provide custom render passes for arbitrary shader node components. As an artist this can be a good way to debug or tweak very fine details of a scene in post-processing.

What is AOV output? ›

Arbitrary output variables (AOVs) allow data from a shader or renderer to be output during render calculations to provide additional options during compositing. This is usually data that is being calculated as part of the beauty pass, so comes with little extra processing cost.

What is AOV in 3D? ›

AOV or Arbitrary Output Variable, is just the technical term for a multipass output from Redshift and many other 3D render engines. These output variables export all kinds of information from color fields, to masks and mats, to depth and blur data, all for use in compositing and post-processing.

What is the best output setting in Blender? ›

If you are planning on doing significant post-processing and color correction, it is best to output a frameset rendered in OpenEXR format. If you plan to do only minimal changes after rendering and would prefer a single file, choose lossless H. 264 for high quality, or regular H. 264 for lower quality.

What does a higher AOV mean? ›

The higher your AOV, the more you are getting out of every customer — and as a result, out of every dollar spent to acquire those customers. AOV should be monitored as closely as any other business metric — preferably daily or weekly.

What is an example of AOV? ›

To calculate your company's average order value, simply divide total revenue by the number of orders. For example, let's say that in the month of September, your web store's sales were $31,000 and you had a total of 1,000 orders. $31,000 divided by 1,000 = $31, so September's monthly AOV was $31.

What is AOV and why is it important? ›

Average order value (AOV) is an important metric for any ecommerce business because it measures the average amount of money spent by each customer. A higher average order value suggests that a business is driving sales by promoting more expensive products or cross-selling.

What does AOV function do? ›

aov() is used to summarize the analysis of variance model.

How do you solve AOV? ›

The formula for calculating AOV is: AOV = Total Revenue / Number of Orders. For example, if your store generated $10,000 in revenue from 100 orders, the AOV would be $100 ($10,000 / 100). However, there are different ways to calculate AOV depending on how you define revenue, orders, and customers.

What is the AOV volume? ›

The AOV, or Average Order Volume, calculates the average amount of money customers spend on an order.

What is CR and AOV? ›

Important Definitions. Conversion Rate (CR): the percentage of website visitors who make a purchase. Average Order Value (AOV): the average amount of money a customer spends when he or she places an order.

What is AOV used for? ›

AOV is simply an abbreviation for "Automatic Opening Vent". An AOV system is a control system designed to vent air or smoke for use in natural & smoke ventilation.

What is AOV usage? ›

The AOV formula is used to calculate a business's average order value. In many cases, companies will look to increase their AOV and this is possible by identifying and segmenting their top customers. These customers include those that provide a higher percentage of total revenue contribution.

What are the outputs of a blender? ›

Output nodes are the final node in every node tree. Although you can add more than one, only one will be used (indicated by a colored or darkened header). Output nodes are always preceded by Shaders except in the case of the Displacement of a Material Output.

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