10 Best Things to Buy at DAISO (2024)

DAISO is one of most popular stores in Japan! As we all know, everything is sold at 100 yen (plus VAT) in DAISO and products are not only cheap but also great value for money. Moreover, DAISO amazes us by their huge variety of products. Apparently, each store houses over 50,000 products on average! But what should we really shop there?? What Japanese people recommend?? Today, I’d like to introduce 10 products which are most likely top-selling in DAISO stores in Japan😉

1. DiaryBook

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DAISO offers a big range of stationary items including notebooks, pens, stickers, letter sets and etc. Diary books (agenda books) are totally value for money as it’s usually costs 500~1000 yen but only 100 yen in DAISO shop.

2. Phone Accessories

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Like changing clothes, we all love changing a phone case occasionally, right? And nothing better if it’d cost as less it can be but look good at the same time. DAISO also sell phone stands, tripods and selfie sticks!

3. Dispenser Bottles

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Dispenser Bottles are extremely useful must-have items for travelling. DAISO promised a wide selection of them in different sizes and shapes, moreover the quality is absolutely great for the value.

4. BathPetals

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Because Japan is a country of bath, bath additives are pretty common things and it’s a great souvenirs for foreign visitors. You can find several bath powders in DAISO, but my recommendation would be the bath petal with cute Disney princesses prints.

5. USBCable

USB cables are simply essential for our lives today, and it does not bother us for having some extra cables. So take a chance to buy the bargain USB cables at DAISO in case your one gets damaged during your trip.

6. UniqueEraser

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Unique erasers are one of top selling souvenirs among foreign visitors, and how amazing you can buy them with only 100 yen?? I’ve found an impressive selection of erasers at DAISO stores!

7. Vacuum SealBags

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Can’t fit everything in your luggage after all shopping?? Vacuum Seal Bags are extremely useful to make extra space in your luggage, and it’s totally re-usable and unbelievably costs only 100 yen!!

8. Socks

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People often run out of their socks while travelling.. it is true! But we don’t really wanna spare money for socks just to survive for one day or so.. A pair of DAISO socks costs only 100 yen and they feel totally alright!

9. Tenugui

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Tenugui is traditional Japanese towel, and it’s a quite popular item for souvenir. DAISO offers authentic tenugui with various designs like traditional Japanese patterns, cute characters, etc. Tenugui can be used for wrapping gifts, covers, towels and many more purposes.

10. HandCream

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The cosmetic range in DAISO has been getting bigger, and I’d say also the quality is becoming more reliable than before. If you are skeptical about using make-up products from a such cheap brand, hand creams are great item to try as much as it’s everyday supplies. And this Horse Fat Hand Cream is a highly praised item!

How did you like my top select items from DAISO?? If you know any other great items from DAISO, please let me know! For more information about shopping in Japan, please read my articles below, too!

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10 Best Things to Buy at DAISO (2024)
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